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KILLER BE KILLED Streaming Two New Tracks From Self-Titled Debut

Killer Be Killed - Killer Be Killed

The supergroup featuring members of Soulfly, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, and The Dillinger Escape Plan, Killer Be Killed, have debuted two new songs from their forthcoming full length debut. The band’s lineup consists of Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Max Cavalera (Soulfly), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan), and Dave Elitch (Ex Mars Volta). The two tracks are entitled “Wings of Feather and Wax” and “Face Down” and are chock full of groove metal riffs, which is not surprising considering Cavalera’s input. I am curious as to what you all think of this highly anticipated project. You can stream the tracks after the break.

Killer Be Killed will be released on May 13th via Nuclear Blast. You can pre-order your copy here.

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MASTODON Working On New Album

A recent Facebook update revealed that Mastodon have begun working on their follow up to 2010′s The Hunter. The official update is as follows:

For those of you who are interested, Yes we have been VERY busy writing and putting songs together for the next studio MASTODON album, we are down at our space hammering out riffs that can be friends and working our fingers to the bone to put out another great album. thank you to all our loyal fans!!!!

Hopefully I won’t have mixed emotions about this one. Check back soon for more Mastodon updates!

-Lane Oliver

MASTODON Working On New Album


Mastodon vocalist and guitarist Brent Hinds recently told MTVHIVE that the band is working on a “Radioheadish” and “spooky sounding” new album. The band should be in the studio as early as January but may tour another year on The Hunter before releasing anything. On the sound of the new record, Brent said:

A lot of the stuff I’m writing is in open G-minor. I’m playing a lot of slide guitar and just getting really Jimmy Page-y on the place and getting really eerie and Radioheadish and very spooky sounding.

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EAGLE CLAW Release New Track

Austin, Texas based sludge metal act Eagle Claw have released a brand spankin’ new track that can be streamed exclusively at Revolver. The track is called “Fifth Ring” and it will appear on the band’s sophomore effort, Timing of the Void, which will see a release date on October 30th through ECH records. “Fifth Ring” is a crunchy, down tuned sludge instrumental with the potential to shift tectonic plates. This song should satisfy avid listeners of High on Fire, Howl, Sleep, Mastodon and The Sword. Speaking of The Sword, Eagle Claw will be embarking on a Fall tour with those guys. You can view those dates here.

-Lane Oliver

The Loathsome Piano Destroyer: Watch This PIG DESTROYER Piano Cover!

He’s covered Mastodon. He’s covered Converge. He’s covered Opeth, Gojira and even Meshuggah on his piano! Now, Sam Abbot has tackled Pig Destroyer’s “Loathsome” for his new cover video and it is freakin’ awesome! He even breaks a glass bottle at the beginning. It surprisingly translates to piano pretty well despite the fact that it sounds so out of place. Sam Abbot, you are the piano god…of youtube. Check out the cover above and the original below.

-Lane Oliver

Soft-Spoken Mammoth: FEISTODON Album Available Digitally Now

Remember when Mastodon and Feist‘s split became available to stream online? Well, now it is available to purchase digitally. I have never been a fan of Feist, but I dig her rendition of Mastodon‘s “Black Tongue,” so I will probably end up snatching this up. An interesting thing that the folks who put together the split did is create a mash-up widget that features the Feist song “A Commotion” as well as Mastodon‘s cover of the song. You slide the scale from one side or the other to hear each band’s respective version of the song or leave it in the middle and hear a mash-up of both acts together. It’s pretty gnarly.

You can check that out here. It’s embeddable, but for some reason WordPress hates me and won’t let me embed it. Go check it out and then talk about it in the comments section. You can stream both tracks from the release after the jump and buy it here. [Continue...]

Hall Of The Masters: Listen To A New ABSU Track While Swimming With Adults

Remember when Adult Swim released that killer compilation back in 2010? Well, if you don’t remember or you want to get it again, you can do so here. Well, Adult Swim obviously knows heavy metal because they have been very affluent in helping out bands such as Mastodon and Skeletonwitch for a long time and recently they released a new track from legendary Texan black metal act Absu. This track is 100% new and, as far as I know, exclusive to Adult Swim’s singles collection. I’m not sure if this will be released on a Metal Swim Vol. 2, but that would be sweet. Check out the track below.

