Deathwish-IncDeathwish, Inc. will take it’s DW Fest to Europe next year and the line-up in unbelievable. Converge, Trap Them, Harm’s Way and Young And In The Way will all tour the European market and I hate you all for it. I mean, holy shit. That is a hell of a tour package and I would kill to check out. I love all of those bands and it angers me that I can’t see them. For any of your Euro readers however, check out the dates after the jump.      Continue reading

BLACKLISTED Streaming New Track “Deeper Kind”

blacklistedHardcore heathens Blacklisted will unleash their massive new album When People Grow, People Go in February and the band has released it’s first single off of the album. The track is titled “Deeper Kind” and it is a fierce minute-and-a-half of unholy force. Blacklisted were one of the first Deathwish bands I got in to and I still love them, so I am seriously looking forward to the new record. Peep “Deeper Kind” after the jump and get pumped the fuck up.     Continue reading

COLISEUM Release Music Video For “Detached”

45-64350006Coliseum have never steered me wrong as long as I’ve been running this site and I am always excited about anything this band releases. The band has just unleashed a new music video for their track “Detached,” which you can check out below. It’s a phenomenal track and a rad video. Check it out. Continue reading

COLD WORLD Streaming New Album “How The Gods Chill”

cold world htgcHardcore act Cold World will release their new album How The Gods Chill next week and if you’ve been curious as to how amazing the album it, you can find out for yourself. Noisey is currently hosting a full album stream and I gotta say, Cold World destroy as always. You can check out the full stream of How The Gods Chill after the jump.      Continue reading

CODE ORANGE Streaming New Track “My World”; Announces Fall Tour With TWITCHING TONGUES


The recently renamed Code Orange have released a new track entitled “My World” off of their upcoming sophomore LP, I Am King, in conjunction with the opening of pre-orders for the record as well as announcements  for an upcoming Fall tour with direct support from Los Angeles metallic hardcore act Twitching Tongues and indirect support from peers (Soul Search, War Hungry, Nails, Discourse, Axis and Blistered) whose appearances will vary by tour date. Aside from the trimming of denomination, the first two singles released for I Am King so far, the title track along with this most recent number, feature a similar change (in my opinion, for the better), narrowing down the band’s technical metalcore assault for a simpler approach that still retains the band’s experimental edge. Stream “My World” exclusively over at Alternative Press here, peep the poster and details for Code Orange’s upcoming tour below and pre-order I Am King via Deathwish Inc. hereContinue reading

COLD WORLD Streaming New Track “Hell’s Direction” Featuring KOOL G RAP

cold world htgcPennsylvania’s hardcore activists Cold Wold have unleashed a new track titled “Hell’s Direction” which features a rap from Kool G Rap. You may think that this would be whack, but it totally works and it’s amazing. I have long loved this band and to see them add a new level to their repertoire just makes me love their music even more. You can check out the track after the jump and get ya groove on.     Continue reading

CODE ORANGE Release Music Video For “I Am King”

cokiamkingCode Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) will be releasing their new album I Am King in September and the band has unleashed a music video for the title track of the album. This video was directed by Max Moore, who has done incredible work for Young And In The Way, Harm‘s Way, Coliseum and Old Wounds, never puts out anything that can be labeled shit. Seriously, all of his videos are brilliant and “I Am King” is no exception. Check out the video after the jump and see for yourself.       Continue reading

CODE ORANGE To Release New Album “I Am King” In September

cokiamkingCode Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) have announced that they will release their new album I Am King this September. As a huge fan of the band, I am beyond stoked that I will be getting some new tunes from them this year. The band has also announced why they have dropped the “kids” from their band name. You can check out the track listing for the album after the jump and read a statement from the band.       Continue reading

YOUNG AND IN THE WAY Release New Music Video

yaitwYoung And In The Way are definitely one of my favorite bands currently. Their raw, abrasive style of blackened crust is something that I find myself heavily gravitating towards and their new album When Life Comes To Death is the greatest example of how amazing this band is. YAITW have released a music video for the new track “Be My Blood” and I can honestly say I would be anything for this band. Check out the rad, Max Moore-directed video after the jump.       Continue reading


lomaWest coast hardcore act Loma Prieta have just kicked off their short-but-sweet tour of the west coast with phenomenal support from Fucking Invincible. If you’re on the west coast, I seriously envy you and I hate you if you miss out on one of these sure-to-be-killer shows. Check after the jump for dates.     Continue reading

TOUCHÉ AMORÉ “Honor” Fred Phelps In New T-Shirt Design

TouchePhelpsAs you should all know (and currently be celebrating), Fred Phelps, founder of the friendly, God Hates Fags family church, The Westboro Baptist Church, has died and to show their feelings, Touché Amoré have released the above t-shirt design, which should be available on their e-store later today. Good show, chaps. Approved. You can also check out the classic “” after the jump.      Continue reading

Hank Hill’s Got A Deathwish: PRO-PAIN Release New Music Video

Pro-PainWhat is the deal with all of the music videos today? My news feed is filled with them. Oh well, news is news, eh? Anyway…

Add legendary New York outfit Pro-Pain to my list of bands I thought were long gone by this point. I seriously had no idea this band was still kicking, but they apparently are and, more than that, they are preparing to release a new album pretty soon. Rad. I was really into Pro-Pain back in the day and their new tunes sound pretty good.      Continue reading

Abhorrent Ending: NEW LOWS Unleash New Track

abhorrentDamn right! New Lows are back! New Lows are one of my favorite bands and I have been awaiting the return of their vicious brand of hardcore for a while now and it seems that my need will finally be indulged. The band will be releasing a new five-song EP soon and they have just unveiled the title track from the EP Abhorrent Endings. Check out the track after the jump. Yeeeeeeeah.     Continue reading