Topon Das: Reviewing Unidentified Tracks

A while back, I got in touch with Topon Das and he agreed to listen to 10 tracks that I sent him and give his input on said tracks. I sent him the tracks with no identification whatsoever. Here is what he had to say about these tracks (with the titles and artists now given):

Ross asked me to listen to these tracks and write some sort of a review of these songs without knowing what the band is. I gave it a bunch of listens and quickly realized I’m not suited to write reviews, so basically here’s me trying to guess what band it is.

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What’s New

Well, today has been a good day. I did two new reviews, There are some new Random Song Reviews up (including a local-ish act, Dirt Cheap Drugs), New Hall of Gnar and Album of The Week are up. So, yeah it was a good day. Check back later, as I may have even more new shit up. Keep it gnar.