CULT LEADER Streaming New Track “You Are Not My Blood”

cult leaderCult Leader have always had a crushingly heavy tone to them. The band was formed out of the ashes of Gaza after all. Well, the band is prepping the release of a new 7″ which I posted about a while back. Cult Leader has taken an interesting turn on this album as they have chosen to cover the Mark Kozelek track “You Are Not My Blood.” Now, while I was not familiar with the track, I love Cult‘s rendition. You can check out the cover below.      Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: TEAM DEAD

Salt Lake City, UT project Team Dead have released their stellar debut EP, titled Whale Bones and Tin Foil, today (April 21). Featuring guitarist Chris Clement (ex-Gaza, Bird Eater, Day of Less, Pilot This Plane Down), the band offer up a jarring maelstrom of sludge-infused hardcore/mathcore, combining dissonant tones and angular guitar work with super heavy rhythms and bleak vibes. In this American Aftermath interview, Clement discusses Team Dead’s inception, the making of Whale Bones and Tin Foil, the EP’s stunning artwork and more. Continue reading

TEAM DEAD (Ex-BIRD EATER) Streaming New Track “Malarkey”

The first taste of Team Dead‘s (Ex-Bird Eater) debut EP, Whale Bones and Tin Foil, has arrived. The track is entitled “Malarkey” and it is teeming with down-tuned, groove-laden guitars and disemboweling low-end. If that excites you, check it out after the break.

Whale Bones and Tin Foil will be released on April 21.

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CULT LEADER To Release New 7″ This June

cult leaderCult Leader, who spawned from the ashes of Gaza, will unleash a new 7″ this summer. Containing three new tracks, Useless Animal will be the first new music since the bands high-praised debut Nothing For Us Here. The 7″ will contain a cover of the Mark Kozelek & Desertshore track “You Are Not My Blood” featuring members of Subrosa. So, in short, I can’t wait to check this out. Cult Leader are currently on tour, making their way to the east coast. Once there, they will record the 7″ and then commence a tour with Hollow Earth and Old Wounds. Check out full dates below.       Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: CULT LEADER


As a fan of Gaza, it was devastating to me when news broke of their split last year. Having developed a friendship with the members, it also hit me on a personal level. It was heartbreaking to see these fine people – who I had watched grow and develop as musicians over the years, and struggle through working their way up – have it all ripped away from them. However, this is what makes their rebirth as Cult Leader all the more inspiring, and the release of EP, Nothing For Us Here, even more eagerly anticipated. Continue reading

CULT LEADER Streaming Debut EP “Nothing For Us Here”

The highly anticipated debut EP from Cult Leader (Gaza, etc) can now be streamed in its entirety over at SLUG Magazine. The EP will officially be released on April 15th and pre-orders can be purchased here. Head over to SLUG Magazine to stream all 18 minutes of pulverizing goodness.

The band’s record release show will be held at The Shred Shed in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 4th. So if you live in or around the area, don’t miss it.

Review: CULT LEADER – “Nothing For Us Here”

The hype surrounding Cult Leader’s debut release, Nothing For Us Here, has been quite monumental. It’s not surprising considering the popularity of previous incarnation, Gaza, among the metal and hardcore crowd. Gaza’s disbandment was sudden and surprising, as was the formation of Cult Leader, which features 3/4’s of the original members. With Gaza’s popularity and the controversy surrounding their demise,  all eyes are surely on Cult Leader now. Some may wonder if this new outfit will deliver all the goods that Gaza once did. Well, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  Cult Leader is not a far cry from Gaza, but it is also on the verge of becoming something different than its sister band.

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CULT LEADER Announce Spring U.S. Tour With YAUTJA

Cult Leader (Ex-Gaza) have announced an extensive Spring U.S. tour in support of their forthcoming debut EP, Nothing For Us Here, which is out on April 15th via Deathwish, Inc. The band will also be touring alongside Nashville’s Yautja, who are supporting their recently released debut full length, Songs of Descent. The tour dates, as they stand currently, can be viewed after the break. Go to a show and be merry!

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Review: BIRD EATER – “Dead Mothers Make The Sun Set”

It’s been roughly seven years since the release of Bird Eater’s debut EP, Utah; a release that unfortunately flew under the radar as sister band Gaza was making their ascension into the “limelight”. Utah’s blend of death metal, metallic hardcore, sludge, and western influences was a slight contrast to the dissonant chaos of Gaza, of which Bird Eater shares two members. The band’s long awaited, recently released debut full length succeeds in further distancing the band stylistically from their sister band. Dead Mothers Make the Sun Set shows Bird Eater really growing into their sound and harnessing it for the goal of beating you to death.

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Exclusive Interview: BIRD EATER’s Jon Parkin


It would be an understatement to say that the sudden release of Bird Eater’s debut LP last week (February 11) came as a pleasant surprise. Despite the lack of promotion and shoddy planning by label Black Market Activities, the release hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. The highly-anticipated record from the Salt Lake City-based band, which features mega-talented members of Gaza, Day of Less and others, is everything that fans have been expecting. Following 2007’s Utah EP, Dead Mothers Make the Sun Set is an outstanding offering, which combines death metal with elements of doom and sludge, and is layered with country influences and dismal, eerie tones.

In this recent interview, vocalist Jon Parkin discussed the long-awaited record, the inspiring western deserts, as well as which Bird Eater members make “magic” together, and more.     Continue reading