FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Album “Desire Will Rot”

Fuck the Facts Return with 'Desire Will Rot' LP, Premiere Split with Fistfuck

Canadian grind masters Fuck the Facts have premiered their upcoming full-length, Desire Will Rot, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, August 25, via the band’s own Noise Salvation. The record can still be pre-ordered here. If you like your grindcore forward-thinking, technical and vile, then Desire Will Rot is the perfect album for you. Stream the record after the break.

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Exclusive: FUCK THE FACTS Bring The Noise In A “Storm Of Silence”

Fuck The Facts have long been one of my favorite bands and they happen to be two of my favorite things: killer grindcore and Canadian. Ever since I started American Aftermath back in 2010, Topon Das, guitarist for FtF has been a friend. He recently came to me to premiere a new track off of the bands upcoming album Desire Will Rot and I was beyond stoked to do it.

Desire Will Rot is an unbelievable album of punishing grind that pulverizes, decimates, rebuilds and demolishes over the course of eleven blistering tracks. If you want a perfect example of what you can expect on Desire Will Rot, then “Storm Of Silence” is just right for you. You can check out my short interview with Topon and stream the new track below.     Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Prey”

Canadian grind masters Fuck the Facts have premiered a new track from their forthcoming full-length, Desire Will Rot, over at Decibel. The new track is titled “Prey” and just like the previously-released cuts from the album, it will rip you to shreds. With dissonant, mangled riffs and violent drumming all being thrown at you at once, it’s a surprise you’ll come out alive. Check it out after the break.

Desire Will Rot will be released on August 25 via Noise Salvation.

Check out the previously-released tracks “Solitude”“False Hope” and “The Path of Most Resistance” if you missed them.

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KEN Mode Announce North American Tour

KEN mode have announced an extensive fall North American tour in support of their recently released full-length, Success. The trek will commence on September 9 in Saskatoon and will conclude on November 7 in Winnipeg. Conduct, Child Bite, Fuck the Facts, Life in Vacuum, We Are Hex , Lo-Pan and comedian Garret Jamieson will be providing support on select dates on the tour. The scheduled dates can be seen below.

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FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “The Path Of Most Resistance”

We’ve still got well over a month until Fuck The Facts release their new record Desire Will Rot, but that’s not keeping the band from releasing more new music. The band is currently streaming their new track “The Path Of Most Resistance” for all to hear and it is glorious. You can hear the track for yourself below.    Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “False Hope”

Man, I can’t believe we still have two months before the release of Fuck The Facts‘ new record Desire Will Rot. BUT, the good news is that the band has released a vicious new track titled “False Hope.” Fuck The Facts are sounding as good as ever on this new record and I can’t wait to hear more. Check out the new track below and get blasted.       Continue reading


Canadian bass and drum duo Greber (The Great Sabatini, Fuck the Facts) have announced a new string of Quebec/Ontario tour dates. The trek will run from July 19 to July 25 and will be in support of the group’s recently pressed, 2014 full-length, Kiln Hardened Psalms. Those dates can be found after the break as well as a stream of the aforementioned album.

Pre-orders for the LP can be found here.

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FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Solitude’

Duuuude. August can hurry the fuck up. I needs me some Fuck The Facts in my life and waiting until then to get the bands new album is madness! But, it is already in the cards that Desire Will Rot is going to fucking own. Wanna know how I know this? Because the bands new track “Solitude” is a fucking beast. Check out the track below and see what’s up.     Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming Split With FISTFUCK, Announce New Album “Desire Will Rot”

Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts are currently streaming their recently released split with release with Fistfuck over at Exclaim and can be ordered through the band themselves at this location. In addition to the new split, the band have announced a new full-length is on its way. The forthcoming full-length will bear the titled Desire Will Rot and will arrive on August 25 via their own Noise Salvation label. Guitarist Topon Das commented on the upcoming effort:

“Even though we’ve been consistently releasing new music over the past few years, we haven’t put out a full-length album since 2011’s Die Miserable. I love the EPs that we’ve released since then, but this album is long overdue and was initially intended to come out much earlier.

