Saddle Up, City Boy: New DEFTONES Video Playing Now

I love Deftones! Their last album Koi No Yokan even landed in my Top 5 albums of 2012 (duh!) and it was for good reasons: amazing song writing and execution. There were tons of stand out songs on Koi No Yokan but one of my favorites was “Swerve City” which now has a music video to go along with it.     Continue reading

DEFTONES Announce March US Tour

It looks like Deftones will once again hit the road in March for a little trek through the states in support of their amazing new record, Koi No Yokan. No openers have been revealed thus far but the rumors of support from Scars on Broadway again have been dismissed, thankfully. You can view how the tour will run below as well as jam to my favorite track from the new record, “Goon Squad”

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Swerve Nature: Stream DEFTONES New Album “Koi No Yokan” Now!

I have been impatiently awaiting the release of Deftones new album Koi No Yokan. I mean, I have been anticipating this thing like the motherfucking rapture, you know? With the pure beauty and heaviness that came with Diamond Eyes, I knew the ‘Tones would not let me down. I have been a huge fan of this band for years and years and years, so I know that the band has released numerous albums with their own special flare. Diamond Eyes was something new and interesting and it fucking destroyed. Continue reading

Preview DEFTONES’ “Koi No Yokan”

Obviously one of the highly anticipated records of the year, Deftones’ Koi No Yokan comes out in just a couple of weeks (November 13th). You can now get a little taste of the record over at the French branch of  Amazon. These samples sound very promising and I cannot wait until I hear the entire thing. Check it out now you goons!

-Lane Oliver

DEFTONES Joined On Stage By BAD BRAINS Frontman

Deftones were joined by Bad Brains frontman H.R. during their set at the Ram’s Head in Baltimore, MD last night (October 27th). H.R. performed the Bad Brains song “Right Brigade” with the group as well as the classic Deftones’ track “Bored”. Fan filmed footage of this surprising event can viewed below!

Deftones’ Koi No Yokan comes out on November 13th while Bad Brains’ Into the Future will be released the following week on the 20th.

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DEFTONES Announce February European/UK Tour

Attention European readers. Deftones are slated to head to Europe and the UK for a brief headlining tour in February. This how the trek will run:

02/15 Glasgow, UK – Barrowland
02/16 Nottingham, UK – Rock City
02/18 Manchester, UK – Academy
02/19 Birmingham, UK – Academy
02/20 London, UK – Brixton Academy
02/22 Paris, FRA – Trianon
02/25 Hamburg, GER – Grosse Freiheit
02/26 Berlin, GER – Huxleys

I wouldn’t miss this band if I were you. Remember, Koi No Yokan comes out on November 13th. Also, if you haven’t checked out their new songs “Leathers” and “Tempest”, do so now!

-Lane Oliver

DEFTONES Release Lyric Video For “Tempest”

Deftones have released a colorful and psychedelic new lyric video for their catchy new single “Tempest”. It’s just another lyric video so there really is no need for further explanation. Remember to mark your calendars because Koi No Yokan comes out next month on November 13th! You know you are excited.

-Lane Oliver

DEFTONES Filming Music Video For “Tempest”

As promised, Deftones are currently in the process of filming a new music video for their new single “Tempest”. Deftones have tapped Christopher Mills (Modest Mouse, Interpol, etc) to directing the clip which should arrive in the next few weeks. This guy did Modest Mouse’s “Float On” video (which I have added below for your enjoyment) so I am confident it is in good hands.

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DEFTONES Reveal Artwork For “Koi No Yokan”

Above is the trippy artwork for Deftones’ upcoming record Koi No Yokan, which is out on November 13th. It kind of reminds me of the Saturday Night Wrist artwork in that it features a similar artistic style. This record seriously cannot get here soon enough. If you have been sleeping underneath a rock, check out their new songs “Leathers” and “Tempest”.

-Lane Oliver

Brace For The Glory Of A New DEFTONES Track

Deftones couldn’t wait until the official release date of their new single “Tempest” to show it to you. The single will be available on iTunes on the 9th but you can stream this six minute bad boy below. “Tempest” starts off with ghostly atmospherics and Chino’s soft tenor crooning before the band shifts into a alternative rock swagger with tremendous low end. Chino’s vocals and the intoxicating chorus sound oh so very triumphant. I have a feeling Koi No Yokan is going to be glorious based on the two songs they have released so far. Listen now!

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Watch DEFTONES Perform “Leathers” Live

Deftones performed their new song “Leathers” for the first time last night at Epicenter Festival in Irvine, CA. Fan filmed footage captured the performance and you can view too different videos of the song below. The more and more I listen to this song, the more I get pumped up for this album. Koi No Yokan comes out on November 13th and I can’t wait!

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DEFTONES Talk ‘Koi No Yokan’ In Recent Interview

In a recent interview Deftones frontman Chino Moreno and bassist Sergio Vega sat down with Crave Online and discussed their upcoming record Koi No Yokan, in depth. They also talked about the possibility of Eros seeing the light of day. In the interview the band has stated that they hope to release the song “Swerve City” as the second single with an accompanying video since the record label decided they wanted “Tempest” as the first single instead. This only the first part of the full interview and the other half will be released sometime next week. Check out the video below and keep in mind that “Tempest” will arrive on October 9th.

-Lane Oliver

DEFTONES Comment On ‘Leathers’

Yesterday, Deftones released their punishing new song “Leathers” from their upcoming album Koi No Yokan (November 13th). Chino Moreno and Sergio Vega recently chatted with about the new song and how they don’t like opinions. Check out the chat and be sure to download the song if you have not yet.

-Lane Oliver

Show Your Enemy What You Look Like: DEFTONES Release New Track!

“Leathers” begins with a haunting, ambient section that hums for the track’s initial seconds. Then out of nowhere the extremely heavy chugging main riff bombards the listener with pure ferocity. Chino’s emotionally charged vocals pierce through the listener like a blade. The track is destructive as well as melodic and will is so infectious that you cannot help but press play again and again and again. Don’t just stand there! Go download it for free now!

Koi No Yokan will be released on November 13th. Check out the official track listing below:

  1. “Poltergeist” (formerly known as “Roller Derby”)
  2. “Romantic Dreams”
  3. “Leathers”
  4. “Swerve City”
  5. “Entombed”
  6. “Graphic Nature”
  7. “Tempest”
  8. “Gauze”
  9. “Rosemary”
  10. “Goon Squad”
  11. “What Happened To You?”

-Lane Oliver

DEFTONES To Release New Song Next Week

Everyone get excited because Deftones will be releasing a brand new song next week on the 18th. The track in question is called “Leathers” and will appear on the band’s upcoming record Koi No Yokan, which is out on November 13th. The band has also announced their first official single from the album will be the song “Tempest”, which will see the light of day on October 9th. Are you excited it? You should be! Well just calm down and listen to “Knife Prty” while you wait for next week to come.

-Lane Oliver