World Of Snakes: DEATH WOLF Streaming New Track + Tour Dates

Swedish blackened punks Death Wolf will be releasing their new album II: Black Armoured Death on Century Media Records next month and are currently streaming a new track over on CVLT Nation. Not only will Death Wolf be releasing their new album next month (February 18th to be exact), they will also be embarking on a pretty extensive North American tour alongside Marduk and Inquisition. Check out those dates below.     Continue reading

Review: Death Wolf – “Death Wolf”

By: Ross Gnarly

As “Circle of Abomination” begins, I can hear a mixture of Toxic Holocaust-style thrash and hardcore punk. The combination creates a sound that I am absolutely loving. The riffing is fast and brutal. The drumming is complex while not being overwhelming and the vocals are sharp yells instead of screaming. All of this in the mix is incredible. Beginning around 1:45, the song slows down to a steady chugging with a fantastic lead guitar line. The vocals are much more grim around this section. If this track signifies what this band is about, I see this band getting major points from me. Amazing opening track.

“Weaving Death” opens with another shredding guitar riff. Still a bit thrash-y but with more hardcore influence than the first track. This main riff is extremely catchy. The vocals remain the same, shrieks and yells. The drumming is a technical with d-beat influence. This track is short but sweet. Oh, so sweet. This band remind me of someone, but I can’t put my finger on it. Great track, though. [Continue Reading]