Hopelessness Is Next To Godliness: Stream PRISTINA’s New Record

Today Pristina unleash their new record, Hopeless.Godless, upon this unsuspecting world. Prepare to embark on a journey through darkness, despair and unrelenting ferocity. Invisible Oranges is hosting a stream of the album or you can stream the album after the jump via Bandcamp. The album was released digitally for the measly price of $3 and a limited CD pressing is slated to follow. Do yourself a favor and stream this massive beast now.

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THE SECRET Release New Video For “Seven Billion Graves”

Italy’s premiere blackened hardcore band, The Secret, have partnered with Scion A/V to bring you a new music video for their song “Seven Billion Graves” from their most recent effort, Agnus Dei. The grainy, black and white video shows frame after frame of bleak landscapes and the ruins of civilizations of the past. The video is just as dark and depressing as the band’s music so it’s safe to say it’s a perfect fit. You can view the video at Invisible Oranges or feel free to check it out below.

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Stream WEAPON’s “Embers and Revelations”

If you can’t wait until the 9th for new blackened death metal goodness then rejoice comrade! Invisible Oranges are hosting an exclusive stream of Canadian death metal purveyors Weapon’s new record, Embers and Revelations. This pummeling, Satan fueled record will cease to be streamed on October 9th at Midnight so I suggest you get a jump on it! Go man, go!

-Lane Oliver

Behold…A New Single!: BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS Drops New Track

The writhing, pulsating mass of technical prowess known as Behold the Arctopus is streaming a new track over at Invisible Oranges. As to be expected, “Horrorsentience” is a complex mind rape of a track that will skin you a live. Though it is very, very technical, “Horrorsentience” is actually a lot more straight forward (as straight forward as this band gets) and hard hitting than previous Behold material. The track will appear on the band’s upcoming record Horrorscension, which is due out on October 23rd. I can’t wait to get my greedy hands on it. Check out the track now!

-Lane Oliver


The ridiculously complex progressive act Dog Shredder released their new three song 12″, Brass Tactics, today on Good to Die Records. This is a tightly woven piece of math rock fabric that you deserve to wrap yourself with. Invisible Oranges is hosting an exclusive stream of all three songs from the release. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Read my review of the EP while you are at it.

-Lane Oliver

KEN Mode Premier New Track/Art On Invisible Oranges

For the last few months, KEN Mode have been giving away their first two albums for free download. That’s pretty gnarly. I don’t know about you, but I dig the shit out of KEN Mode. Their mixture of pure hardcore and straight up noise rock is blended together into something that… Well, let’s just say this shit rules.  To the left, we see the back cover for KEN Mode’s new album, Venerable which comes out on Profound Lore on March 15th.

The song that is currently streaming on Invisible Oranges is called “Obeying The Iron Will” and thus far into the song it is right up to par with previous tracks from the band if not better. The musicianship is tight and it has a ton of groove. The vocals are amazing. Old Poison The Well comes to mind. Constant tempo changes make every minute something new to experience. Killer track, I can’t wait to get my hands on the album.

Check the song out here.

Thanks to Cosmo of Invisible Oranges for the tip.