Past and current members of East of the Wall, The Postman Syndrome, You and I, El Drugstore among others, have joined forces in a new instrumental progressive hardcore outfit New York In 64. The quartet have announced their recent signing to Magic Bullet Records and have confirmed a full length LP release for early 2015. To get a taste of what is to come, check out footage of the group’s recent show in New Brunswick, New Jersey below.

Justin Hock – guitars
Thomas Schlatter – bass
Chris Alfano – guitars
Seth Rheam – drums

AA Exclusive: Set Sail On EL DRUGSTORE’s “Plague Ship”

Ahoy, ya scurvy dogs! We here at American Aftermath are proud to present unto you, El Drugstore’s debut full length Plague Ship; the future of drug-induced technical wizardry. The album will officially be available for download on December 31st via Nefarious Industries. After the break you can stream the album in all its eclectic glory. As an added bonus, the band have provided us with a special track-by-track rundown of the album. You can check it all out below.

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Best Of 2013: Lane’s Favorite Releases Of 2013


Hello there! Like my partners in crime, I am here to share my favorite music releases of 2013. I have listened to an ungodly amount of music this year and out of what I had a chance to listen to, these thirty albums/EPs/etc stuck with me well after my first listen. It’s not just heavy music either! I know you don’t care about my opinion, nobody should, but you may find something worth listening to in the following list. Here goes nothing!

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Fondle Your Hipster Tits To This New EL DRUGSTORE Song

Noisey have premiered a new track from El Drugstore’s forthcoming debut full length Plague Ship, which is out on December 31st. This new track is the wonderfully titled “Hipster Tits” and its spiraling instrumentation is sure to make you vomit. But in a good way, of course. Head over to Noisey to check it out now!

Review: EL DRUGSTORE – “Plague Ship”

El Drugstore

El Drugstore formed around 2008 by past and present members of New Jersey progressive outfit East of the Wall and have remained a rather silent entity since their inception. The trio of riff-manglers have released a handful of stand alone tracks and a split EP with noisy duo A Fucking Elephant, but are still relatively unknown despite being attached to East of the Wall, whose notoriety is slowly growing. But El Drugstore are bound and determined to change that with their mind-boggling full length debut, Plague Ship. The common brain is not prepared for this massive forty-five minutes of eccentric complexity and intricate musicianship.

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EL DRUGSTORE Streaming New Song “The Natives Are Getting Useless”

Metal Sucks have premiered a new cut from El Drugstore’s (East of the Wall, etc) forthcoming debut full length, Plague Ship, which will set sail on December 31st through Nefarious Industries. The new track is entitled “The Natives Are Getting Useless” and I would liken it to the most frightening acid trip known to man in audible form. The instrumentation is spastic, dizzying, complex, and an all around good time if you like your music dripping with psychosis. Head over to Metal Sucks to check it out now.

The artwork and track listing for Plague Ship can be seen after the break.

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Review: A FUCKING ELEPHANT-“Seven Inches”

By Lane Oliver

Such a ridiculous name as A Fucking Elephant is sure to garner a lot of odd looks. But their name works to their advantage because the music this band creates reflects the absurdity of their established name. If you have not been introduced to A Fucking Elephant yet, let me get you two acquainted. A Fucking Elephant is a two piece  instrumental math rock band based out of New Jersey, whose split with El Drugstore is a must listen for anyone who likes a little drug induced violent rock n’ roll. It was spastic and dissonant in all the right places. Their new seven inch release, appropriately titled Seven Inches, increases the drug dosage and hysteria and begins to place the bands’ feet in the direction of new, wacky territory.

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EL DRUGSTORE Perform New Song Live

Footage has surfaced of instrumental spazz bastards, El Drugstore, performing a new song live on December 16th at the St. Vitus Bar in New York. The song is reportedly titled “By What Ill-Begotten Means Have You Procured This Meat?” and I can only assume it will appear on the trio’s upcoming full length, tentatively titled Plague Ship. This song is all over the place. It’s heavy, extremely jarring and features a badass lick near the end that is mind blowing. Anyways, check out the performance below.

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Best Of 2012: Musicians Best Of Lists Part 4

2012yearWe here at American Aftermath are readying our very own year end lists, to be unleashed this Friday. We have asked some friends and musicians to submit their very own Best of 2012 List, which we will be posting throughout the week and here we go. Read on to find out what members of So Is The Tongue, El Drugstore, Full Of Hell and Like Rats were jamming to this year.     Continue reading

A FUCKING ELEPHANT Detail Upcoming 7″

As previously reported, the instrumental noisy rock duo, A Fucking Elephant, will be releasing a new 7″ in January. January 22nd to be precise! The upcoming, two song set will simply be titled Seven Inches (get it?) and will feature the tracks “I’m Addicted to Drugs and Sex and I Want You to Choke Me” and “A Bunch of Good Looking Roundeyes”. The 7″ will be released through the band’s own label, Nefarious Industries, and will be limited to a 500 copy wax pressing (250 black vinyl and 250 yellow).

I have already listened to this thing and it is a little different than the material on their split with El Drugstore. It’s a little slower, more hypnotic, a little dissonant at times, but still whacked out on coke. You can watch a live performance of “I’m Addicted to Drugs…” below and peep their January touring schedule that will be updated soon. Don’t sleep on this!

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TOVARISH Announce New Album

Prepare to be utterly frightened. Tovarish is a Rhode Island based musical act whose new album, Red Hearts in a Dead World, will be released on October 2nd via Nefarious Industries. According to the three tracks on their bandcamp (below), this album is going to send chills down spines everywhere. Just in time for Halloween! Tovarish’s sound consists of elements of drone, doom, dark ambient, noise and industrial music to create a bleak and completely evil sound. If this tickles your fancy then go ahead and pre-order it. Check out three malevolent slabs of bone chilling sound from the album below.

-Lane Oliver