FIGHT AMP Working On New EP

Pennsylvanian noise rock outfit Fight Amp have announced their plans to enter the studio to record their new EP, entitled Self-Titled EP. The band will record the new material to 2″ tape with Steve Poponi at Gradwell House Studios in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, this August. Guitarist/vocalist Mike McGinnis recently commented on the forthcoming effort:

“We’ve never been this excited about entering the studio with new material. This is actually the first time we’ll be working with material 100%  written from start to finish by thesame three core members. Each longer release we’ve done in the past has always had a lineup change in the middle of the process. This time, Jon DeHart, myself and our newest drummer Dan Smith are all here for the entire process. It basically allowed us to hit a sweet spot when it came to the latter part of the writing process, and we have some heavy hitting jams that we’re ecstatic to unleash. We also made it a point to try and capture a little bit of the sound we have introduced on all of our past records while still forging ahead into new territory. Expect plenty of heavy noise rock/sludge jams, but we’re also bringing back a taste of the punk and d-beat riffs as well.”

The band is eyeing an early 2015 release through Brutal Panda. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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FIGHT AMP Release Music Video For “Fly Trap”

fightamputationFight Amp released their amazing album Birth Control in 2012 and the band has just unveiled the music video for the track “Fly Trap.” This video is… Strange. Well, that’s one way to put it. Another is to say that it’s… Well, I’ll leave that for you to decide. It’s equal parts animation and live footage and it’s a fantastic song, so check out the video after the jump. Radness.     Continue reading

Venomous Hostility: KEN MODE Streaming New Album

After being teased by five chaotic tracks, KEN Mode are finally streaming their new record Entrench over at Pitchfork. Jesus H. Christ! This album is as vicious as I hoped it would be. Frontman Jesse Matthewson had this to add on the new album:

This is KEN mode’s statement: we are coming for you. ‘Entrench’ is our message, and we will not stop until it is jammed down everyone’s throats. This album is the most aggressive, catchy, and dynamic work we’ve ever done, and we refuse to quit or take prisoners. We’ll be on the road from now until the beginning of June straight supporting ‘Entrench’, blanketing North America and Europe with venomous hostility

The album will be officially released on March 19th. Be sure to check out the band with Today is the Day, Fight Amp and Black Tusk on the road this month! Dates are provided below.

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TODAY IS THE DAY Announce Spring North American Tour

Today is the Day have booked an extensive Spring North American touring schedule  that will mark the band’s twentieth year anniversary. Support on this trek will come from Black Tusk, KEN Mode, Fight Amp and a yet to be announced special guest on certain stops of the tour. You’d be a complete dumbass to miss this. Check out the full schedule below!

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Beyond The Pickett Fence: FIGHT AMP Streaming New Track

Lane posted about the last Fight Amp song premiered off of their forthcoming album Birth Control which will be released on September 25th via Translation Loss. Before I get into the track, I would like to say that this track reminded me of a lot of stupid shit I did when I was younger. Not because of the music, but because of the name of the song: “White Pickett.” When I was in my mid-to-late teens, I was involved in a Jackass-esque project called White Picket Fence in which I did a lot of things that I now regret.

ANYWAY. This isn’t about that. This is about an amazing new Fight Amp song that is streaming over at Metalsucks. Go check it out, because this is sure to be one of the best albums of the year. Enjoy.

Caught In FIGHT AMP’s Fly Trap: New Song Released

Fight Amp have released the groovy, sludgy hardcore “Fly Trap” from their upcoming third album Birth Control, which is out on September 25th via Translation Loss. “Fly Trap” is stuffed to the brim with low end Melvins esque, AmRep nodding riffs and chugging bass lines. I have never paid much attention to this band in the past but now I have to. I look forward to this new album.


-Lane Oliver

Running With Worms: The Artwork Of Hell Comes Home

Burning Love/Fight Amp

Now, if you know me at all you know that I am an art nut. I love intricate and interesting album artwork as well as mind-bending, out-of-this-world band logos. I think an album cover can speak volumes towards the band and the music itself. A strong, powerful album cover can mean life or death for an album. I once submitted a post to Operation Grindcore in which I explained my love for four album covers (Coffinworm, Lake Of Blood, Kvelertak and Insect Warfare) and those are all albums that are very important to me.

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