KEN MODE Release “These Tight Jeans” Music Video

kenmdeNow, I’ve seen fighting in music videos before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the front man of a band take actual punches in a video. Not a music video anyway. In KEN Mode‘s latest video, for their song “These Tight Jeans”, Jesse Matthewson takes on another fighter and engages in actual Muay Thai. The video is really rad and it seriously makes me want to watch Warrior. Watch the video below and tell me you don’t want some Tom Hardy all over your screen.    Continue reading

KEN Mode Announce North American Tour

KEN mode have announced an extensive fall North American tour in support of their recently released full-length, Success. The trek will commence on September 9 in Saskatoon and will conclude on November 7 in Winnipeg. Conduct, Child Bite, Fuck the Facts, Life in Vacuum, We Are Hex , Lo-Pan and comedian Garret Jamieson will be providing support on select dates on the tour. The scheduled dates can be seen below.

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KEN MODE Streaming New Album “Success”

Who’s been anxiously awaiting the new Ken Mode album Success?! I know it’s not just me because this band is fantastical and their music is unbelievable. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to hear the new album in full a few times and I gotta admit, it is spectacular. If you want to hate your life and the people you love, then please do not stream Success after the jump. Ken Mode rule, you sucka. Don’t let this album slip past you.      Continue reading

KEN MODE Streaming New Track “Management Control”

Man, Success is definitely going to be one of the best albums of the year. This much is clear. KEN Mode are a fucking beast and each and every album shows the band advancing in their craft. I personally think the band can do no wrong and Success is going to live up to it’s title. Further proof? KEN Mode have unleashed a new track titled “Management Control” and it will lay you out. Check out the track below.     Continue reading

KEN MODE Streaming New Track “These Tight Jeans”

KEN mode. [photo by Brenna Faris]

KEN mode have debuted a new track from their forthcoming album, Success, over at NPR.  The new track is titled “These Tight Jeans” and much like the previously released “Blessed”, it continues to show the band’s more fleshed-out noise rock sound. The song revolves around a disfigured, surf rock-inspired riff that writhes around pummeling drumming and beefy bass lines. Vocalist/guitarist Jesse Matthewson offered the following comments on the new track:

“…post-punk-rock tribute to the absolute insanity of the ‘hater’ culture that plagues the media, social networking, and our daily lives as human beings alive in 2015. Stop disrespecting each other and go run a marathon, do some push-ups, read a book, create something: Get a life. Life’s too short.”

Get a life and listen to the track now.

Success will be released on June 16 via Season of Mist.

KEN MODE Debut “Blessed” Video

KEN Mode have premiered the official video for their new track “Blessed” from their upcoming highly-anticipated Steve Albini-produced album, Success, over at Noisey. The Christopher Mills-directed clip depicts a visceral live show and simultaneously captures the energy of the new track. The song itself is a cataclysmic double-bass assault that capitalizes on the group’s noise rock influences and features extra noisy debauchery from Full of Hell‘s Dylan Walker, murderous cello from Natanielle Felicitas and insanity-laced guest vocals from Oxbow frontman Eugene S. Robinson. Check out the video for yourself after the break.

Success will be released on June 15 (UK/EU) and June 16(North America) via Season of Mist. Pre-orders can be found herehere and here. The band’s forthcoming tour dates can be found below as awell.

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KEN MODE Release Trailer For New Album “Success”

Noise metallers Ken Mode will release their new album Success this June and the band has released a trailer for said album. Now, while this doesn’t really give us a taste of new music, it still got me extremely excited. You can check out the full teaser below and see how it makes you feel. I always welcome new Ken Mode material, so bring on the madness.     Continue reading

KEN MODE And CORTEZ Announce Short European Tour

kenmode cortezAs you should know, the Roadburn Festival is coming up pretty soon and two amazing bands have announce a string of dates around the Fest. The bands are KEN mode and Cortez, and while the bands are quite different, these shows are sure to be fucking incredible. Check out the dates after the jump to see where you can hit up your stop. Lucky Euro bastards.     Continue reading

KEN MODE Debut “The Promises Of God” Video

KEN mode have debuted the official video to their track “The Promises of God”, from their last album Entrench, over at Punknews. The clip, which was directed by ex-bassist Chad Tremblay, depicts the trickery of a street magician and triumph over a devil-like character. You can check out the clip after the break along with the band’s forthcoming tour dates.

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KEN MODE Tease New Material

KEN mode have been demoing new material for their sixth full length record as of late, and have taken to Instagram to tease a new song. The new track is titled “Blessed” and you can listen to a brief snippet after the break. According to the band, the new record will be entitled Success and will be released Spring 2015 through Season of Mist and New Damage Records. Check out the clip below.

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KEN MODE Release “The Terror Pulse” Video

KEN mode have premiered the official video for their track “The Terror Pulse”, which comes from their most recent record, Entrench. The video, directed by Christopher Mills, is a extremely trippy animated adventure and is the “sequel” to the “Secret Vasectomy” video. Your eyeballs are not ready for this colorful explosion of madness. You can watch the clip after the break.

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INTER ARMA Announce US Tour & European Tour

Inter ArmaInter Arma, one of the raddest doom bands to come out in the last few years, has announced not one, but two separate tours coming your way very, very soon. Kicking off early next month, Inter Arma will trek across the US alongside Russian Circles and KEN Mode and in April the band will head across the pond and tackle a ton of European dates (including a stint at Roadburn Fest) alongside the likes of Indian and Windhand.

Either of these tours are a must-see for anyone and everyone. Wherever you are in the world, go see Inter Arma! Check out all of the dates after the jump.      Continue reading

Best Of 2013: Lane’s Favorite Releases Of 2013


Hello there! Like my partners in crime, I am here to share my favorite music releases of 2013. I have listened to an ungodly amount of music this year and out of what I had a chance to listen to, these thirty albums/EPs/etc stuck with me well after my first listen. It’s not just heavy music either! I know you don’t care about my opinion, nobody should, but you may find something worth listening to in the following list. Here goes nothing!

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