Russian Circles have a brand new song from their upcoming album streaming over at Rolling Stone and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Remember when it was said earlier this year that the album would be a lot heavier? Well this song is definitely an indication that Empros will be quite the heavy hitter. The new song is called “Mladek” and it is one of the heaviest pieces the band has ever written! It begins really upbeat and shines with an abundance of flashy post-rock flare and is reminiscent of some of Mogwai’s material. But it doesn’t take long before the track explodes into a dramatically heavy beast of a song that will have your heart pounding.  The song is nearly 8 minutes in length and doesn’t lose any entertainment value during its duration. It is absolutely stellar from start to finish. I can already tell that I will adore this album. Empros comes out October 25th. I seriously cannot wait.

-Lane Oliver

EDIT: Stream the song below.

RUSSIAN CIRCLES’ Are About To Bring The Heavy

Russian Circles have revealed the artwork (above) announced and the track listing of their upcoming album, Empros. I am not a big fan of this album art, but I know for a fact that I will be a big fan of the music. Russian Circles have never disappointed me. Their albums just keep getting better and better. According to a press release (below), Empros is supposed to be their heaviest album to date.

“Russian Circles return with not only their fourth and heaviest album to date — but also with Empros they’re poised to take the crown as innovators reinvigorating the staid trappings of genre. Empros picks up where the anthemic riffs and melodies of 2009′s Geneva left off and injects evermore slithering rhythms amid skull-crushing heft with all the visceral intensity of Godflesh, Swans and Neurosis. Continue reading