MESHUGGAH To Release New Music Video Next Week

Meshuggah are slated to premiere a performance music video of their song “Demiurge” sometime next week. “Demiurge” is a groove heavy track that appears on the group’s most recent effort, Koloss. You can preview some photos from the upcoming video over at Scion A/V’s Facebook page. This will be their second music video for this record and will also be their second performance video of this year. Running out of ideas? Anyways, check out the song itself below.

-Lane Oliver

Break Those Bones With Boredom: MESHUGGAH Releases Music Video For “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion”


Start jerkin off “prog” fans cause the almighty Meshuggah has released a video for the song “Break The Bones Whose Sinews Gave it Motion” off of their latest release Koloss.

While every other blog is on Meshuggah‘s jock with release of Koloss, this blogger has a little different opinion of the band, their new album, and specifically their new music video. I am actually flabbergasted that they managed to make a music video more boring than the actual song. Looks like the forefathers of the “Djent” movement has done it again! #MEH-Suggah


— Josh Huddleston

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Review: MESHUGGAH-“Koloss”

By Lane Oliver

It’s been roughly four years since Meshuggah’s last album, Obzen, was released. When talk of a new album in works surfaced last year, music critics and fans alike got excited; including myself. 2012 has brought us the release of Koloss, the new album from the revolutionary Meshuggah. It is fairly common for popular bands to receive an extreme amount of praise and hype whenever they cough up a new album. The question is, is Koloss all hype or a legitimately good release?

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MESHUGGAH Will Break Your Bones: New Song Streaming

News has been spreading around a lot today about a new Meshuggah track being “leaked”. According to the web, the track is allegedly the song “Break These Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion” from their upcoming Koloss album which is due out on March 27th. I gave it a few listen and personally I am just not feeling it. Maybe it will grow on me more. But right now I feel it’s a pretty underwhelming, repetitive track for Meshuggah to churn out. Check it out below.

-Lane Oliver

Colossal Details On New MESHUGGAH Album

You see that? That’s the bitchin’ artwork for the new Meshuggah album, Koloss, which will be released on March 27th. Below is the track listing for the upcoming album:

01 – “I Am Colossus“
02 – “The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance“
03 – “Do Not Look Down“
04 – “Behind The Sun“
05 – “The Hurt That Finds You First“
06 – “Marrow“
07 – “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion“
08 – “Swarm“
09 – “Demiurge“
10 – “The Last Vigil“

Get excited you Meshuggahnauts. New Mars Volta and new Meshuggah on the same day? My little heart can’t take it!

-Lane Oliver