MEEK IS MURDER Streaming Cover Of METALLICA’s “Blackened”

New York chaotic hardcore outfit Meek is Murder have unleashed a cover of the Metallica classic, “Blackened”. The track was originally released in celebration of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett’s birthday, November 17. In true Meek is Murder fashion, the track is a mere two minutes in length and hits all of the high points of the original. Stream it after the break.

Meek is Murder is currently writing their third full-length album.

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MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New EP “Onward”

32fd2-onward-smallSo, you may or may not know that Meek Is Murder‘s new LP is actually comprised of two separate EPs, one of which was released a few years ago. Well, the band is currently streaming the newest of these EPs, titled Onward, right now. It’s a blissful–nah, just kidding. It’s a beast. You know what you think you can expect from a Meek Is Murder record? Well, it’s that and then some. Onward is a fantastic release and it fits very well with Into The Sun. You can stream Onward below, as it is the eve of the albums release.      Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Upward”

Who else is excited that Meek Is Murder is back? We all are because we all love Meek. The band’s branding of mathy hardcore is punishing and fun, so any new material surfacing from the band will gladly find a post here on AA. Speaking of, Meek has released a stunning new tack titled “Upward.” This track is absolutely killer and you’ve got to hear it. It’s waiting over on Decibel Mag. Ooooh yeah.

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Downward”

We love Meeks Is Murder here on AA because they rule. The band is always spectacular and I always look forward to listening to new music by them. It doesn’t feel like it was waaaay back in 2011 that the band released their Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky EP, but it was and the band has teamed that up with a new EP to bring us their third full-length. Outward/Into The Sun is sure to destroy and the band has gifted us with a new track titled “Downward.” Check it out below. It’s sick.      Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Outward”

[photo by Dean Chooch Landry]

Brooklyn hardcore/mathcore trio Meek is Murder have premiered a new track from their upcoming double EP collection, Onward/Into the Sun. The new collection pairs their new EP, Onward, with their 2012 sci-fi film classics themed EP, Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky. The new, aforementioned track is entitled “Outward” and will be featured on the Onward side of the record. The track, in classic Meek is Murder fashion, rushes out of the gate with spiraling, knife-like riffs that will leave you quite damaged in its 69-second time frame. Head over to Noisey to check it out now.

Onward/Into the Sun will be released on May 5.

Bandcamp Spotlight: AMINALS

aminalsAlthough I’ve never met the dude, I like to call Frank Godla (Meek Is Murder, Metal Injection) a friend and, as a friend, I’ve found some really killer bands through him and Meek. The latest band is Aminals, who should have won you over based on their name alone. I have no no clue what so classify this band as other than incredible.      Continue reading

Happy Holidays!: MEEK IS MURDER Release Free Christmas EP

Awww. Aren’t those dudes in Meek Is Murder sweethearts? Not only do they release an awesome album in 2013, they follow it up with a FREE holiday EP! That’s right! Three more rad Meek Is Murder songs for your holidaze, collected and titled Infant Worship. The band recorded the songs at the Converse Rubber Tracks’ studio, where they had some free recording time. The EP was recorded and mixed in a single day.

So, let’s kick this shit! You can stream and download the EP after the jump as well as check out a video from the sweeties themselves.       Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Album “Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters”

The new album from Meek is Murder, Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, will officially arrive tomorrow October 22nd. But if you can’t wait an extra twenty-four hours then Revolver has got a nice exclusive stream for you. If you like your hardcore chaotic and all over the place then you will dig this. Check it out now.

MEEK IS MURDER Premiere New Song And Playthrough Video


Lambgoat have premiered a new track from Meek is Murder’s forthcoming album Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, which is due out on October 22nd. The forty-nine second grinding tune is entitled “Ashes & Glass” and  is sure to hit you where it hurts, presumably your genitalia. As an added bonus, Gear Gods have an exclusive video of the band tracking the song for your viewing pleasure. So follow the links and check them out.

MEEK IS MURDER Debut New Track And Play Through Video


Brooklyn Vegan have premiered a new track from Meek is Murder’s forthcoming album, Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, which is out on October 22nd. The track happens to be my favorite from the new record, “Ghost Moth”. Not only do you get to jam the new song but you can watch guitarist Mike Keller perform the track via Guitar World. Well, you know the drill. Follow the links to check them out now.

Review: MEEK IS MURDER – “Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters”

There was nowhere to go but up after Meek is Murder put out their highly acclaimed debut full length, Algorithms, in 2011. Their high octane grinding hardcore, partially inspired by the late 90’s/early 2000’s breed of chaotic and metallic hardcore, was enough for Decibel Magazine to label them “the best mathcore to come along since that genre’s big hitters – Botch, Coalesce, Converge – dominated the late 90s.” After last year’s Back to The Future inspired EP, Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky, it was high time for Meek is Murder to craft their next full length and show off their skills yet again. The end result was Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters; a thirteen song, twenty minute hurricane of ferocity and intricacy.

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MEEK IS MURDER Premiere Two New Tracks

Terrorizer have premiered the one-two punch of “More Always More” and “Less is More” from Meek is Murder’s upcoming album, Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters, which is due out on October 22nd. The new songs are what you would expect from the band if you’ve been listening up until this point. They are heavy and slightly chaotic. What more could you want? If you are wondering about the album’s name, guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller told Terrorizer that the record was a result of “the most terrifying” year of his life. Keller had experienced three deaths in the family, the end of a lengthy relationship, losing his possessions in a fire, homelessness, and a critically injured canine during the past year. Keller comments by saying:

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MEEK IS MURDER Offer Literally One Second Of New Music In Teaser Video

New York’s spastic whateveryouwannacallthem band Meek Is Murder have been hard at work on their new album Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters, which is due out on October 22nd. The band has unleashed a teaser for the new album in which the band offers up exactly one second of new music. It’s not much to go on, but it has still excited me. You can check the video out after the jump and let us know if you’re excited as well.     Continue reading

First Time For Everything: MEEK IS MURDER & TIGER FLOWERS Release Split Music Video

In all of my days. This is pretty fucking rad, man. I love both Meek Is Murder and Tiger Flowers and I have been praying of a pairing of the two band for ages now. Well, I had a split 7″ in mind, but apparently these dudes had something else planned. Meek Is Murder and Tiger Flowers have released a split music video.      Continue reading


Two of my favorite New York based hardcore bands have come together to cover one of my ALL TIME favorite hardcore acts. I am referring to Meek is Murder and Tiger Flowers, whose members have joined forces to record a cover of Botch’s “Spaim/Japam” for the upcoming All About Friends: Volume Three Compilation. Meek is Murder is joined by Tiger Flowers’ vocalist Jesse James for this faithful and badass cover. Feel free to stream this bad boy below.

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