Gnarmageddon Fest III: A Day In Review


Much fucking thanks to Matt Ulfelder of Ulfelder Photography and Furn from Unfunzine for providing photos. 

My day started up late, circa 1 PM, nauseated and banged up from the usual “it’s probably Asbestos” climate of my upstairs bedroom. What started as just a few videos on r/youtubehaiku somehow turned into two hours and at that point, I presumed it to be the right time to start the day with some breakfast. Fish cake noodles…along with a viewing of Bad Boys II, which culminated around the slo-mo sequence where Martin Lawrence gets shot in the ass, the fated dropoff point for the eternally damned Michael Bay film which to the chagrin of the writers of Hot Fuzz, I have yet to finish. My pops and I headed down from Van Nuys to Pomona for me to hit up Gnarmageddon III at the Glasshouse and for him, to prepare for the day after of midi-tracked keyboard karaoke sessions AKA every party my family will ever celebrate AKA IN THIS INSTANCE as my grandpa and uncle’s death anniversary party version 2K14. Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Gnarly’s Favorite EPs & 7″ Of 2012

2012year2012 was an amazing year for me. I’ve already put out two of my Best Of lists and I have two more to go. 2012 was great year for breakout EPs and 7″ releases. A lot of killer bands put out spectacular EPs this year and so I decided to put together a list of those also. Here goes.     Continue reading

The Road Thus Far: Ross Gnarly’s Six Favorite Albums Of 2012 So Far

Well, it is getting dangerously close to the middle of the year and you know what that means. Asshole bloggers like me start talking about their favorite albums this year so far. Well, I’m not any different from any other asshole, so here is my current favorite albums of the year so far. These are not in any particular order. These are just unbelievable albums that I have learned about and jammed out to these past six months. [Continue...]

Man Vs. Monster: Ten Questions With Jusan Smirdt/Jason Schmidt of GRAF ORLOCK & Vitriol Records

I have finally gotten a chance to speak to the man behind acts such as Graf Orlock, Dangers and the amazing label Vitriol Records. This man goes by many names, some of which are Jusan Smirdt and Jason Schmidt. What’s his real name? Who fucking cares, the dude shreds like a beast. Check out the interview below.


Album Of The Month: GRAF ORLOCK’s “Los Angeles”

Okay, as you may have noticed, the Album of The Week hasn’t been updated in a while. The main reason for this is… Well, we just forget about it. So, the cure for this is simple: We up it to Album of The Month.

The first entry for Album Of The Month is the fantastic new release by Graf Orlock. This album is due out in April and ever since I got my copy of the album I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. The album, Los Angeles, is based on the Robert DiNero movie Heat and it’s a crushing, filthy, grinding experience. This is definitely one of the best releases this year so far and it is definitely year-end material. Ten minutes of pissed off aggression that must not be missed.

City Of Angels: GRAF ORLOCK Finish Up New EP!

Day has been made. It was announced that Graf Orlock have released their follow-up to last years Doombox EP. The new release will be titled Los Angeles after the band’s hometown. As with all of Graf Orlock‘s releases, this EP will be driven by the cinema, more specifically the film Heat (staring Robert DiNero and Al Pacino). Also, in keeping with Graf Orlock‘s unmistakable artwork, guitarist Jason Schmidt reports that Los Angeles will sport three different collectible covers, each a “shooting range target” depicting a scene from Heat and riddled with actual bullet holes.

Sounds good, huh? Now, enjoy one of my favorite Orlock tracks and get stoked. Los Angeles is set for release this Spring via Vitriol Records.