WAKE Prepare To Slay The West Coast This Autumn


Canuck grindcore band WAKE will be laying waste to the Best Coast this autumn.
Commencing on Oct. 30 in Vancouver on the eve of All Hallow’s Eve, and heading down south to LA to play Grindcore 2015 before heading back up north to their home in the Great White North, hitting Boise on their way back.

Aptly named the “LET US BURN TOUR” WAKE will be combusting spontaneously for nearly two weeks playing shows with such greats as The Infamous Gehenna and Theories  before culminating at peak core temperature at Grindcore 2015: In Memoriam of Jesse Pintado where they will be settin’ the house on fire with such heavy hitting greats like Cripple Bastards, Excel, Despise You, Spazztic Blurr, among many other stellar bands on the more extreme and speedy side of things.

Click on after the break for their official tour poster, a full rundown of WAKE’s tour dates, and the poster for Grindcore 2015. The totally rad and gnarly extreme music fest going down in LA on Nov. 6-7:

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BENT LIFE Sign With Bridge 9 Records; Label Debut Set For 2015 Release

Bridge 9 Recs is proud to announce the signing of Midwest hardcore stalwarts Bent Life. Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska with roots dating back to 2010 Bent Life have made a name for themselves in today’s hardcore landscape with EP releases on Lost Time and 6131 Records and tours with such hxc luminaries as Naysayer, Bitter End, and Alpha and Omega among others. Well known and well liked for their brand of heavy hardcore in the vein of Merauder and Outburst, BL’s next release
will be a two-song EP on Bad Teeth Recordings. Be on the lookout for Bent Life’s B 9 debut set for release later this year.

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ENABLER: Second Full Length To See Spring Release; New Spring/Summer Tour Dates Announced

Milwaukee based hardcore/crust/thrash/grind/whatever unit Enabler will see the release of their second full length, La Fin Absolue Du Monde this spring. Set to hit stores in vinyl and CD versions this May 27, just one day after their debut appearance at Maryland Deathfest. A collaborative effort between San Francisco based Creator-Destructor Records and NYC-area-based The Compound, the label arm of media/PR outfit The Earsplit Compound, La Fin Absolue Du Monde, (“the absolute end of the world” in French) , comes hot on the heels of  Shift of Redemption and Flies , the two EPs the band released in 2013.

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Review: HOAX – “Self Titled”

Hoax are on the shortlist of hottest DIY hardcore bands. All on the strength of 3 superb EPs. With such a volatile style it’s always the fear of underground punks that a band like Hoax will breakup without putting out an LP. But lucky for us Hoax deliver on their many fans’ wishes and come through with one of the best releases of the year.

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23 Reasons To Play Grindcore: BUCKET FULL OF TEETH Discography Up For Free Download

Experimental powerviolence band Bucket Full of Teeth have put their entire output; EPs I, II, III, and LP IV, up for free/name your price download on their bandcamp. So now instead of scouring the internet for crap quality rips of their utterly revolutionary take on the powerviolence genre you can conveniently download high quality versions of all 4 of their releases in one place and since the band if offering it them free you can do so guilt-free.
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Review: BURNING GHATS – “Something Other Than Yourself”

Canada has distinguished itself in this new century with some quality extreme music bands rising to international scene recognition. From all of Chris Colohan’s projects to the Endless Blockade and the band that rose from the ashes of TEBColumn of Heaven, there has been quite a few metal and hardcore bands that have made a name for Canada. Vancouver’s Burning Ghats, while lesser known, are making a case for themselves to be included among the giants of heavy music in the Great White North.
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Exclusive Interview: AT OUR HEELS

Bay Area hardcore band At Our Heels are dark. And by dark, I mean that sort of dark where the blackness is so oppressive that you find it hard to breathe. The noise they perpetuate seems to just suck the air out of your lungs, leaving you panting and pleading for more. And it’s not just their sound, it’s their lyrical content. Misanthropy and Godlessness, the title of their LP, perfectly sums up what this band is about. But it’s not all doom and gloom, I’m listening to AOH as I type this and I can’t help but nod my head along to their infectious grooves and gang vocals. Alex, their singer and songwriter, agreed to answer some of my questions and they are as follows. Continue after the break.
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Review: CHILDREN OF GOD – “We Set Fire To The Sky”

I’m going to be blunt with you. This review will be entirely biased. I was very familiar with Children of God before taking on the job of reviewing their new self released LP, We Set Fire To The Sky. They played my festival this past Labor Day weekend and to be honest, I found it very hard to divest myself of my own personal feelings when I chose the task of attempting to put down in words, my thoughts on their record. So instead of trying to fool myself and you, I’ll be blunt. I love this band more than any other hardcore band currently active the world over. Now on with the review.

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