Best Of 2012: Gnarly’s Favorite EPs & 7″ Of 2012

2012year2012 was an amazing year for me. I’ve already put out two of my Best Of lists and I have two more to go. 2012 was great year for breakout EPs and 7″ releases. A lot of killer bands put out spectacular EPs this year and so I decided to put together a list of those also. Here goes.     Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Musicians Best Of List Part 3

2012yearWe here at American Aftermath are readying our very own year end lists, to be unleashed this Friday. We have asked some friends and musicians to submit their very own Best of 2012 List, which we will be posting throughout the week and here we go. Read on to find out what members of Tombs, Hooded Menace, Call Of The Void, Jungle Juice and Encrust were jamming to this year.     Continue reading


Come December, prepare for nine deafening dates of punk, hardcore, and powerviolence mayhem. Four heavy-hitting bands from two states prepare to assault the masses. From Arkansas, the mighty powerviolence infused hardcore Jungle Juice(stream their newest EP, Involuntary Convulsions on the upper right of our page) and the equally heavy, up and coming hardcore act, Lifer. From Texas, the extremely groovy and metallic-tinged bastards from Modern Pain and Afflictive Nature. Stream some tracks from each of the bands and check out the full dates and their details below. Continue reading

JUNGLE JUICE Stream: Involuntary Convulsions 7″ EP

Jungle Juice are a powerviolence-infused hardcore group based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Emerging onto the scene sometime during 2010, Jungle Juice have since released one demo and two crushing, diabolical EPs and sometime later this year, a third EP will be added to that murderous track record. Angry, groovy, and purely caustic music, it is American Aftermath’s pleasure to give you a swig of some of that “Jungle Juice” with this exclusive stream of Jungle Juice’s forthcoming EP, Involuntary Convulsions, out soon via Give Praise Records.

Involuntary Convulsions: JUNGLE JUICE Reveal Album Artwork

Mi amigos from my homestate Jungle Juice have released the album artwork for their upcoming release Involuntary Convulsions. I love this artwork because it’s simple. It’s simple in the way that Kill The Client‘s Cleptocracy was simple (see here) you know? Just black and white, not a shit-ton of detail and just by looking at it, you know it’s gonna be fucking heavy. Check out the artwork above and stream Bastard Sessions below.

Big Bird’s A Punk Bitch: Free Compilation From Birds Out Records

I love free music as much as the next guy. I especially like free compilations. The main reason being that compilations usually feature a lot of different bands with different sounds, so one can always find something that they are into. One of the latest compilations that has been brought to my attention is the Out Of The Cage compilation by Birds Out Records.

This compilation features some bands who are familiar to me and some new names that I will have to keep up with. Some of the more familiar bands are The Afternoon Gentlemen, Human Cull and mi amigos Jungle Juice while some of the newer names (to me, atleast) are Wheelchair x4, XMayonaiseTheBastardX and Drug Couple. This comp’ is pretty fucking rad. Check it out below and download it for free.

Exclusive Premiere: “Three Days” by JUNGLE JUICE

I’ve talked about my Arkansas natives Jungle Juice before and I am a huge fan of their brand of disgusting grind. The band has been hard at work on new material which will be coming out this year on Give Praise Records. I am proud to announce that the band is letting American Aftermath premiere their new track “Three Days” tonight. Get into it, because you know you want to.

Who’s Fuckin’ Thirsty: JUNGLE JUICE Put EP Up For Free Download

Say what you will about my home state of Arkansas, we actually have some fucking killer extreme bands. Sure, you all may think we are a bunch of backwoods hicks who walk around barefoot and shoot squirrel for supper. Well. That may be true, but that’s not the point. We have quite a few amazing acts hailing from the Natural State such as Pallbearer, Rwake, Deadbird and Seahag. Well, another band from Arkansas that you might not have heard of goes by the name of Jungle Juice. Yes, Jungle Juice. These hardcore grinders hail from Little Rock and execute a ferocious brand of hardcore that teeters on out of control.

In July of last year the band released a new EP titled Bastard Sessions and they are now giving away a digital copy of the album for free! Bastard Sessions features six brain-bashing tracks (one of which features CT from Rwake) and it’s a-mazing. If I’m not mistaken the band will have a new record coming out on Give Praise Records soon? I think that’s what I heard anyway. Regardless, check out a stream of Bastard Sessions below and download it here.

Random Band Of The Day: JUNGLE JUICE

Jungle Juice have a bit of a reputation around these parts. Hailing out of Little Rock, Arkansas, these guys bring some serious attitude to fast hardcore punk. Nice bluesy sludge fills here and there and pissed off aggression. Their latest release Bastard Sessions can be streamed below and features the great CT of Rwake. The first thing I really loved about this band was their name. I mean, who would have thought to name a filthy hardcore band Jungle Juice? It’s a great name. Check ’em out, get into ’em. You’ll dig it.