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YOUNG AND IN THE WAY Release New Music Video

yaitwYoung And In The Way are definitely one of my favorite bands currently. Their raw, abrasive style of blackened crust is something that I find myself heavily gravitating towards and their new album When Life Comes To Death is the greatest example of how amazing this band is. YAITW have released a music video for the new track “Be My Blood” and I can honestly say I would be anything for this band. Check out the rad, Max Moore-directed video after the jump.       Continue reading


lomaWest coast hardcore act Loma Prieta have just kicked off their short-but-sweet tour of the west coast with phenomenal support from Fucking Invincible. If you’re on the west coast, I seriously envy you and I hate you if you miss out on one of these sure-to-be-killer shows. Check after the jump for dates.     Continue reading

TOUCHÉ AMORÉ “Honor” Fred Phelps In New T-Shirt Design

TouchePhelpsAs you should all know (and currently be celebrating), Fred Phelps, founder of the friendly, God Hates Fags family church, The Westboro Baptist Church, has died and to show their feelings, Touché Amoré have released the above t-shirt design, which should be available on their e-store later today. Good show, chaps. Approved. You can also check out the classic “WeHateFredPhelps.com” after the jump.      Continue reading

Hank Hill’s Got A Deathwish: PRO-PAIN Release New Music Video

Pro-PainWhat is the deal with all of the music videos today? My news feed is filled with them. Oh well, news is news, eh? Anyway…

Add legendary New York outfit Pro-Pain to my list of bands I thought were long gone by this point. I seriously had no idea this band was still kicking, but they apparently are and, more than that, they are preparing to release a new album pretty soon. Rad. I was really into Pro-Pain back in the day and their new tunes sound pretty good.      Continue reading

Abhorrent Ending: NEW LOWS Unleash New Track

abhorrentDamn right! New Lows are back! New Lows are one of my favorite bands and I have been awaiting the return of their vicious brand of hardcore for a while now and it seems that my need will finally be indulged. The band will be releasing a new five-song EP soon and they have just unveiled the title track from the EP Abhorrent Endings. Check out the track after the jump. Yeeeeeeeah.     Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: HARM WÜLF Show You Their “Silk Soul”

harmwulf2-e1369238898691What’s that? You have never heard of Harm Wülf? Well, that is because this is a new project by a veteran. Headed by Blacklisted front man G. Hirsch, Harm Wülf is Hirsch’s first solo outing and it is a hodgepodge of different genres from different eras in many different ways. I honestly don’t know how to describe the music that is about to flow forth from your speakers or headphones, but I will tell you that it is brilliant and mesmerizing.

There’s Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till is the title set for Harm Wülf‘s debut and it will be released by Deathwish, Inc. on 12″ vinyl and as a digital download. You can pre-order the album here. And now, I present to you, “Silk Soul,” the dissonant, emotional eruption from G. Hirsch’s Harm Wülf. Howl, baby.      Continue reading

Stream DOOMRIDERS’ “Grand Blood” Right Now!

dooomriders-grandbloodI recently praised the new Doomriders song “Dead Friends,” and I am back to polish this band off. I loved Doomriders‘ sophomore album Darkness Come Alive, as it is one of the raddest albums I’ve heard in the last few years. These dudes have recorded an album called Grand Blood which has a very similar vibe to Heavy Lies. This new record rules, regardless of what some are saying about it. If you don’t believe me, head over to Pitchfork and stream Grand Blood in its entirety. You can listen to “Dead Friends” after the jump just to pump you up.     Continue reading

You Have Dead Friends: DOOMRIDERS Streaming New Track

Some people say they prefer Doomriders‘ first album because it had more of a party-vibe to it while their second album swerved more towards “beardo metal,” but I have to disagree. I fell in love with Doomriders right as they released their second album and it is still the strongest album for me. So when I first listened to the bands new track “Dead Friends,” I fucking loved it from the start. It feel exactly like Darkness Comes Alive did when I first listened to it.

What’s that? You want to know what I mean? Click on over after the jump and let this new Doomriders song seep into your earholes.      Continue reading

Harbor The Love: TOUCHE AMORE Streaming New Song

We have been amping you people for new music by Touche Amore for a while now. Lane and I are beyond excited for the bands new album Is Survived By, which will see release at the end of the month through Deathwish, Inc. The band has unveiled a new song from the album entitled “Harbor” and I think it just changed my life.     Continue reading

Review: OATHBREAKER – “Eros|Anteros”

I reviewed Belgian hardcore devastators Oathbreaker’s last album, 2011’s Mælstrøm and I absolutely loved it from start to finish. Initially I thought it would be difficult for the band to create a follow-up to Mælstrøm that would hit me the way that album did. Well, Oathbreaker have released their latest effort Eros|Anteros and it’s time to see what I thought about the album. With the way I became such a huge fan after the release of Mælstrøm, it’s going to be hard for me to not give this review my all.     Continue reading

HARM’S WAY Announce West Coast Fall Tour

994226_10151754377401469_1480845260_nThis upcoming September, Harm’s Way will be heading out west in support of their most recent EP, Blinded, along with grindcore peers, Dead In The Dirt, and dark hardcore allies, Homewrecker. The band has announced that the tour is the first out of a run of U.S. dates in support of the new record. Peep the full tour details above and a music video for “Mind Control”, a track off of Blinded, out now on Deathwish Inc., below.

No Rest For The Weary: OATHBREAKER Music Video Now Playing

Belgian hardcore act Oathbreaker, who are prepping the release of their new album Eros/Anteros, have unveiled a brand-spanking new music video for their track “No Rest For The Weary.” This song is phenomenal: emotionally driven and pulverizing. I am currently on my fifth listen to this track at the current time, my third time on this video. The video is strange and compelling. I loved it. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading