KEN MODE Debut “The Promises Of God” Video

KEN mode have debuted the official video to their track “The Promises of God”, from their last album Entrench, over at Punknews. The clip, which was directed by ex-bassist Chad Tremblay, depicts the trickery of a street magician and triumph over a devil-like character. You can check out the clip after the break along with the band’s forthcoming tour dates.

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KEN MODE Release “The Terror Pulse” Video

KEN mode have premiered the official video for their track “The Terror Pulse”, which comes from their most recent record, Entrench. The video, directed by Christopher Mills, is a extremely trippy animated adventure and is the “sequel” to the “Secret Vasectomy” video. Your eyeballs are not ready for this colorful explosion of madness. You can watch the clip after the break.

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KEN MODE Release “Romeo Must Never Know” Video

KEN Mode - "Romeo Must Never Know" (video)

Exclaim has premiered KEN mode’s new music video for their track “Romeo Must Never Know”. The song comes from their latest effort Entrench and is set to the Christopher Mills directed clip that features footage of a show the band did in Toronto. In slow-motion, no less! You can check out the video after the break as well the band’s current tour dates with Norma Jean.

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These Kids Aren’t Alright: KEN MODE Release New Music Video

Pitchfork have premiered the new music video for KEN Mode’s track “Secret Vasectomy”, which appears on the band’s outstanding new album Entrench. The music video is the first part of a two part story arc featuring kids furiously drawing pictures, in sync with the music at times I might add, and occasionally vomiting orange goo. Yeah it’s pretty weird, but enjoyable. At the end, you can hear the opening drum patterns of “The Terror Pulse” which may elude to the next music video being filmed for that track. Anyways, check out the video after the jump.

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Exclusive Interview: KEN MODE’s Jesse Matthewson

The Canadian conjurers of noise and mayhem, KEN mode, are punishing ear drums around the world with their new album, Entrench. The album was released back in March to a plethora of critical acclaim and it is no surprise either. Entrench is one hell of a bone crushing good time. I recently caught up with guitarist and vocalist Jesse Matthewson to talk the new album, the commercialization of extreme music and spit. Lot’s of spit.

-Lane Oliver

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KEN MODE Release New Music Video

KEN Mode have premiered a new music video over at Pitchfork for their track “Counter Culture Complex”. The track comes from their latest effort, Entrench, and is set to images of the band performing among the snow and female warriors fighting off some ambiguous demon. It’s very odd to say the least. You can stream the new video below.

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Review: KEN MODE-“Entrench”

By Lane Oliver

The Juno award winning metallic hardcore trio KEN mode are back with the mighty Entrench; the Matt Bayles produced fifth full length record by the band. On Entrench, the band go into the “Kill Everyone Now” mode they’ve promised full throttle and produce eleven tracks of blood curdling riffage and auditory manslaughter. Entrench gives us the KEN mode we have always wanted to hear; the deadly one.

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Venomous Hostility: KEN MODE Streaming New Album

After being teased by five chaotic tracks, KEN Mode are finally streaming their new record Entrench over at Pitchfork. Jesus H. Christ! This album is as vicious as I hoped it would be. Frontman Jesse Matthewson had this to add on the new album:

This is KEN mode’s statement: we are coming for you. ‘Entrench’ is our message, and we will not stop until it is jammed down everyone’s throats. This album is the most aggressive, catchy, and dynamic work we’ve ever done, and we refuse to quit or take prisoners. We’ll be on the road from now until the beginning of June straight supporting ‘Entrench’, blanketing North America and Europe with venomous hostility

The album will be officially released on March 19th. Be sure to check out the band with Today is the Day, Fight Amp and Black Tusk on the road this month! Dates are provided below.

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Get Fixed: KEN MODE Release Yet Another New Track

Let’s round them all up again, shall we? First KEN Mode gave us “Counter Culture Complex”“The Promises of God”“The Terror Pulse” and “Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick”. The album comes out in just a few weeks (March 19th) but KEN Mode continue to kick out the new jams. Behold new song number five, “Secret Vasectomy”. The chaotic groove heavy track can be streamed over at Brooklyn Vegan. Before you rush over there, check out what frontman Jesse Matthewson had to say about the track below.

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KEN MODE’s New Song Makes Me Sick

KEN Mode have released yet ANOTHER new track from their upcoming record, Entrench, which comes out on March 19th. We’ve heard “Counter Culture Complex”“The Promises of God”“The Terror Pulse”, and now NPR gives us the new track “Your Heartwarming Story Makes Me Sick”. This track is angular and all over the place in true chaotic hardcore fashion. Regarding the track, frontman Jesse Matthewson had this to say:

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