Watch CURSIVE’s New Music Video has premiered the new video for Cursive’s song “This House Alive”. The song is taken from their most recent conceptual album I Am Gemini that is definitely worth a listen. The video shows two twin brothers hunting each other down in the middle of winter. But by the end of it, you are going to wander what actually happened. It’s not the best video  in the world but it is worth a viewing. Check it out.

-Lane Oliver

Review: CURSIVE-“I Am Gemini”

By Lane Oliver

Cursive have been in the music game for a while and constantly find ways to reinvent themselves. On I Am Gemini, they take their established musical formula two steps further. Through prolific storytelling and equally prolific musicianship, the band have created an album of cinematic like proportions.


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Stream CURSIVE’s New Album!

Cursive’s I Am Gemini will be released on February 21st. But you don’t have to wait to get your chance to listen to it. Rolling Stone has an exclusive stream of the new record available right now! I received this record in the mail a few days ago and believe me when I say it was money well spent. I Am Gemini sees Cursive showing off a new musical direction. It’s the heaviest and most complex of Cursive’s works to date. If you could never get into Cursive before, I think this album may convert you. Check it out.

-Lane Oliver

CURSIVE Release New Track

Alternative/indie rock band Cursive have premiered a new track over at Rolling Stone. The song is called “The Sun and Moon” and will appear on the band’s upcoming full length, I Am Gemini, which comes out on February 21st. It’s a decent little song, definitely not the best they have done. But I am confident the album as a whole will turn out great. I suggest you check out this band even if they are not really your “thing”. Their album, The Ugly Organ, is a MUST listen. But I digress. Check out the song.

-Lane Oliver