GOROD Stream New Album “A Maze Of Recycled Creeds”

So, tomorrow will see the release of the new Gorod album, which is inhuman. This record is some of the raddest tech death I’ve heard in a good while. The album is titled A Maze Of Recycled Creeds and if you want to check it out a few hours before it’s released, you can do so after the jump. MetalSucks is hosting this stream and I recommend setting the time aside to let it bash you.     Continue reading

GOROD Release “Temple Of The Art God” Lyric Video

GOROD 2015-2

French progressive death metal quintet Gorod have premiered a new lyric video for their track, “Temple Of The Art God”, over at Metal Injection. The new track, which will appear on the group’s upcoming A Maze of Recycled Creeds full-length, features a seemingly endless onslaught of dizzying, virtuosic instrumentation that punish and discombobulate.  Check out the mind-boggling tune after the break.

A Maze of Recycled Creeds will be released on October 16 via Unique Leader Records. Pre-order here.

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GOROD Streaming New Track “Celestial Nature”

Remember last week when Gorod released the guitar playthrough for “Celestial Nature?” Well, as awesome as that was, it wasn’t the official stream. Good news! Today we get a real taste of the new Gorod album because the band has released the official stream for “Celestial Nature.” It is fucking strong. Check out the track below.     Continue reading

GOROD Streaming New Track “Celestial Nature” Via Playthrough Video

Who wants to hear a new Gorod track?! I know I’m not the only one with my hand up! Well, I am glad to inform you that you can indeed hear a new Gorod song titled “Celestial Nature” below, but it comes in the form of a playthrough video, so we know that the mix is off and focused on the guitar. It’s still really rad though, so check it out below.     Continue reading

GOROD Release Playthrough Video For New Track “Celestial Nature”

French titans of tech death have returned! It has been announced that Gorod will release their highly anticipated new record later this year and we now get our first taste of new material. The song was introduced to the world as a guitar playthrough video, so the mix isn’t what it will be on the actual track, but it is fucking radical nonetheless. Check out the video for Gorod‘s new track “Celestial Nature” below! EXCITE!    Continue reading

Tour Impressions: EXIVIOUS Posts European Tour Footage


Last week the extravagant metaled out jazz fusion group known as Exivious posted a 22-minute long tour diary from their most recent European outing with Obscura, Gorod, and Spawn Of Possession. This is the type of tour diary that I like. It consists of plenty of live footage, backstage antics, and a little bit of drunk tomfoolery. I’m not even gonna lie, that line up sounds like ALMOST the greatest tech line up to ever happen. If this shit happened in America, I’d probably have perma-erection from the day it was announced until I came during each bands set….. But alas, I (obviously) didn’t get to see any of this tour so I’m really glad Exivious took the time to chronicle it.

Oh, and for those of you who aren’t in know for whatever reason, Exivious has two former members of Cynic (from the Traced In Air era), so recognize and check it out –




— Josh Huddleston

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Axe Ov God: GOROD Release Music Video For “The Axe Of God”

Ahhhhhh, waking up to a fat bong bowl and finding a new Gorod video is one of the best ways to start your daze (days?). I don’t really have too much to say other than Gorod is one of the few bands in Technical Death Metal that still excites me. Check out the video for The Axe Of God off of their newest album “A Perfect Absolution” now!

P.S. The second solo is performed by Michael Keene (The Faceless)



— Josh Huddleston

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Birds Of Sulfur Bring The Bonerz: GOROD Releases New Track


As some of you may already know French progressive death metal band, Gorod, has signed to Listenable Records. With the announcement of the new album A Perfect Absolution, and the signing, it was fairly obvious that band would be releasing a track. Well here is that track, it’s called “Birds Of Sulfur” and it’s a total smanger. Oh and did I mention the song contains guest solos from Christian Munzner (Spawn Of Possession, Obscura) and Michael Keene (The Faceless)????


— Josh Huddleston

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GOROD Release Teaser For Upcoming Album

So it looks like Frances finest death metal act, Gorod, will be releasing a new album in 2012! I have little info on the release as of now, but the currently untitled album is slated to be released “soon”…… Whatever the fuck that means. Oh well, check out the rad riffs in the video above.

— Josh Huddleston

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Josh Huddleston’s Top 10 EPs Of The Year


It’s the end of the year and you know what that means, right? A whole month of pretentious bloggers telling you which albums you should have listened to. 2011 was a stand out year for metal and music in general. Because of this, coming up with a list of what I found to be the best albums of the year was not an easy task. If you haven’t heard any of these albums for some reason then you need to seriously go check them out. Continue after the jump to find out what my picks for this years top ten EP’s are.

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GOROD Working on New Album!


French technical death metal masters Gorod have reveled that they will soon be recording a new album. Guitarist Mathieu Pascal will be recording all of his guitar parts in his studio while the band will be recording with the producer French Mobo. The mixing and mastering will be handled by both Mobo and Pascal.

Although my infatuation with death metal has been slipping over the years, I am heavily looking forward to this album. Gorod never disappoints. If you aren’t familiar with Gorod, continue past the jump to hear their epic track “Transcendence” off of their latest EP.


— Josh Huddleston

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GOROD “Transcendence” Trailer

Gorod (one of my favorite death metal bands) just released a trailer for their upcoming EP “Transcendence”. It gives us a sneak peek of the artwork as well as about a thirty-second clip of each of the song on the outing. I can not wait till this is release. Make sure you pick this up when it comes out. “Transcendence” will surely blow your mind.

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— Josh Huddleston

New Gorod EP To Transcend Expectations

Mr. Neilstein over at MetalSucks has announced that Gorod’s new EP (you know, the one that has been hanging in limbo for 16 months) will finally be (self) released. Yeah, you read that correctly. Gorod are self releasing this EP. Why the hell they are having to do this is beyond me. Why are the band’s previous labels not picking up on this?! Pure blasphemy. Any way, the new EP, titled Transcendence…, will be released and that is all that matters. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

“Transcendence” will only be available at the band shows and on the forthcoming Gorod online shop (june 2011)… the EP will hit iTunes later on this year…

Gorod ultimate fans will be pleased to know that the EP will be available from may 23 at the Paris show (Glazart) on this European Invasion Tour !!

This new sound, that shows 45′ of Gorod’s universe and new way of musical approach, marks the end of the SciFi story started with “Neurotripsicks” and that led “Leading Vision” and “Process Of A New Decline”…. End of an era…

Well, that’s killer. After the jump you can check out the track list for the EP. Thanks to MetalSucks for the tip.      [Continue Reading]