First Sign Of Defeat: OBLIVIONIZED Streaming New Track

Motherfucking Oblivionized, British spazzy-tech-grinders, are always on top of their shit. Last year they released a stellar EP on Grindcore Karaoke and then I told you they’d be releasing a few new splits this year. Well, the good fellows have unleashed a killer new track that you should all be streaming right fucking now!     Continue reading

THE AFTERMATHCAST Vol. 2: Trample The Week

Sorry I kept you guys waiting so long for this edition of The Aftermathcast. Not sure why it took me so long, but here it is! As always, all of these tunes are available to download for free, you can check out all of the links and stream/download The Aftermathcast below. Enjoy!     Continue reading

Here There Be Monsters: TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION Release New EP

PromoImageWho doesn’t love Total Fucking Destruction? This band is one of the great grind acts that I never get tired of. Not only is their music fast and aggressive, it’s quite poetic and beautiful. Well, if you are a fan of Total Fucking Destruction or if you’re new to the whole thing, you’ll be excited to check out their new EP!     Continue reading

Scratching At (Hells) Door: GOLDEN BATS And JUDD MADDEN Invoke Australia’s Sludge Underbelly

As I said in my post about French band Haut & Court, when I find something that completely blows my mind my first instinct is to post about it. It’s happened again, people! I constantly check Grindcore Karaoke because J. Randall is always releasing new shit from killer bands. I mean, at least a few times a week I am stunned by something amazing on his label. Today I clicked on an album based on the bands name alone: Golden Bats. Continue reading

Exclusive Song Premiere: IN HER ROTTEN CHEEK’s “Noisey Emo Fuck”

I have been a big fan of In Her Rotten Cheek ever since I heard the solo project on Grindcore Karaoke. Nicholas always has a different vibe with each of In Her Rotten Cheek‘s albums and I have loved every single one. If I had to pick, up to this point my favorite would be In The Beginning (check it out here) but I have yet to get a full taste of the new album Last Drinks which should be dropping soon. With Last Drinks looming, Nicholas has given me the opportunity to premiere a new track off of it called “Noisy Emo Fuck,” which should catch you by name alone.

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Liberator: CLOUD RAT Streaming Track Off Of Upcoming Album “Moksha”

By a ricochet means of communication, I first found out about Cloud Rat from AA head, Ross Gnarly, who in turn found out about them from J. Randall’s(ANb, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour) independent noise/grind/hip-hop/powerviolence label, Grindcore Karaoke. Cloud Rat play a frenzied style of grindcore that borderlines between the brittle melodics of 90s screamo and the caustic violence of black metal. Following up on their devastating split with Republic Of Dreams is their upcoming full length album, Moksha(out Feb. 2013 via Halo Of Flies Records), which roughly translates into Sanskrit to mean either “liberation” or “release”, a definite catharsis and liberation from stress for me personally. A track off of Moksha, entitled “Aroma” is currently streaming exclusively over at Halo Of Flies official site. Stream that here and Cloud Rat’s previous full length albums(one is actually a compilation), available free(and as vinyl here) via Grindcore Karaoke below. Details on the album are poised to be released soon as well as pre-order information. We’ll keep you posted. Stay grind.

Blood On Every Fucking Thing: AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED To Put Out Numerous Releases

Not one. Not two. No, three fucking records! That’s right, grind legends Agoraphobic Nosebleed will be releasing three new albums in the future, one after the other. Each album will feature master-of-craft Scott Hull and either J. Randall, Kat Katz or Richard Johnson, depending on the album you’re listening to. This is fucking amazing news. Three new ANb albums to destroy each and every one of your senses. Are you pumped yet? Because there is more! Agorableed will also be releasing their second annual holiday flexi disc for Decibel Magazine this Christmas season (the first, A Joyful Noise can be downloaded on J.’s label here for free). Fucking ANb everywhere! Yes!

Gucci N’ Gristle: MICKEY NAPALM Releases New Album

I posted about my homie Mickey Napalm‘s last release Napalm The God back in May and if you though the dude was just chilling, you were dead wrong. Dude has been mad busy lately. Not only did he release a hip-hop split with yours truly*, he also recently released his new solo album Stream Of Unconsciousness on Grindcore Karaoke. Mickey is definitely on top of his shit on this new album. Every single track fucking kills. Dude is making it really hard to make a year-end list. Check out a full album stream/free download of Stream Of Unconsciousness after the jump and be sure to get the rest of Mickey‘s tunes. Continue reading

September Staff Picks: Ross Gnarly’s Tunes To Shimmygrind Your Mind

This is a new monthly column here at American Aftermath in which the staff tells you what we have been listening to and what albums we will keep in constant rotation. For me, my entire life revolves around music so I am constantly listening to it. Any kind and all kinds, so lets kick this thing off the right way.

WUGAZI‘s 13 Chambers
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Bomb From ‘Nam: WỪU Streaming New Song

Wừu are a crazy awesome grind band from Vietnam. I was introduced to them via Alex from Grind To Death and I loved them right from the start. Their music is fast, pissed off to the core and whacky beyond belief. The band has been working on new material for a bit now and I have been getting very excited for said material. The band recently posted the above video clip which includes a new track called “Pleiku!” which I am assuming will be from the bands forthcoming release. Exciting! Stream Wừu‘s 2011 release 888 after the jump. Enjoy. [Continue…]