PELICAN Perform New Song At Maryland Death Fest

Fan filmed footage captured the instrumental metal titans Pelican performing a new song at this past weekend’s Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore, MD. The audio quality of the following video isn’t the best but it is good enough for you to get the gist of this sludgy, brooding beast. The band plan on entering the studio next month to begin tracking their fifth studio album, which they plan to have hit store shelves this Fall. Check out the performance after the jump.

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Death In The Flesh: RWAKE To Release Live 7″ At MDF

I have talked about my Arkansan sludge metallers Rwake over and over again and that is why it pleases me to learn that the band will be releasing a new live 7″ titled Forge this year. The part of this that doesn’t please me is the face that the 7″ will only be available at Maryland Death Fest this year. That sucks, but at least I am getting to hear it. How, you ask? Well, the good people over at Decibel Magazine are currently streaming Forge in all of it’s awesomeness. So what are you doing reading this? Head on over and check it out. Whatchathink?