BURIED AT BIRTH Streaming New Track “Nine Of Swords”

buriedatbirthI love Buried At Birth. They are an amazing band and great people. Vocalist Veronica used to write a cooking column here on AA, did you know that? Anyway, the band is celebrating their tenth year as a band and they will be releasing a new album this year! Buried At Birth have unveiled their first new song since their self-titled 2012 EP. Check out “Nine Of Swords” after the jump.

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JUNGLE JUICE Stream: Involuntary Convulsions 7″ EP

Jungle Juice are a powerviolence-infused hardcore group based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Emerging onto the scene sometime during 2010, Jungle Juice have since released one demo and two crushing, diabolical EPs and sometime later this year, a third EP will be added to that murderous track record. Angry, groovy, and purely caustic music, it is American Aftermath’s pleasure to give you a swig of some of that “Jungle Juice” with this exclusive stream of Jungle Juice’s forthcoming EP, Involuntary Convulsions, out soon via Give Praise Records.

Involuntary Convulsions: JUNGLE JUICE Reveal Album Artwork

Mi amigos from my homestate Jungle Juice have released the album artwork for their upcoming release Involuntary Convulsions. I love this artwork because it’s simple. It’s simple in the way that Kill The Client‘s Cleptocracy was simple (see here) you know? Just black and white, not a shit-ton of detail and just by looking at it, you know it’s gonna be fucking heavy. Check out the artwork above and stream Bastard Sessions below.

Review: BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA – “Black Hole Of Calcutta”

When a band mixes crust punk, black metal and grindcore it is almost always something spectacular. It’s an anomaly that doesn’t come about as often as it should. Bands like Grave Hill paved the way for bands like this although they may have done so with a little lest crust influence. When the band Black Hole Of Calcutta crossed my radar, I was immediately interested. Before I had even heard a song, I knew by the description of the band and their name that they would be a monumental beast of blasting fury. I was one hundred percent correct. [Continue…]

Faith As A Weapon: SENDER RECEIVER Streaming New Track

I’m not gonna go into this as if I know the band. To be honest, I had never heard of Sender Receiver before getting an e-mail about them this morning. According to the e-mail, Sender Receiver hails from Detroit and they are preparing to release a new 7″ titled Savior on Give Praise Records. I love Give Praises roster and catalog and I’m not sure why I never heard anything about this band. Fuck it, I know them now and after hearing the bands new track “Faith Healer,” I am totally sold.

“Faith Healer” is less than a minute and a half of pure grinding madness. Check out the track after the jump and a statement from guitarist Maxxwell Lange following that. Not quite clear on the release date of Savior, but I will keep you updated. As far as I know it’s slated to be released “early 2012.” [Continue…]

Get Pissed, Get Fucked: THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN Mourning Jam

Man, I don’t think I’ve talked about The Afternoon Gentlemen enough on this site. I fucking love this band. If you are unaware of who this band is, The Afternoon Gentlemen is one of the gnarliest, grittiest grind bands bursting from the UK right now. They recently released their Pissedography on Give Praise Records and it’s a fucking doozy. thirty-eight tracks of crushing grinditude. Get the fuck into it.

Exclusive Premiere: “Three Days” by JUNGLE JUICE

I’ve talked about my Arkansas natives Jungle Juice before and I am a huge fan of their brand of disgusting grind. The band has been hard at work on new material which will be coming out this year on Give Praise Records. I am proud to announce that the band is letting American Aftermath premiere their new track “Three Days” tonight. Get into it, because you know you want to.

Who’s Fuckin’ Thirsty: JUNGLE JUICE Put EP Up For Free Download

Say what you will about my home state of Arkansas, we actually have some fucking killer extreme bands. Sure, you all may think we are a bunch of backwoods hicks who walk around barefoot and shoot squirrel for supper. Well. That may be true, but that’s not the point. We have quite a few amazing acts hailing from the Natural State such as Pallbearer, Rwake, Deadbird and Seahag. Well, another band from Arkansas that you might not have heard of goes by the name of Jungle Juice. Yes, Jungle Juice. These hardcore grinders hail from Little Rock and execute a ferocious brand of hardcore that teeters on out of control.

In July of last year the band released a new EP titled Bastard Sessions and they are now giving away a digital copy of the album for free! Bastard Sessions features six brain-bashing tracks (one of which features CT from Rwake) and it’s a-mazing. If I’m not mistaken the band will have a new record coming out on Give Praise Records soon? I think that’s what I heard anyway. Regardless, check out a stream of Bastard Sessions below and download it here.

Betty Grindcore: Cooking Chicken Soup With Veronica Mars

Let’s be honest, there is really nothing good about being sick.  I can’t stand being quarentined, and get completely stir-crazy.  Since I am your typical “health store voodoo natural remedy” toting California resident, my go to remedy is old-fashioned chicken soup.  It’s incredibly simple to make, which means that even when you are incapable of thinking straight in between sneezing, you can whip up a batch of the stuff.  It actually does make you feel a little better, and even the smell is comforting (provided you can smell anything through your cold…). MORE

BURIED AT BIRTH Buy Their Clothes In The Matrix.

Buried At Birth, the San Jose, California-based grindcore band who released this amazing album on Grindcore Karaoke not too long ago revealed in an interview I conducted that they had signed to Give Praise Records and planned to release an album soon. Weeeelll, wait no longer for new material from this amazing band! Recently on their website, Buried At Birth posted a new song titled “How Much Do Clothes Cost In The Matrix?” and it’s amazing. Referencing a movie that I absolutely love gives this props as well. Check out the song below and keep an eye out, frontwoman Veronica Mars may be working on a top secret project for American Aftermath.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.