Free Shit Friday: GOJIRA / KVELERTAK Live Split & New FREYA EP Free To Download!

FreyaWell, it’s a good day for free downloads! Earlier today MetalSucks unveiled a live split EP from Gojira and Kvelertak, which is pretty intense by itself and now we have a new EP from Freya, the hardcore group headed by Earth Crisis front man Karl Buechner. Now, if I know my readers, at lease ONE of these albums must peak you interests and even if they don’t, the fact that the EPs are FREE should! I mean, who doesn’t love free music?! We all do! Click on over after the jump to find out how to acquire these free jams!     Continue reading

Slave The Hive: HIGH ON FIRE Release New Single. For Free!

high-on-fire-slave-the-hiveThe good people over at Scion A/V deliver once again, this time with the release of a new single by the sludge legends High On Fire. The single will be pressed on 7″ vinyl and available on the bands upcoming tour with Kvelertak. The vinyl pressing will be limited, so be sure to grab one if one of the dates is coming near you. After the jump you can stream and download the new track “Slave The Hive” and check out the bands upcoming tour dates.     Continue reading

KVELERTAK Premiere “Evig Vandrar” Music Video

Noisey have premiered the fantastical new animated music video for Kvelertak’s track “Evig Vandrar”, which can be found on the band’s most recent album Meir. The new Torjus Førre Erfjord directed clip is set in a futuristic yet desolate terrain in which some odd things happen. Maybe I’m too daft to understand what is going on but the animation is wonderful and very artful. You can check out the new video after the break.

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For The Love Of Boobies: Stream KVELERTAK’s New Album “Meir”

You folks know that I love Kvelertak. You probably also know that there are a lot of people out there right now who aren’t pleased with the bands new album Meir. Well, I don’t know what the deal is with those people, but I’m quite happy with the new album. Maybe some of these people will grow into the album and maybe they won’t. Regardless, it’s time for all of you to hear it!     Continue reading

Spring Fra Livet: KVELERTAK Streaming New Track Via NPR

I love Kvelertak. It has been very well documented that I love them. I have been highly anticipating their latest album although I have seen a few less-than-flattering reviews of it. I don’t care if I’m the only one, I’m sure I’m gonna like Meir when I finally get my hands on it. I am really looking forward to it now that I’ve heard the new song “Spring Fra Livet.”       Continue reading

KVELERTAK Announce North American Tour

The mighty Kvelertak have announced a new North American headlining tour in support of their highly anticipated new record, Meir, which will see a release through Roadrunner Records on March 26th. The band will be accompanied by the likes of Cancer Bats and Black Tusk for this little tour and believe me when I say that faces will be melted. Check out the full schedule below.

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Norse Gods Don’t Kid Around, But KVELERTAK Do In New Video

A lot of people have been getting excited for the upcoming album from Norway’s Kvelertak, I know because I’m one of them. I absolutely adore their debut, self-titled LP and their new album will hopefully stand up to it or (we can hope) be better. Well, the good dudes in Kvelertak have released a new music video for their track “Bruane Brenn” that shows that they can still have fun.       Continue reading

American Aftermath Exclusive: Remember That One Time We Filmed A CONVERGE Set?

It’s Friday again and since Rebecca Black is no longer providing the world with original content, I figure we here at AA should fill the void. As most of you should know by now, everyone at American Aftermath has an erection of massive proportions when it comes to all things Converge. Well on their recent tour outing with Torche and Kvelertak, I snuck a video camera into their stop at Club Dada in Dallas, Texas and here is what ensued –     Continue reading

KVELERTAK Detail New Album “Meir”

As previously reported, Kvelertak have been in the studio with Kurt Ballou recording their sophomore record. The band have revealed the title of that record to be Meir and will be released sometime in March of next year. The band have also revealed the album’s tracks and what looks like to be a summary of the lyrical content or title meanings or just random ramblings. You can view those below as well as their video for “Blodtørst”.

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KVELERTAK Perform New Material Live

Norway’s Kvelertak have recently performing some new material live and luckily some fan footage has surfaced on the web. Below you find four videos of new, badass Kvelertak tracks that will likely appear on the band’s upcoming Kurt Ballou produced album. The names of the songs are “Månelyst”, “Trepan”, “Bruane Brenn”, and “Spring Fra Livet”. Check out these hard rocking jams below and stay tuned for more Kvelertak news.
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The mighty black and roll superstars, Kvelertak, have posted their second transmission from Kurt Ballou’s Godcity Studio. In this webisode, we see Kvelertak’s guitarist and bassist tracking their new songs, and let me say that this shit is sounding pretty dope. But why wouldn’t it, did you see all those fucking heads and cabs? God damn, I bet this album’s gonna sound amazing.

As of now, I still don’t know a fucking thing about any of the details surrounding the new album, but once I know, you guys will be the first to know.

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— Josh Huddleston


Why didn’t I know Kvelertak were recording a new album??? Apparently the band is currently hold up in Kurt Ballou‘s Godcity Studio recording the follow-up to their breakout self titled album. Featured above is a short drum tracking video. The video is alright, I mean it’s your standard run of the mill in studio video. The only real bummer about the video is you don’t really get a taste of what Kvelertak are cooking up :(

Anywho…Who else is super stoked for their new record and their upcoming tour with Converge???


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— Josh Huddleston


Attack Of The Killer Tour Pt. 1: KVELERTAK, CONVERGE, TORCHE + More

Holy fuck. This. Tour. Rules. I mean, putting Kvelertak and Converge on a bill together is crazy enough. Adding in Torche? Whoa! That completely changes the game. And now you’re telling me that select dates will feature NAILS and/or Whips/Chains? You have got to be fucking kidding me. This is the kind of thing that dream tours are made of. If you miss this tour, you will forever be shunned. Please, do yourself a favor and catch these amazing bands if they are going to come through (and most likely destroy) your town. Check out the dates after the jump. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: KVELERTAK @ Club Europa, Brooklyn, New York (Oct. 21, 2011)

Yesterday I posted photos of Skeletonwitch from the Metal Injection CMJ Showcase and now I bring you a photo gallery of Kvelertak, Skeletonwitch’s co-headliners. Kvelertak are a fucking amazing band and these photos are proof that the band likes to have fun regardless of their setting. It’s also pretty killer that this was the Norwegian party’ers first time playing New York. Sickness. Check out the gallery below thanks to Maclyn Bean and check out homie’s Flickr page.