MAMIFFER And CIRCLE Streaming Collaborative Album

The experimental musical outfits of Mamiffer and Circle are currently streaming their new collaborative effort, Enharmonic  Intervals, over at Cvlt Nation. The album is out now on Sige Records and is definitely worth your time. The album is an expansive, droning collection of haunting pieces that will chill your blood; much like Mamiffer’s collaboration with Locrian did. Head over to Cvlt Nation to check it out.

Stream MAMIFFER & PYRAMIDS’ Upcoming Split

For those who cannot wait until next Tuesday to listen to the upcoming split between Mamiffer and Pyramids, I have a treat for you. Tiny Mixtapes is currently streaming the three track split from the experimental artists right now. Mamiffer, in case you didn’t know, is the experimental/ambient project of Aaron Turner (Isis) and his wife Faith Coloccia. Pyramids is an experimental rock outfit from Denton, Texas that is sure to induce drug like trances with their awesome blend of post-rock, ambient, shoegaze and even black metal tendencies. This split is awesome in my opinion and it would be in your best interest if you check it out!

-Lane Oliver

MAMIFFER And PYRAMIDS To Release Split 12″

Aaron Turn and wife Faith Coloccia’s experimental atmospheric project, Mamiffer, are releasing a split 12″ with Denton, Texas experimental rock group Pyramids. The split will be released on October 16th via Hydra Head and will sport the following tracks:

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Prepare To Be Cut With WILLIAM FOWLER COLLINS’ Scythe: New Track Released

Experimental ambient artist William Fowler Collins will be releasing his new darkness ridden masterpiece Tenebroso on August 21st. Pitchfork has the exclusive stream of the opening cut from the album, “Scythe”. It begins with a bombardment of gaseous, fog like feedback that dances around your mind only to stop suddenly. Then guest pianist Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer, Aaron Turner of Isis’ wife) plays alone for the remainder of the track at a disturbingly steady pace and creates a very haunting atmosphere. I am a big fan of creepy noise/ambient artists so I am sure I will enjoy this record immensely. Check it out.

Generic Mid Year Post: Lane’s Favorite Releases of 2012…So Far

It’s currently July which means that 2012 is half way over. Just like any other run of the mill music blogger, I want to share with you the releases that have stuck with me for the past 6 months. So far, 2012 has brought me a plethora of good music but these few releases below have not been able to release their grip on me. In fact, some of these records grew on me quite a bit.  I could go into detail on why I loved this releases but since I am lazy today, I’ll let the songs speak for themselves. Check them out and tell me what you think:

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Review: LOCRIAN & MAMIFFER-“Bless Them That Curse You”

By Lane Oliver

Few albums can truly grasp feelings of dread and encompassing darkness without resulting to unintentionally comic musical clichés. These days you can’t frighten someone with blood and copious amounts of evisceration, and Locrian and Mamiffer know this. Chicago based black metal inspired drone project Locrian and the chilling drone duo of Aaron Turner and wife   Faith Colloccia in Mamiffer have come together  to create one of the most unsettling and melancholic albums I have ever heard.

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LOCRIAN And MAMIFFER To Release Collaborative Album

On March 6th (2x LP out earlier on February 21st), Chicago experimental rock band Locrian and Mamiffer (pianist Faith Coloccia and husband Aaron Turner of Isis) will release a collaborative album. The album will be called Bless Them That Curse You and will be released through Profound Lore. Thankfully, Pitchfork is streaming the first track from the album! The song is called “In Fulminic Blaze” and is a slow building, atmospheric track with little acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment that builds up a lot of tension before finally exploding with mammoth like proportions near the end. It’s quite the aural experience. I have another album to look forward to! Check out the track!

-Lane Oliver