Draw Back A Stump: PRIMATE Posts Album Teaser

I think I have talked aboutPrimate before. If you don’t know who this band is, they are a grindcore supoergroup featuring members of Octophobia, Despised, Mastodon and Brutal Truth. Most notable members of these bands being Bill Kelliher and Keven Sharp (Mastodon and Brutal Truth respectively).

The band proved their bombastic, devastating sound when they released the Draw Back A Stump EP and now the band plans to released their debut full-length album via Relapse Records on July 3rd. I honestly cannot wait to hear this album. The mixture of musicians all bringing their own vibe to the overall sound of the music is fantastic, so this is definitely something to get excited about. Check out a teaser for the album below and get pumped, grinders.

Stream MASTODON and FEIST’s ‘Feistodon’ Split

Record Store Day is here and one of my more anticipated releases is available for streaming now! I am of course speaking of Mastodon and Feist’s split 7″! The split features Feist covering the Mastodon song “Black Tongue” and Mastodon covering the Feist song “A Commotion”. Both artists cover each other songs in their own respective styles. Feist’s cover of “Black Tongue” is extremely stripped down, lo-fi, noisy, and a little sexy. Mastodon’s cover of “A Commotion” is a downtuned chugging beast that is really surprising. Check out both sides of the split below.

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COMPLETE Record Store Day Releases List Available

The complete list of special releases available on Record Store Day (April 24th) is now available online. Lots of good stuff will be released this year. Like the new Mastodon/Feist split 7″ or a limited edition colored LP of Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come? Yeah, you know you want it. Check out the full list HERE

-Lane Oliver

Piano Covers Of Metal Songs Make Me Jizz: The MASTODON Edition


Ayeeee, What are you guys doing? Well stop it and watch this video cause whatever you were doing doesn’t matter anymore. This dude, Sam Abbot, has posted a video of himself shredding the fuck out of some Mastodon songs on Youtube. Wait.. Did I just say Mastodon songs? Well I meant the whole fucking Leviathan album!!

Seriously, this dude just beasts this shit out in one take, with no sheet music, or anything. It’s radical. It may actually be more rad than Mastodon‘s actual album. Check it out and show it to your friends who doubt the parallels between metal and classic music, they’ll feel stupid and you’ll feel good!


– Josh Huddleston

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GLASSJAW To Perform ‘Worship and Tribute’ at Sonisphere

It has been confirmed that Glassjaw will be performing their album Worship and Tribute in its entirety at this year’s Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, England on July 6th-8th. Also, Mastodon will be performing their album, The Hunter, as well. The entire line up has not been announced, but below you can view who has been announced so far. Damn, do I wish I lived in the UK right now.

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Details On MASTODON/FEIST Split Revealed.

Warner Bros. Records have revealed the details on the upcoming Record Store Day (April 21st) exclusive Mastodon and Feist 7″ Split. The official statement reads:

“Mastodon / Feist “A Commotion“/ “Black Tongue” (7″ vinyl single):
A very exclusive and highly anticipated RSD pressing features Mastodon covering theFeist song “A Commotion,” while Feist covers Mastodon‘s “Black Tongue.” A unique and highly buzzed-about Record Store Day prize.

I have posted both songs below so you can use your imagination to see what they would sound like covered by the opposite band. This should be an interesting release.
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The Shape Of What The Fuck: MASTODON Release Another Weird Music Video

I have been a fan of Mastodon‘s music videos over the years. It seems they are constantly releasing interesting videos for their songs. This has been true up until now. While their new video for the song “Dry Bone Valley,” which comes off of their latest release The Hunter, is interesting, it didn’t really catch me the way their past videos have. I loved the video for “Curl Of The Burl” when it was released and now there is this. The whole theme of The Hunter is slowly getting very played out because they are using the same tricks on everything they release from the album. I got love for the band, but it’s just not interesting anymore. Check out the video for “Dry Bone Valley” below.