Best Of 2012: Gnarly’s Favorite EPs & 7″ Of 2012

2012year2012 was an amazing year for me. I’ve already put out two of my Best Of lists and I have two more to go. 2012 was great year for breakout EPs and 7″ releases. A lot of killer bands put out spectacular EPs this year and so I decided to put together a list of those also. Here goes.     Continue reading

Album Of The Month: DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s ‘Drought’

I know I’m not the only one on this site who has been digging the fuck out of the new EP by Deathspell Omega. There are a thousand words I could use to describe this EP, but I can also break it down into two: complete obliteration. Deathspell Omega‘s blistering, technical brand of black metal is not easily matched. I went into Drought not really knowing what to expect. I’ve known Deathspell Omega for a while, but none of their albums really jumped out at me. Not until Drought. This album is an unholy force of blustering madness. I have more of a liking to this album than any of Deathspell‘s past material, although all of that is fantastic also. It is for these reasons that I dub Drought as the album of the month for August. Check out a full stream of the album below and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Abrasive Swirling Murk: DEATHSPELL OMEGA Streaming New EP

Following Lane’s fantastic review of the new EP by enigmatic French black metal unit Deathspell Omega, you can now stream the album via Season of Mist’s Bandcamp page (via the widget below). This EP is extremely powerful and fucking phenomenal. It is definitely one of my favorite releases of 2012 and I am sure it will be pretty high on my year-end list come December. So, without further ado, stream Drought below. Enjoy.
Drought was released on June 22nd via Season Of Mist.

Review: DEATHSPELL OMEGA-“Drought”

By Lane Oliver

Few musical acts conjure up more mystery and intrigue than the French black metal outfit Deathspell Omega. Little is known about the band and its members other than the fact that they create some of the most abrasive, technical and forward-thinking black metal ever in the history of the genre. 2010 brought us the devastating Paracletus that showed the band decreasing their song durations in order to attack the listener with shorter bursts of technical prowess. That record was extremely heavy, mystifying and terrifying to listen to and made me anxious to hear what the band would bring to the table next. This year Deathspell Omega released Drought, a short six song EP that is roughly twenty minutes in length. It may be short but it definitely proves the band isn’t slowing down and continues to perfect their signature sound.

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Deathspell Omega is not your typical black metal band at all. Never before have a heard such rhythmically complex and dizzying atrocities come from the minds of a black metal congregation. As I posted about before, the band will be releasing a new EP entitled Drought on June 22nd. Decibel Magazine is proud to present to you the first cut from the upcoming release, “Abrasive Swirling Murk”. This song is abrasive, extremely technical and hauntingly dissonant and puts most black metal acts to shame. Follow the link above and let your mind be raped by Deathspell Omega’s demonic musicianship.

-Lane Oliver


The mysterious avant-garde black metal outfit Deathspell Omega will be releasing a brand new EP on June 22nd, 2012. The EP, entitled Drought,  will be the final arc of their album series which included Si Monumentum…, Fas…, and Paracletus. The EP will sport the following six tracks.

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Review: DODECAHEDRON-“Self Titled”

By Lane Oliver

A dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve faces or sides. Dodecahedron is also the name of an up and coming Dutch experimental black metal band. Their self titled debut was released just a few days ago via Season of Mist records. Black metal isn’t really my forte to be honest, but there are exceptions. Dodecahedron is one of these exceptions. Just like how the geometric figure sports multiple sides, the band’s music is multi-sided as well.

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31 Days Of Halloween: Day 9



How can one have a list of evil songs without Deathspell Omega? Just trying to choose a single most eerie Deathspell Omega track is a fucking task. Everything this band does is a personification of evil. The song I chose is Abscission off of their most recent full length “Paracletus”. The way the vocals are painfully half yelled over droning blast beats and dissonant melodies is very haunting and almost becomes entrancing. Go cop DsO entire discography and let it be the soundtrack to the most kvlt month of the year!


— Josh Huddleston

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Deathspell Omega Release New Compilation LP

by Lane Oliver

French black metal band Deathspell Omega recently released a new compilation album that contains two songs. The songs were previously released separately on the  Crushing the Holy Trinity and From the Entrails to the Dirt compilations. “Diabolus Absconditus” and Mass Grave Aestheticsboth exceed nineteen minutes in length and are epic to say the least. Deathspell Omega create some of the most evil and intriguing music I have ever heard. The songs may be lengthy, but Deathspell make damn sure you are not bored. Check it out! You can expect a full review of both songs soon. In the meantime, check out the first track on the LP below.

Best of ____: Kevin Conway (East of The Wall)

I’ve inquired a few musicians to give me their own “best of” lists. When I asked East of The Wall’s Kevin Conway, he replied as follows:

Instead of a proper “Best Albums of 2010” list, here’s a list of the records I spent the most time with this year. I honestly didn’t listen to enough stuff that was released this year to compile a legit list otherwise. This isn’t a condemnation of the music that came out this year. I’m just a little slow on the uptake and haven’t gotten around to checking out all of the records that I wanted to hear in 2010. Anyways…

Sailors With Wax Wings- Hey! A record that came out in 2010!!! This is a really surprising melting pot of a bunch of different styles, and it’s executed flawlessly. It’s also further proof that if Colin Marston plays on/records an album, it’s good and you should purchase and listen to it immediately.

Bjork, Homogenic- Still a really haunting record.

The Book of Knots, Book of Knots- One of the more unique records I’ve ever heard. The guitar parts on “Tugboat” make me dizzy, in a good way.

Charles Mingus, Charles Mingus- “Lock Em Up” is probably the craziest piece of music I’ve ever heard. Hearing Mingus yelling in the background for no good reason always gets me pumped up.

Flat Earth Society, Isms- These guys are absolutely terrifying. Everything they do is just so fucking grimey. Check out the song “Zonk.” It makes me want to smash things.

Dysrhythmia, Psychic Maps- This came out in 2009, but it might be my favorite record ever. The things that this band does melodically are on a whole other level that I haven’t heard a rock band approach before.

Keelhaul, Keelhaul’s Triumphant Return to Obscurity- Another record from 2009 that I still haven’t been able to stop listening to. These guys really know how to write music that’s intricate but still has balls.

Rashaan Roland Kirk, (I, Eye, Aye)- This is a live performance from the Montreaux Jazz Festival in 1972. Kirk is one of the most underrated geniuses of the last century in my opinion. People get a little too wrapped up in his whole playing 3 horns at a time gimmick. There’s a unique presence to all of his live recordings that I don’t think anyone else ever came close to replicating.

The Thing, Action Jazz- Listening to this record is like getting punched in the face. That sort of thing appeals to me.

Radare, Infinite Regress- We toured with these dudes in Europe. There’s a lot of bands trying to pull off what these guys are doing, but I think they do it way better than anyone else who’s attempting it. I guess a lot of people would lump them in with the whole Cult of Neurisis thing, but I think they go way beyond that. I hear lots of Bohren and Der Club of Gore and Twin Peaks-ish melodies in what they do, and I think that’s pretty unique.

Al Green, I’m Still In Love With You- This record makes me want to have sex all day.

Records that actually came out in 2010 that I haven’t heard enough of yet but probably would have made the list if I had gotten around to listening to them more:
Intronaut, Valley of Smoke
Cephalic Carnage, Misled By Certainty
Deathspell Omega, Paracletus
Murder Construct, S/T
Broughton’s Rules, Bounty Hunter 1853
The Melvins, The Bride Screamed Murder