FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Streaming New Track “Saltwound”

ffaa“God is a lie and man is a failure.” These are the words chanted on the new Fit For An Autopsy track “Saltwound.” This track is killer and it only makes me want Absolute Hope Absolute Hell that much more. The album will see release next month, but you can get crushed with “Saltwound” below. Get some.     Continue reading

HIGH ON FIRE Streaming New Track “The Black Plot”

highonfireluminWho’s ready for some High On Fire?! I know I was when I stumbled on it. “The Black Plot” is a sickeningly sweet tune off of High On Fire‘s new record Luminferous. This album is going to absolutely destroy everything. Stoner metal will destroy you! High On Fire will destroy you! Enough. Enjoy “The Black Plot” below. Smoke plot and… Whatever.      Continue reading

UNEARTH Streaming New Track “Guards Of Contagion”

unearthwatchersofruleMetalcore act Unearth have been crushing skulls for a long time now and the band will soon be releasing their new album Watchers Of Rule. The band has just unleashed a monstrous new track titled “Guards Of Contagion” and it absolutely crushes. This band doesn’t do much wrong, so I am stoked to check out Watchers Of Rule. Until the albums release, check out “Guards Of Contagion” after the jump.
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THROWDOWN Streaming New Track “Defend With Violence”

Throwdown-IntoleranceAbout a month ago we got a taste of Throwdown‘s new record Intolerance and now the band has unleashed yet another track. This new track, titled “Defend With Violence” is 100% Throwdown. Rough-and-ready metalcore riffing and an all-powerful heaviness. This album is slowly proving to be some of the bands best material in a while. Check out the track after the jump. Thoughts?      Continue reading

Straight Edge Allegiance: New THROWDOWN Track Streaming

Throwdown-AvowI was a huge fan of Throwdown for a long time. Over the last few years I’ve fallen off with the band, but they recently released a single from their new album Intolerance which will be released in January. The track is called “Avow” and it’s a ripping metalcore track that only Throwdown could produce.

The track is about the band standing up for their straight edge beliefs and how they pledge their allegiance to said movement. It’s a pretty rad track. Check it out:      Continue reading

Not Kevin Bacon: FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Are Having “Tremors”

We have been posting a lot about the new Fit For An Autopsy album lately, and Lane just posted a new song by the band on Tuesday and now I’m here to tell you that these rad deathcore monsters are releasing one more track before their new album Hellbound which is due out next Tuesday. This track is a crushing, breakdown-laden beast and I fucking love it. Check out the track after the jump and be sure to let us know if you’re into it!     Continue reading

They Currently Destroy: FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Release New Lyric Video

Well, damn me. 2013 seems to keep churning out releases by bands that I have never liked before that blow me away. First with Bleed From Within (review here), then IWABO (review here) and now I’m pretty intrigued with new music from Fit For An Autopsy. Like the aforementioned bands, I have never been into this band, only listening to a few tracks and thinking they were kind of ‘meh.’

I am currently on my fifth listen to the bands new track “Still We Destroy,” which the band has just released in the form of a lyric video and I gotta say, it’s pretty rad. I though these dudes were weak deathcore, but I will say I was very far off. You can check out the new track after the jump. Enjoy.     Continue reading


If any of you listened to rock radio in the early 2000s then you probably (at some point) heard Smile Empty Soul‘s hit single “Bottom Of A Bottle.” Smile Empty Soul is a band that I thought long gone. I haven’t heard anything about the band since, like, 2004. Well, apparently they are still going strong and they released a new album back in May on eOne Music. That’s not the point of this post, however because I care nothing about this band. The point of this post is that Smile Empty Soul along with HURT have recorded a cover of the Alice In Chains classic “No Excuses.” Continue reading

KITTIE: No Boys Allowed Empire

Kittie have released a new song called “Empires Part 2” and it is currently streaming over at Revolver Mag’s Website. This song comes off of Kittie’s forthcoming I’ve Failed You and while it’s not my tastes exactly, it could be worse. I mean, at least they’re not re-recording “Spit” or something. Right?

This song, despite the clean vocals, is actually not terrible. I’m still not a huge Kittie fan, but they seem to still be evolving. I would say that the first song Kittie premiered is much, much better, but this song isn’t horrible, as I said. The song structure is standard Melo-death, good riffing, nice soloing, the only thing I’m not digging is the clean vocals. It’s just something about ‘em I don’t get down with. This sounds more like something off of Into The Black rather than all new material. I’ve Failed You comes out on August 30th via eOne Music. Check out the new song here (because they won’t allow embedding) and view the track list after the jump.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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