HOODED MENACE Stream New Album “Darkness Drips Forth”

Definitely one of my favorite bands, the deathdoom horde Hooded Menace will unload the full weight of their new album Darkness Drips Forth on Friday and the band is now streaming the monster in full. This is seriously one of my favorite albums of the year already. Hooded Menace always rule. Check out the stream below.     Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Musicians Best Of List Part 3

2012yearWe here at American Aftermath are readying our very own year end lists, to be unleashed this Friday. We have asked some friends and musicians to submit their very own Best of 2012 List, which we will be posting throughout the week and here we go. Read on to find out what members of Tombs, Hooded Menace, Call Of The Void, Jungle Juice and Encrust were jamming to this year.     Continue reading

Some Fast, Some Slow: Reviews Of New PIG DESTROYER And HOODED MENACE

When it comes to my favorite grindcore bands, Pig Destroyer definitely rank in my top five of all time. This band is fucking ferocious around every turn and when word about their highly anticipated (and finally released) new album Book Burner, a lot of bloggers all over the world jizzed and out heads exploded. I have read a lot of reviews about the new Pig Destroyer record and some have been negative. Some have been very positive and since it’s my turn to tell you folks what I thought about the new album. Continue reading

Burning Churches: HOODED MENACE Debut Video For “Crumbling Insanity”

Combining the gloomy and drudging sensitivities of doom metal with the horror movie atmosphere of death metal, the Finland-based fiends in Hooded Menace have been conjuring demons and possessing souls with their hypnotic brand of miserable sound since 2007 and their latest album, Effigies of Evil(out now on Relapse Records, order here), does no different. Recently crafted into video format is the track “Crumbling Insanity”. Directed by Justin Oakey AKA Burial Offerings, the video is based off of the Edgar Allen Poe classic, “The Fall of The House of Usher”. I can’t say that I’m familiar with the story but the video is pretty sweet, There are some crows, anti-christian images, hooded figures, cemeteries  creepy tomes, and fire, all shown with a killer soundtrack to boot, a jolly good time for the whole family. Peep the video below. Continue reading

Preview The New HOODED MENACE Record

The doom laden death metal outfit Hooded Menace will release their new record, Effigies of Evil, on the 11th via Relapse Records. For those dying for taste of cold blooded brutality, the band has uploaded an audio preview of the entire record which can be viewed below. Check it out you goons.

-Lane Oliver

Summoned Into Euphoric Madness: HOODED MENACE Streaming New Song

About two weeks ago I posted about a new song that Finland’s doom demons Hooded Menace released off of their upcoming album Effigies Of Evil which Relapse Records will release on September 11th. Well guess what? I am here to inform you all that these monsters of deathdoom are streaming another new track titled “Summoned Into Euphoric Madness” over at Brooklyn Vegan. I have embedded the track below for your listening pleasure, and trust me you want to hear this. This is a wicked slab of dooming madness, so check it out. Enjoy.

Effigies Of Evil: HOODED MENACE Streaming New Album’s Title Track

Almost two weeks ago I posted about the details of Hooded Menace‘s forthcoming album Effigies Of Evil and now the band has released a stream of the album’s title track over at Noisecreep and holy fucking shitballs is it amazing. Anything that Hooded Menace touch is considered gold to me. I fucking love this band and I have been a fanboy since the release of their debut album Fulfill The Curse when it was released in 2008. You can stream a teaser of the song “In The Dead We Dwell” at the top of this post and stream “Effigies Of Evil” here. Do not let this song go unheard. You will regret it. Hooded Menace will release their Relapse debut on September 11th. Enjoy.

Effigies Of Evil: HOODED MENACE Release Details Concerning New Album

It’s been over a year since I told you that Swedish deathdoomers Hooded Menace had signed to Relapse Records and it still blows my mind. I love Relapse and 98% of their catalog and I fucking adore Hooded Menace (and Coffins, who also signed to Relapse last year). Crushing OSDM-inspired doom is something that I definitely endorse, so getting a few deets on Hooded Menace‘s forthcoming album Effigies Of Evil made me giddy.

