GODFLESH Streaming New Track “Imperator”


Aural annihilators Godflesh are back with “Imperator”, the second single off of the group’s upcoming return LP, A World Lit Only By Fire. Holding true to initial claims of the upcoming album as a return to form, the new track is classic Godflesh, pounding rhythms, nasty tones and simplistic but utterly gnashing riffage in tow. Check “Imperator” out below and look out for A World Lit Only By Fire everywhere October 7th on CD/LP/Digital Download via Avalanche Recordings and cassette via Hydra Head Records.

Hydra Health: Help Keep Hydra Head Records Alive!

As you know by now, back in September Hydra Head Records would be closing its doors. I was deeply saddened that my favorite label was going under because of the state the music industry is in. But according to a recent post on Hydra Head’s official blog, the label that brought you Isis, Pelican, Daughters and more may still be able to keep breathing. Introducing Hydra Health; a Hydra Head rehabilitation project. According to the post the label will still not be able to release new records BUT they will still be able to preserve their catalog with your help! The label is offering a slew of special purchasable items (with more on the way) in order to raise money for their upcoming represses. Here is the official statement:

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GRIDLINK Eye New Labels For Release Of Third Full Length

Since Hydra Head has decided to call it a day, a bunch of bands are now scouting new labels to release their upcoming albums. One of these bands on the market is the underground buzz superstars Gridlink. Jon Chang’s newest grind creation are officially looking for a new label to put out their third “full length”. Not too much is known about the bands plans for a new album, but I will let you guys know that I personally know someone in the band and they will be recording in the not too distant future. Anything more than that I am not at liberty to discuss, but atleast you fanboys now have a little tid bit to jerk off to.


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— Josh Huddleston



The End Of Hydra Head Records

Isis, Pelican, Daughters, Cave In, and These Arms Are Snakes are just a few of the bands that have worked under the umbrella of Hydra Head Records. This label has put out so many memorable releases (at least to me) and has always had an eye for quality, which is evident due to their amazing past and present roster. Sadly label founder and ex-Isis frontman Aaron Turner announced  that the legendary Hydra Head would be closing its doors. This is official statement composed by Aaron:

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