Exclusive: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK’s Brandon Hoffman Interview + Song Premiere

Photo by Steadfast Media.

Alright, kiddos. You know I love my hardcore. There are tens of thousands of bands out there who play the genre and play it well, but one of my favorites has the dude I interviewed standing out front. Everything Went Black are a punishing, thundering band out of St. Louis and their music makes me want to bash faces into walls. In this interview, we talked about EWB‘s new EP Night Terrors, horror movies and a lot of real talk. Oh yeah, we are also premiering a new track off of Night Terrors! So check all of that out after the jump. Continue reading

Rise Up, Monarchs: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK Perform New Song Live

In the first quarter of the year I posted a lot about up-and-coming metallic hardcore act Everything Went Black who signed to Prosthetic Records late last year and released their debut LP via the label this past January. The band is extremely destructive and I have not forgotten about them, even this late in the year. The band recently released  a video of them performing a new track called “Monarchs.” Other than that, no information is known as to what this track will be a part of. Check out the video after the jump and mosh in your seat. Continue reading

Review: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK – “Cycles Of Light”

Ever since I first heard the name Everything Went Black I knew this band was going to be important. They just have that edge to them. Before the release of their debut full-length Cycles Of Light I was already loving the band and their split with Rattletooth is still in heavy rotation around the American Aftermath HQ. There is just something about their brand of dark, crushing hardcore that I fucking love. [Continue…]

Album of The Week: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK’s “Cycles Of Light”

Wow. Those were the first words uttered by me when I was introduced to Everything Went Black. I came to love this band very, very quickly (my review of their debut record will be posted tomorrow) and I believe it deserves to be this weeks Album of The Week. Yeah, I know. The Album of The Week hasn’t been updated for a while. As it turns out, all of the staff wanted to do it, but no one did. So it just sat there. Fuck it. Everything Went Black. Cycles of Light. Get into it because you have to. Cycles Of Light is available now via Prosthetic Records.

Sticks And Stones: Prosthetic Records Signs PRIMITIVE WEAPONS

Okay, every now and then I get stumped when I try to label a band. I mean, there are just no proper labels I can give some bands. The latest band to join the no label clique? Brooklyn, New York’s Primitive Weapons who just so happen to have very recently signed to Prosthetic Records. Prosthetic is already the home to a lot of amazing bands like Skeletonwitch, Trap Them, Ov Hell and Landmine Marathon and they have recently signed one of my personal underground favorites Everything Went Black so before I could decide whether Primitive Weapons would fit in on Prosthetic, I had to hear the band. So first thing I did was head over to the bands Facebook page and check out their tunes.

On Primitive Weapons‘ Facebook, they list themselves as “weird, heavy” and I think that about sums it up. They have some hardcore elements, some sludgy breaks and righteous, vicious vocals. Pretty much it’s just an all around good time. I really dig this band’s sound and I can’t wait to hear what they have to offer on their Prosthetic debut. Their album is due out this Spring. I’ll keep you updated on happenings as they become clear. Check out a track below to get a feel for the band’s sound.

Hardcore As A Passion: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK Streaming New Album

You guys know I have been all over Everything Went Black ever since the name popped up in my inbox. This band has been blowing my mind time after time. I have been jamming their split with Rattletooth lately (which can be downloaded here) and it’s amazing. I knew that the bands full length Cycles Of Light would be even more badass of a release and guess what? It is! After listening to the entire album in it’s entirety twice, I can honestly say it’s fucking extraordinary. Not a dull moment whatsoever. Prosthetic have definitely signed a winner.

Don’t feel left out! You can head over to AMP Magazine and stream Cycles Of Light right now before it drops on January 17th. Pre-order the album here and get fucking pumped. This album is killer. Get into it. After the jump you can see Everything Went Black‘s upcoming tour dates. Yeeeah, boy.

Darkness Prevails: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK Teaser Released

I’ve been all up on Everything Went Black ever since I first heard about the band back in October and I’ve been patiently awaiting their forthcoming album and Prosthetic Records debut. I’ve been teased with a new song titled ”Lifeless” and all it did was make me want more. This band is crushing and pulverizing and this album is definitely one of the 2012 releases that I am highly anticipating. Check out the bands new teaser for their album Cycles Of Light which will be released on January 17th via Prosthetic Records/Lost Shepard. Enjoy, get stoked.


I’ve been raving about Everything Went Black for a while now. The band recently signed to Prosthetic/Lost Shepard Records and is preparing to release their new album Cycles of Light on January 17th and Lambgoat is currently streaming a new song called “Lifeless.”

This new track immediately gets my attention with it’s crusty metallic hardcore goodness. Punishing and aggressive, Cycles of Light is an album I am seriously looking forward to early in 2012. Check out the track and then hit up the bands Bandcamp to dig some more of their tunes. Enjoy the track streaming below courtesy of Lambgoat.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Into The Light: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK Reveal Album Details

Remember when I was talking about Everything Went Black not too long ago? Well if not, I’ll sum it up for you. They are a killer metallic hardcore band from St. Louis, Missouri who recently signed to Lost Shepard/Prosthetic Records. I also mentioned that the band had finished recording their new album but hadn’t released any information on it. Well, guess what? We have details!

Everything Went Black will release Cycles of Light on January 17th! You can see the album art above. That’s all for now, but it’s better than being left in the dark, right? Check Everything Went Black out on Facebook. Dudes are ill. You can also peep some of their previous material on their Bandcamp.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

It Seems EVERYTHING WENT BLACK Over At Prosthetic Records

Photo Courtesy of Blow The Scene

That’s right, the relatively unknown metallic hardcore act from St. Louis, Missouri have signed to Lost Shepard/Prosthetic Records. When I say relatively unknown, I don’t mean that as demeaning towards the bands. It’s just the fact that it’s a band I didn’t know of until I got an e-mail about them. They are fucking good, though. This is more of a band that I would suspect to hear on Deathwish Inc. rather than on Prosthetic nowadays, but it works, you know? As I said, these dudes are ill and you should check out their Facebookand jam ’em out.

The band finished recording their debut full-length this Summer which is to see release early next year. Check ’em out and enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.