Effigies Of Evil will be released on September 25th on CD, Double LP and Digitally. Their will also be a special deluxe edition vinyl that comes coupled with a 7″ featuring a Witchfinder General cover and an Eternal Darkness cover. Yep. I just came. You can see the artwork for the album at the top of this post and get your pre-orders here. Yeeeeeeah.

Creatures Of The Night: HOODED MENACE Mourning Jam

Hello, faithful Aftermathletes. How are we all feeling today? By the time this post goes up I will be long gone. No, I won’t be dead, you crazy kids. I’ll be at work. You see, I have to work in order to pay to keep this website going, you know? If any of you would wish to donate to American Aftermath, you can contact me and discuss it. Of course, we will remain a free website regardless of you donating or not, but sometimes a little extra cash can help.

This isn’t the point of this post, however. No, this post is to start you fuckers off with something to listen to. Today I thought Hooded Menace seemed like an amazing idea for morning tunes. Am I right? You can bet your ass I am. Check out a stream of the Finnish doomster’s sophomore album Never Cross The Dead below. Get fucking fuzzy.

The Shit’s About To Get Real: HOODED MENACE Sign To Relapse Records!

I learned last night that one of my favorite dealers of death/doom, Finland’s Hooded Menace have signed to Relapse Records. I think this will be great for the band seeing as how amazing Relapse’s back catalog is along with their current line-up. Relapse have been signing a lot of killer acts lately. Coffins, Spawn of Possession, Christian Mistress and now Hooded Menace! The remainder of 2011 and early 2012 should be very interesting for the label. Guitarist Lasse Pyykko had this to say about the band’s signing (via Noisecreep): [Continue Reading]

Morning Jams: Doom & Gloom

I chose to dedicate today’s playlist to dark, crushing, dooming bands. All of these bands produce misanthropic, thundering tunes and all of theme execute their music in a different fashion. I have loved some of these bands for quite some time while others are new to me. Doom metal is something that I have been fond of for quite some time. In the dark times of my life, this music served a big part. Something about how slow and devastating the music is, it just made me feel something. It was like, no matter how bad shit was around me, there was a lot worse shit in the world. I know that sounds like some pussy bullshit, but it’s real. I hope you enjoy this evil playlist because I know I will. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.
[Continue Reading]

Gnarly’s Favorite Band Logos [Part I]

There has been more than one occasion where I have listened to a band based on the band’s logo. I love the artwork some of these bands have. I have previously posted my favorite album covers over at Operation Grindcore and now I want to break this down another notch and show you folks a few of my favorite band logos. Like I said, a lot of these bands I got into based on their logos. So check it out and tell me what you think.

Hooded Menace
I first heard of this band on a music blog I used to frequent. I saw their album cover for Fulfill The Curse and without wasting a minute, I looked into this band. Their artwork was pure evil, their logo is fucking fantastic. I mean, look at it! Two grim reapers, an inverted cross, spider webs, a pentagram and cryptic fonts. It’s kind of the modernized mutation of Death’s logo, huh? What more could you want from a band logo? [Continue Reading]

