Josh Huddleston’s Top 10 EPs Of The Year


It’s the end of the year and you know what that means, right? A whole month of pretentious bloggers telling you which albums you should have listened to. 2011 was a stand out year for metal and music in general. Because of this, coming up with a list of what I found to be the best albums of the year was not an easy task. If you haven’t heard any of these albums for some reason then you need to seriously go check them out. Continue after the jump to find out what my picks for this years top ten EP’s are.

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Dionaea Working On a Full Length!

I posted about Dionaea in my Edition of The Ties That Grind… and by that point I was obsessed with the two songs I have by this band. Crazy experimental, technical and chaotic grind with ambiance thrown in the mix equals an insanely good time. I’ve listened to “1986” at least a few times every day since I first heard it. I have been patiently waiting for a full length album by these dudes and it seems my wishes are being answered! According to a post made by the band via their Facebook page, new material is currently in the works. Get stoked! Get stoked now!

The Ties That Grind… The Edition

Hello fellow Grinders. With the recent surge of amazing grindcore albums dropping this year such as Rotten Sound, Noisear, Wormrot and Brutal Truth (as well as many, many more), I have to also give props to the up-and-coming underground grind bands from all over the world. Every week I will be posting a few grind bands that I believe should be checked out. This weeks TTTG is full of bands that I have discovered via The Lets start this off with…

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