I Hate My State: FIONA APPLE Arrested For Hashish Possession; Facing Up To 10 Years In Jail

I know this isn’t metal news, but this is total bullshit. Singer Fiona Apple has been arrested for possession of a minor amount of hash. The singer/song writer was busted at an immigration check point in Hudspeth county a few hours outside of El Paso, Texas. Her tour bus was passing through the check point when dogs alerted ICE to her vehicle. On the bus, the agents found 4 grams of hash and 4 grams of pot.

The singer was held with a 10,000 dollar bail and is facing up to ten years in prison. To most people this will sound fucking ridiculous but in the state of Texas anything up to four grams of hash is considered a third-degree felon. Fiona Apple is not the only celebrity who has been arrested at this particular check point, but Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and ever I have met the same fate at this hell hole.

After a night in jail and having to skip her ACL performance, the singer made her first public statement on stage at her next concert in Houston. You can watch the singers “rant” about the incident below –

Like I said at first, this isn’t metal, but it is extreme and it is stupid.. I fucking hate my state sometimes. Fuck the drug war. Fuck police. #FreeFiona

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— Josh Huddleston