Review: Haarp – The Filth

Off to a very good start. The opening song, “The Rise, The Fall” is extremely heavy and grooving. Vocals are amazing. Very strong growls that are intelligible. This is brutal doom/death at it’s best. How I have gone this long without hearing this band is unforgivable. This band utilizes some of the greatest elements in doom metal I’ve heard. That long scream right before the 4:00 mark is amazing. “All, Alone” picks up the pace a bit. Keeping the basic song structure in tact, but upping the tempo quite a bit for the first thirty seconds. After that point the band breaks into the typical doom fashion, only executed so fucking well that it is mind blowing. This vocalist has a good range of highs and lows and is very good at transitioning between the two. The song picks up again for a bit.  Buzzsaw guitar work sounds fantastic. This band has a sound that works upon so many different genres of music that they really make their own sound. This song, changing tempos and all, gives of a very melancholic vibe. “The New Reign” is ushered in with one of the most distorted bass lines I have ever heard in my many years of metal. After almost forty seconds, the rest of the band chimes in with a slow, mournful chugging. I have been trying to think of a band to compare Haarp to, and so far the closest thing I can think of would be Hooded Menace, but that’s not exactly spot on. I don’t know of any band that sounds exactly like Haarp, which is a good thing. That means this band is very groundbreaking in their approach to death/doom. The riffing on this song is fantastic, slow and grooving. The vocals are executed perfectly. Very melodic riffing around the 6:00 mark signals a change in the mood of the overall song. “The Blue Chamber Painted Red” has a very ’90s death metal feel to it mixed with guttural-as-fuck vocals. Vocal delivery is perfect. The down-tuned guitar shredding is spectacular. This is straight up head banging madness. I find it great that this guy can growl so low and still be able to enunciate so well. Nice, creepy guitar lead around the 3:30 mark. Has a rather odd sound to it. A strange little section occurs right before the 7:00 mark. Weird. A fucking amazing guitar solo opens up “Peerless.” I am loving this right from the start. This song seems much more upbeat, for the first minute at least. This band has a way of leading me on, it seems. Every time I get into a song that is chugging along, they go and break into the doom. It’s not bad, like I said, it’s just misleading. This song has pretty much the same structuring as those previous to it. Melodic chugging guitars and great vocals. “Minutia” seems kinda like just a filler track. It sounds to me like a just a jam session in which not much was accomplished. This contains just drums and bass. I don’t really see the point in tracks like these, but oh well. I bet the scream at the beginning of “Here In The Dark” was Phil Anselmo’s idea. That seems like a very Phil thing to do. This song actually picks up pace for a bit. I like it. I hate to say it, but this album is beginning to blur together at this point. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s a great album, but every song is starting to sound the same. This seems to be my problem with a lot of doom albums, after a while, I begin to lose interest after six minutes or so. This is not a result of the album being bad, it’s just my short attention span. Back to the review: Nice chugging riff really curves this song into something interesting. Not as doom-y as it is progressive death metal. Over all, I think this could be my favorite track on the album. It has a superb sound to it as a whole. Very nice. “Plurimus Humilus Ciacco” opens with major feedback followed by a nice little bass run. The riffing in this reminds me of Hooded Menace again. Well, all except the vocals. When this band picks up the pace and hammers down this more death metal-influenced jam, it’s fucking killer. I’m pretty into this song. It gives me the same feeling as the previous for the most part. Nice melodic riffing gives this song a nice overall sound. The riffing on “The Fall, The Rise” is a step above the droning doom riffs that have been ever-so-present on this album, but still not straight up death metal. It does have a pretty killer sound to it, however. Vocal structure is great. Mid-paced and extremely powerful. Good song. Good album. Haarp, you pass the gnar test. Congrats.