Our 2013 EP Amer is actually the B-sides of Desire Will Rot, and the original plan was for them to be released together (like we did with Die Miserable and the Misery EP). Over the past 12 months we’ve only played a handful of shows, and this has finally allowed us the time to not only complete this new album, but also our Abandoned EP that came out in October last year, and the split with Fistfuck, which has just been released.

Obviously some similarities to the Amer EP are to be expected on this new record, but I think Desire Will Rot is also very similar to our 2008 album Disgorge Mexico in sound and feel. For me, Disgorge Mexico is the album that really defined what I wanted to do with Fuck the Facts, so to finally have a record that I feel has matched that, is something I’m very excited about.”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break.

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FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Nukestalgia”

So, how many of you have been anxiously awaiting the new Fuck The Facts/Fistfuck split? Ok, cool. Not just me. Of course it wasn’t just me. Both of these bands are fucking (no pun intended) brutal and this is destined to be one of the sickest splits of the year. My good friends in Fuck The Facts have released their second track from the split titled “Nukestalgia”and you can hear it right now after the jump. Go forth and stream the filth. It will blow you away.     Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Skid Etiquette”

We all love when our facts get fucked, right? I know I do. I have been in love with Fuck The Facts for a good long while now and guitarist Topon Das used to be an occasional contributor here on AA. Well, the band is prepping the release of their new split with Fistfuck— How perfect is that, btw?–and you can hear a blistering new beat down right now. The track is titled “Skid Etiquette” and it will fuck you the fuck up. Check it out.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: MERDARAHTA’s Topon Das


Canadians Merdarahta, featuring Fuck The Facts’ Topon Das and Melanie Mongeon, recently released their new album, As The Dark Clouds Swept Away We Could See The Sunset, on January 20. The band also features members of The Sun Through A Telescope, Mekhaya and others, and combines experimental ambient noise with doom and drone. In an interview with American Aftermath, Das discussed how Merdarahta came to be and how much of a departure it is from Fuck The Facts, as well as the writing process for As The Dark Clouds Swept Away We Could See The Sunset, the theme behind the album and more. Continue reading

THE GREAT SABATINI Streaming New Track “Bleeder Of The Pack”

the great sabI love coming across free compilations. I mean, you check them out because a single band on there piques your interest and then the next thing you know, you’ve discovered five new bands to follow. Well, a band that we love here at AA, The Great Sabatini has been featured on a new compilation and in doing so, they have a brand new track streaming. The track is called “Bleeder Of The Pack” and it sits comfortably on the Sludge Hummer Septic Murk​-​Tape Vol​.​2 alongside Greber, Godstopper and Fuck The Facts. Check out the track below.      Continue reading

GREBER (FUCK THE FACTS, THE GREAT SABATINI) Streaming New Album “Kiln Hardened Psalms”

Greber - 'Kiln Hardened Psalms' (album stream)

Thunderous bass and drum duo Greber  have premiered their forthcoming full length, Kiln Hardened Psalms, over at Exclaim.ca. The duo is comprised of The Great Sabatini drummer/vocalist Steve Vargas and Fuck the Facts‘ bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon. When these two get together, sludgy mayhem is made. The band issued the following statement regarding the new record:

“Hardened Psalmsis about restraint, skill, emotion and the sound of two awesome dudes, one riding a bass like a surfboard, the other in a drum kit like a barrel, plunging down the steepest face of Mount Everest, sober but mad, screaming their way through the almost impassable barrier of snow, rock, trees, starving animals and unstoppable velocity.”

If that sounds awesome to you, then check out the album over at Exclaim.ca now.

Kiln Hardened Psalms will be released on November 1st through the band themselves and Handshake, Inc.

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New EP “Abandoned”

FTF-AbandonedAfter releasing two songs from their new three-song EP, Fuck The Facts are now streaming said EP. The Abandoned EP is the bands first work since their Amer EP was released last year. As usual, Fuck The Facts decimate all with their powerful grinding madness. Click on over after the jump and stream Abandoned you’ll love it.     Continue reading