Exclusive Premiere: HETFIELD & HETFIELD’s “Mega Shark”

My homeboys in Hetfield & Hetfield have been working on some new material and they recently hooked me up with an exclusive premiere of a new track titled “Mega Shark.” This track is amazing, it’s a big step up from their album Tidal Wave Dreams, which I loved. I can’t wait to hear some more new material. Until then however, you can enjoy “Mega Shark” below. Get into it.

Hetfield & Hetfield will be hitting the road with Vattnet Viskar next month. You can see the flyer and dates after the jump. [Continue…]

Exclusive Interview: HETFIELD & HETFIELD’s Casey Aylward

When I was first introduced to Hetfield & Hetfield, I was hooked. The majority of the time I would not be into a band like this, but something about them clicked. Their music is heavy and as technical as need be and it’s enjoyable. I’ve listened to the band’s album Tidal Wave Dreams like crazy and I have become friends with front man Casey Aylward. The night before last I saw down with him to discuss the band, the music and the upcoming tour with Vattnet Viskar. Check out the interview below and be sure to check out Hetfield & Hetfield at the links provided.
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Album Of The Week: HETFIELD & HETFIELD’s “Tidal Wave Dreams”

A few days ago I posted about Hetfield & Hetfield and I have done nothing but listen to their album Tidal Wave Dreams all week. I know that it’s been two weeks since a new Album Of The Week, so I decided to give this weeks AOTW to Hetfield & Hetfield. I absolutely love this band and their music is extremely powerful and heavy while keeping clean vocals present throughout the entire album. Usually vocals like this don’t satisfy my music tastes but when it comes to these guys, I cannot get enough. Check these guys out and get into them.