Ink Your Flesh With Some New GORESKIN COFFIN!

Okay, I know that title sucks, but give me a break. I’ve been working my ass off. Anyway, Goreskin Coffin is a blackened deathgrind band from No Cal who brought us this massive brainsmasher in “A Ritual Of Sacrifice” not too long ago. Well, the grinders have released another new track off of their forthcoming record. This time the track is streaming over at their Facebook page and it’s called “Ink In Your Flesh.” This track is heavy, brutal and it will definitely make you want to smash your face into concrete. I love this band despite the fact that they’ve only released two songs and have instead chosen to sell merch before releasing their album. I can see this as a mistake if done by another band, but Goreskin Coffin are pretty fucking killer. I see them taking off soon. If they every put out their fucking album. Bring it on! Check out the track here. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig it or Die.

GORESKIN COFFIN Practice A Ritual Of Sacrifice

Now this is fucking amazing, blackened deathgrind at its best. Holy shit this is good. I have no idea who this band is, but they came up in a recent Tweet that I cannot seem to find. I jotted down the name and told myself to check them out later. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. At less than two-and-a-half minutes, Goreskin Coffin unleash a ferocious amount of dark-as-fuck deathgrind that does nothing but make me want to rock out.

Instantly I caught myself headbanging out of control. I don’t know what it is about this band, but this is some serious insanity. Check out the song below, which you can also download for free. As far as I know, this is the only song the band currently has up (although I refuse to check for a MySpace page because MySpace blows) and it comes off of the bands forthcoming record. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.