Review: Dawn of Ashes – Genocide Chapers

“Conjuration of the Maskim’s Black Blood” opens with amazing riffing and unfathomable drumming. The vocals are other worldly. Right off, I got a creepy vibe from this band. Not sure if it’s their image or their music, both amaze me and both make me want to jam this shit ’til the cows come home and turn inside out. Synths give off a very chilling vibe. This band, while remaining in the black metal vein, has branched out and incorporated melodic death and symphonic elements that really set this band apart from anything I have heard before. Fantastic opening track. “Nyarlathotep’s Children of the Void” opens with a riff that reminds me of some ’90s death metal. The vocals are fucking epic. I don’t know what kind of influences or childhood repressed memories this dude has, but they are seriously working in his advantage. Very old school riffing remains along with blast beat drumming and constant tempo changes. One second it’s melodic black metal, then doom. It’s crazy. Vocalist switches up. You can understand him, actually. And to tell the truth, now that I can hear the lyrics, I am kind of afraid of this band. I love that the tracks don’t drag along like a lot of black metal bands do. DOA are straightforward, to the point and killer. “Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon” opens with a fucking fantastic lead guitar line. The eerie synths are back and giving off a creepy, sinister vibe about the song already. The band utilized chugga riffs, which I like. This band is really setting the bar high as fuck. Very unique and quite capable of genre bending, as they are doing so well. Nice solo. I don’t get to say that enough in black metal related subjects, but I’m glad I can now. I think the main reason I love this band is the fact that no two songs sound alike. Every song adds something different to the table. The big, horrible, scary, evil table. You may have seen the utterly disturbing video for “Transformation within Fictional Mutation.” If not, I’d suggest you do so. Really gave me an idea of what DOA were about. And I am seriously worried about crossing these guys in a dark alley. The synths remind me of Cradle of Filth around the Nymphetamine era. Very nice chugga riffing. Not just bullshit. There is a lot of melody in there. Great lead guitar work. Vocals are again sickening. The keyboard solo is fantastic. Might seem a little out of place, but that’s what makes it great. Very creepy guitar solo. Very. “The Ancient Draining Room” opens with another great riff job. Still has a sort of old school vibe to it. The song structure is about the same in all of the songs, but still none sound alike. Great solo. This band is very tight as a whole. They don’t fuck around, they take all of this very serious. And I gathered that all over the coarse of a few songs. “Reanimation of the Dark Ages” picks right up from the end of the previous song. Water running, creepy synths, symbols. Seems like an intro for a Dimmu album to me. Weird.
“London’s Anthem for the Pleasure of Mutilation” is a fucking fury of death metal mastery. This song is ripping me a new asshole as I type. Lead guitar… No, not just the lead guitar, the entire band’s musician ship is off the charts. Superb guitar solo. This band is world-destroying. I hope they are proud. Extremity hits the fucking fan when the track nears the end. The vocalist put everything he had behind the last minute of this track. “Sacrilegious Reflection” also has great guitar work, both lead and chugga-chugga rhythm. Vocalist is reminding me of Nergal at times. I am running out of ways to describe how awesome this band is. Seriously, I am. I used up all of my mannerisms. The lead guitar keeps a steady, eerie sound flowing nicely along with the synth. The sheer brutality right from the get go of “God-Like-Demon” should be enough to get any metal head up and swinging his noggin. If that’s no enough, the evil-as-fuck vocals should do it. I can’t even imagine a live version of this song. It’s so catchy and evil and fucking amazing. Definitely my favorite track. Amazing, sawing guitars, machine gun drumming, it’s like Kataklysm addicted to Mayhem. Nice old school chugging riffs top this track off and make it even better. Riffing around the 4:14 mark reminds me of Hooded Menace’s “Fulfilling The Curse” which is amazing, seeing as I fucking love that track. Damn it, that was an epic experience. “Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space” opens with a nice, apocalyptic sound to it before crushing everything in it’s path in order to make way for the fucking beast that is Dawn of Ashes. This riff is very memorable and catchy as well. Reminds of Heaven Shall Burn a little. Nice melodic riff-based breakdown. This entire album has beckoned head banging. This is one of the best albums I have heard, not just this year, but in my entire time listening to metal. I wasn’t sure about DOA when I first started hearing the name, but was I wrong. This album is a fucking masterpiece in metal. This band will stick around for years to come. “Beginning of the End (Epilogue)” emerges like a creature from the unholy swamp. Slowly creeping into a doom-based riff overlaid by an amazing lead guitar. This track isn’t that fast or brutal, but it remains DOA all the way through. This just goes to prove even more how diverse a band this truely is. I am falling in love with this lead guitar line. I want to marry it. Musically, I am again reminded of Hooded Menace only faster. The ending is kind of creepy. A weird piano medley fading out into nothingness. And that is Dawn of fucking Ashes. Damn.