He’s Glad Reagan’s Dead: KILLER MIKE Releases New Music Video

I don’t know what the deal is with Killer Mike, but the guy just keeps putting out outstanding music videos. First we got “Big Beast”, then “Untitled” and now we have a music video for one of my favorite cuts from R.A.P. Music, “Reagan”. Just in time for the Presidential Debates too! It’s fitting that the politically charged song is set to a plethora of animated political and social imagery. Killer Mike might as well put out a video for every track on the record because they just keep getting better. Check out the amazing video below.

-Lane Oliver

KILLER MIKE Releases Another Awesome Music Video

You’ve already seen one awesome R.A.P. Music video now get ready for another. Killer Mike has released a video for “Untitled” which features Killer Mike, Scar and others parodying a handful of works of art. It’s not as visceral as the video for “Big Beast” but it’s still pretty entertaining. Check it out below.

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Generic Mid Year Post: Lane’s Favorite Releases of 2012…So Far

It’s currently July which means that 2012 is half way over. Just like any other run of the mill music blogger, I want to share with you the releases that have stuck with me for the past 6 months. So far, 2012 has brought me a plethora of good music but these few releases below have not been able to release their grip on me. In fact, some of these records grew on me quite a bit.  I could go into detail on why I loved this releases but since I am lazy today, I’ll let the songs speak for themselves. Check them out and tell me what you think:

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KILLER MIKE Releases New Music Video (NSFW)

Killer Mike has released his new music video/mini film for his song “Big Beast”. The song comes from his stellar new album R.A.P. Music, which is one of the better hip-hop records to come out this year in my opinion. This video has everything you love: car chases, robberies, tongues being cut out, bodies being cut in half and strippers eating entrails. So yeah, it’s NSFW but it’s fucking awesome. Check it out below!

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