Review:MINE – “Disappear”

MINE is the okapi of punk. For those unfamiliar with the elusive forest creature, the okapi is a relative of the giraffe who looks like a cross between a zebra, horse, giraffe, and something undetermined. MINE is the musical equivalent of that weird beast. Part indie rock, part post-hardcore, part hardcore and part something you just can’t quite put your finger on.

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Get In The Spirit: PARISO Release Their Take On A Classic Christmas Tune

This is a post that I meant to make over a week ago but I kept forgetting about it. London’s extreme act Pariso have released their rendition of “We Three Kings” in cooperation with a contest run with Holy Roar Records and RockSounds. The reason I meant to make this post earlier is that the contest ends tomorrow. I have uploaded the track for streaming below and you can download it for free (and sign up for the contest) here. Check it out and see if it makes you laugh as much as it made me. Continue reading

FULL OF HELL Post New Track

As the denizens of the internet have succeeded in sharing/blogging/liking a photo of the infamous Dave Bland eating spaghetti, Full of Hell have delivered on their promise of submitting a new song. The track in question, “Return To The Mines”, features legendary vocalist, Mike Riley, of Pulling Teeth fame and is set to be featured on a September split between Full of Hell and Polish band, Calm The Fire, via Holy Roar Records. In addition, the split will feature artwork by the great Szymon Siech(, who has artwork credits for countless notable acts including Blind To Faith, Gehenna, and Low Places. Stream the demolishing “Return To The Mines” above. Also, be sure to look out for Full of Hell’s split with The Guilt Of… on A389 the 16th of this month. NUMBYOURMIND.

Review: WITCH CULT’s “Witch Cult”

By: Ross Gnarly

When I was seeing all the hype surrounding Witch Cult, the British powerviolence machine, I thought it was exactly that: hype. I didn’t expect them to be anything special or worthwhile. Fuck, was I mistaken. When I finally heard this band I was absolutely blown away and I immediately started begging Holy Roar Records for a copy. I got my copy, popped it in and listened to it for a few hours straight. Don’t think that’s much a feat? It is when the album is barely over ten minutes long. What a ten minutes this is. How about I just break this down for you? [Continue...]

From Pariso With Love…


Well, MetalSucks kind of beat me to posting about Pariso. I’ve been planning to do it for a while now and I never got around to it for some reason. I’ve posted about fellow Throatruiner Records bands such as Birds In Row and Plebeian Grandstand, but I haven’t posted about the grinding, metallic hardcore madness that is Pariso. They pull of metallic hardcore a la Converge perfectly and amazingly. Aside from Converge, I would compare them to their Holy Roar label mates Throats (who I have also come to enjoy quite a lot).

As I said, I’ve been digging Pariso for a while now, have you been up on these British brainbashers? If not, I’d suggest giving them a chance and leave me some feedback on what you think.

You can download the band’s last album “Sooner Insignificant Better” here right now! Expect a full review from me coming soon.