Total Bananas: MELT BANANA Announce Tour Dates


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Japanese spastic experimental grind outfit Melt Banana are poised to hit North America for a month long tour excursion starting mid-October and ending mid-November in support of their first LP in six years, Fetch, due out October 1st via A-Zap Records. Peep the full tour details below and pre-order Fetch as vinyl or CD here. Continue reading

Stream IRON LUNG’s White Glove Test In Full/Tour Dates


Seattle, WA two piece powerviolence act Iron Lung have recently released and are currently streaming the massive followup to their sophomore LP, White Glove Test. Spanning eighteen tracks, White Glove Test expands on the group’s cold, clinical and rhythmic powerviolence assault to spastic and chaotic dimensions and arrives with an accompanying noise album entitled “Finds More Filth”, which can be played standalone or layered onto White Glove Test, allowing for three unique listening experiences. Stream White Glove Test as a standalone as well as the video for the single “Pain Directive” below and purchase it all as a deluxe digital download (all three listening experiences plus full artwork and music video) here. Vinyl/CD copies (complete with the deluxe digital download) are available through Prank Records here and Iron Lung themselves on their massive North American tour, full details also below. PAIN. Continue reading


“We have such sights to show you!” – Hellraiser, 1987

Welcome to the fifth edition of Cryptic Passages, a weekly column in which I, Eric Nguyen, will be presenting for your torture, some of the most brutal, unrelenting, and hate drenched pieces of audio I’ve found journeying through the misanthropic plains of the internet. Three satanic passages await you in the cryptic chasm…after the jump. Continue reading

FLOURISHING Streaming New EP “Intersubjectivity” In Full

Out of seemingly nowhere, I recently found out via BrooklynVegan that Flourishing, a New York based group that play a distinctive and unique style of forward thinking deathgrind, are releasing a new EP. I was introduced to the group through their debut LP, The Sum Of All Fossils, sometime in 2010, a period where I was very much into old school death metal, particularly the technical grime of groups such as Immolation and Gorguts. As a result, Flourishing, naturally, was of great appeal to me. With a sound influenced by experimental groups such as Swans and Godflesh, Flourishing play a style of deathgrind that is heavily indescribable. It is both consistent and chaotic, comprised of dizzying riffs that while at the outset sound organized, can drive the listener mad upon scrutiny. Intersubjectivity, the group’s latest effort(released via The Path Less Traveled Records), is currently streaming in full via bandcamp here where it can also be pre-ordered for the measly price of $2.50 before its imminent release date on November 13th, where the price will hike up. Nevertheless, to save you Aftermathers the grievance of checking out a band you possibly may not heard on another link, the track “The Petrification Lottery” can be streamed below exclusively thanks to Brooklyn Vegan.

Review: XIU XIU-“Always”

By Lane Oliver

The lines “if you have a stitch in your wrist say ‘hi’” are one of the few gloomy quips that Xiu Xiu decides to open their new album, Always, with. Frontman Jamie Stewart’s emotional vocals in combination with dark, uncomfortable lyrics and (for the most part) surprisingly upbeat instrumentation are an interesting formula that Xiu Xiu has conceived. One does not necessarily need doom and gloom soundscapes to make a song dark and Xiu Xiu really let you know that on Always.

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Review: DODECAHEDRON-“Self Titled”

By Lane Oliver

A dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve faces or sides. Dodecahedron is also the name of an up and coming Dutch experimental black metal band. Their self titled debut was released just a few days ago via Season of Mist records. Black metal isn’t really my forte to be honest, but there are exceptions. Dodecahedron is one of these exceptions. Just like how the geometric figure sports multiple sides, the band’s music is multi-sided as well.

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Review: KAYO DOT-“Gamma Knife”

By Lane Oliver

Kayo Dot have returned this year with Gamma Knife, the follow up to last year’s Stained Glass EP and the first full length since 2010’s Coyote. For those not familiar with the band, Kayo Dot is a bit of an enigma when it comes to genre labeling. They combine elements of free jazz, chamber music, rock, progressive rock, black metal and so many other musical styles that it would take me a forever to list them all (if I could). The terms “experimental” and “avant-garde” get tossed around a lot and some of the bands that are labeled those terms; do not exactly fit the mold in my opinion. Kayo Dot however, is an epitome of experimental and avant-garde music.

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KAYO DOT Release New Album Online

Experimental rock outfit, Kayo Dot, have released their new album on their bandcamp page. The album is called Gamma Knife and can be download for a measly 5 bucks. I am currently listening to it now and you can expect a full review from me in the near future. Kayo Dot always seems to impress me so I am sure they will not fail here. Check it out!


-Lane Oliver

Review: B L A C K I E-“True Spirit and Not Giving a Fuck”

By Lane Oliver

I had not heard much of Houston rapper/experimental artist B L A C K I E prior to seeing him perform at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago. This year really opened my eyes and ears to the world of underground, forward thinking hip-hop with the release of Death Grips’ Exmilitary mix tape, and B L A C K I E definitely falls into their category. So, after seeing his very eccentric performance I just had to check out some of his work. Luckily, he released his new EP, True Spirit and Not Giving a Fuck (download link included at the end of the review) for free earlier this year. If you’re a fan of Death Grips, you should like B L A C K I E.

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Completely Non-Metal Thing Of The Day: SLEEPMAKESWAVES

This morning I received an e-mail from Bird’s Robe Records regarding a band called Sleepmakeswaves. Now, I am open minded. I will listen to anything at least once. Upon seeing Sleepmakeswaves’ Bandcamp page to listen to their new single “(Hello) Cloud Mountain,” which was what that e-mail was about, I was extremely concerned for what I was about to hear. The band’s genres listen on Bandcamp include “experimental,” “post rock” and “progressive.” Experimental? Sure, I’m down. Progressive? I love it. Post Rock? Not so much. Well, I kept a cool head and decided to listen to this anyway. I was shocked.

Now, this is like nothing I listen to whatsoever. This is very strange music. it has electronica elements, soft guitars and no vocals. I have to admit, however, this is not bad. For some strange reason, I can handle this. I’m not sure why and I don’t think I would listen to it on my own, but it is in no way terrible. The drumming actually has a hint of a d-beat influence in it, which is really odd. Just after the two minute mark, it actually gets heavy. This part has a very nice progressive vibe to it. This is less than half of the song, however. So yeah, while I wouldn’t put this on myself, probably, I don’t think I would change it if it came on. Not metal, but not bad at all. Check it out below and tell me what you think. If you like it, you can download this track for free here.