Review: BURNT BOOKS-“Self Titled”


By Lane Oliver

At a Loss Recordings always seems to have a knack for the unusual when it comes to the music they release. When I use the term “unusual” here, I intend for it to be a good thing. They have put out music from the uniquely odd types like The Body, Assembly of Light, Stinking Lizaveta, and so on. The newest addition to At a Loss’s roster is South Carolina experimental punk outfit, Burnt Books. Their self titled debut encompasses elements of hardcore punk, noise rock and others into a well executed onslaught of schizoid insanity.

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Members Of MADE OUT OF BABIES Form New Band

When Julie Christmas announced that Made Out of Babies had broken up, I think I died a little inside. Thankfully Julie is still doing her own thing and apparently 3/4ths of MOOB found another female frontman (Megan Tweed) and formed Bad Powers. This new group is not as aggressive as Made Out of Babies but makes up for it in noisy, Jesus Lizard esque riffs and Faith No More like eccentricities. Their self titled debut will be released on September 18th through MOOB’s former label The End. Check out the first cut from the record, “New Bruises” here.

-Lane Oliver

Made Out of Bummers: MADE OUT OF BABIES Throw In The Towel

Julie Christmas, frontwoman for MOOB, announced on her Facebook that “Made Out of Babies is fucking dead”. I, as a big MOOB fan, am saddened about the loss of one of my favorite musical acts. It’s been roughly four years since their last studio album and with no word of new material in the works, I should have saw it coming. But they did offer us three stellar releases and I will always jam them like they just came out. At least we can still enjoy Julie Christmas’ solo works. RIP Made Out of Babies. You will be missed.

-Lane Oliver

Preview A New JULIE CHRISTMAS Track!

Below is a preview of a brand new Julie Christmas song! You know you’re excited! The song is called “Scalps” and will be featured on the compilation album, Falling Down IIV, which is due out in Europe next year. This compilation will also feature tracks from Rosetta and Mouth of the Architect and many more. But who cares about them? It’s all about Miss Christmas. Listen to the minute long preview below.

-Lane Oliver