Cold Winds Howling: BASTARD SAPLING Streaming New Track Via Decibel

I regret to say that I didn’t follow a lot of black metal releases throughout 2012. It wasn’t until these past few months that I really settled down and started peeping the atmospheric, blackened offerings that I had missed. Of course, the one I immediately went for was American black metal outfit Bastard Sapling‘s debut full-length Dragged From Our Restless Trance. Holy mother of fuck, this four-track album (which totals at damn-neat forty minutes) is extraordinary. Continue reading

Slow And Painful: COFFINS And SOURVEIN To Release Split Record

When I interviewed Troy Medlin of Sourvein this past July, he told me that his band would be releasing a split album with Japan’s Coffins. Apparently this split was recorded four years ago (maybe more, not sure) and is just now going to see release. Not too long ago Coffins Tweeted that the split will be released on February 7th via Forcefield Records. I cannot wait to hear this. Both band are different in their execution but they both have that brutal, thundering doom to each of their sounds.

Now, the split was supposed to be available to pre-order on December 9th, but it seems Forcefield’s website hasn’t been updated since late November, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Hopefully this is not going to put another delay on the record. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Below you can check out a track from each band to get you stoked on the forthcoming release.