REVOCATION Streaming New Track “Deathless”; Announce Multiple Fall Tour Dates

Revocation-DeathlessInsane metal entity Revocation will be releasing their new album and Metal Blade debut, Deathless, the 14th of October. To ease the wait, the devastating title track of the record is currently available for stream now. In addition, Revocation will be touring in support of Deathless throughout the majority of the upcoming Fall season, hitting the US with the legendary Crowbar, Havok, Fit For An Autopsy and Armed For Apocalypse, Europe with death metal peers Cannibal Corpse and Aeon before finally closing out a mini-run in Australia with Thy Art Is Murder. Check out the track stream for “Deathless” below along with full album details and the full itinerary for the band’s upcoming tour dates. Pre-order Deathless in all its variations hereContinue reading

WOVENWAR Streaming Debut Album

wovenwarI have been championing the debut album from Wovenwar, which arose out of the ashes of As I Lay Dying with Shane Blay of Oh, Sleeper on vocals. I absolutely love what this band has done and I am so stoked that the AILD dudes were able to pick up and continue making music after all of the bullshit that happened with their psychotic former vocalist. I think Wovenwar have put together a seamless debut album and you all need to hear it. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

WOVENWAR Streaming New Track “Profane”

WovenwarI was extremely curious about Wovenwar when they arrived earlier this year. If you haven’t been keeping up, Wovenwar is all of As I Lay Dying minus Tim Labesis with the addition of Oh, Sleeper‘s Shane Blay taking over vocal duties. I’m really loving the bands album and the band has released one of my favorite tracks off of the album for your streaming pleasure. You can check out “Profane” after the jump. It’s gooooood.     Continue reading

CANNIBAL CORPSE Streaming New Track “Sadistic Embodiment”

cannibalcorpseaskeletaldomainWow. It seems like just yesterday that I posted about how Cannibal Corpse would be releasing a new album in a few months time. Well, to make things even more exciting for fans of the death metal titans, the band has unleashed their first track off of the pending slab of death and gore. The track is titled “Sadistic Embodiment” and it is true-to-form Cannibal Corpse and it is amazing. You can check out this brutal beat down after the jump.     Continue reading

CANNIBAL CORPSE To Release New Album In September

cannibalcorpseaskeletaldomainOh hell to the yes. My favorite death metal monstrosity Cannibal Corpse will be releasing a new album this year! The bands thirteenth full-length album since their inception in 1988 is titled A Skeletal Domain (see artwork above) and sources say that it is due for a mid-September release. As it has been two years since the band released Torture and the fact that Adam D. of Killswitch Engage somewhat spilled the beans on Metal Injection’s weekly podcast a few weeks ago, I had a feeling that a new record would soon be upon us. You guys have no idea how stoked I am. Now, off to re-jam Torture! Check out the track list below.    Continue reading

WOVENWAR Streaming New Track “Mason”

WovenwarWovenwar, the new project formed out of the ashes of As I Lay Dying (sans Lambesis), have quite a following already and they have only released one song. Until today that is. The band has just unleashed their second track titled “Mason” which comes off of their highly anticipated debut album. Check out the new track below. It’s pretty rad.      Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL Release Music Video For “Worship The Digital Age”

whitechapel-ourendlesswarWhitechapel have made their way back on to my iPod after a few years of being absent because of their new album Our Endless War. This album reminds me more and more of the Whitechapel that I got hooked on during the Somatic Defilement-era. It’s thick, it’s chunky and it’s pretty rad. Unfortunately, I am not digging the music video for “Worship The Digital Age,” although I do like the song. Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.     Continue reading

GOATWHORE Release Lyric Video For “FBS”

goatwhoreIn their standard fashion, Goatwhore have made their comeback with vigor. The band has unleashed the seventh track from their forthcoming record and it’s a beast. I have always loved what Goatwhore have put out, and it seems that this release will not leave fans in the lurch. Check out the new track “FBS” via the lyric video after the jump. It rules hard. Trust me. I’m a doctor.       Continue reading

RIVERS OF NIHIL Release Video For “Birth Of The Omnisavior”

rivers-of-nihil_photo01Rivers Of Nihil released the brutal The Conscious Seed Of Light last year and the band has now released their music video for one of my favorite tracks off of the album. The track is “Birth Of The Omnisavior” and while it isn’t a new, ground breaking video, I have definitely seen worse. It’s basically the band standing in a dark room, being br00tal. It works. Check it out.     Continue reading


brutalWell, this tour is pretty fucking sweet. You got Cannibal Corpse and Aeon both delivering killer death metal and Revocation thrashing the hell out of everything and you put them all on a tour together? Nice! Well, if you’re in Europe this fall. Yes, that’s right. Check out the dates below and see if this goremachine is headed your way.       Continue reading

WOVENWAR Release Debut Single “All Rise”

WovenwarMany people speculated what would happen to As I Lay Dying once vocalist Tim Lambesis went down for the insane shit he pulled, but it seems as if the remaining four-fifths of the band have worked through the drama and have been working hard on new music with a new singer. The vocalist of Wovenwar is Oh, Sleeper‘s Shane Blay and he is perfect for this project. Check out the bands debut single “All Rise” after the jump.       Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL Streaming New Track “Our Endless War”

whitechapel-ourendlesswarI was a huge fan of Whitechapel‘s Somatic Defilement but my adoration of them kinda tapered off after that. When I learned that the band was releasing a new album, I didn’t really get excited about it, but once I listened to the record, I was really into it. Whitechapel have re-incorporated a lot of the things that made me a fan of theirs in the first place, which is good to hear. The band has just released a lyric video for their new albums title track “Our Endless War” which you can check out after the jump. Radness.     Continue reading


TripleBurtalAlbumCoverUnlocked_zps8d4ead48Well, it seems like the threat of a prison sentence isn’t keeping As I Lay Dying/Austrian Death Machine main man Tim Lambesis down. Here on American Aftermath we haven’t been following all of the drama surrounding the guy because (for the most part) we prefer to stick to music news and not rely on all of the bullshit to get page views.

Anyway, Austrian Death Machine will apparently still be releasing its new record Triple Brutal and a new song has been issued. Check out the track after the jump. Or don’t. It’s not great, I don’t think. Whatever.     Continue reading

MOUNT SALEM Are Brilliant And I Am Late To The Party

MountSalem-EndlessI hate when I arrive to a party too late and I miss all the fun. Well, that’s how I felt when I finally listened to Mount Salem, one of Metal Blade Records latest doom acts. The band is one of the most amazing neo-classic doom bands I have ever heard (right on par with Pilgrim, who were a subject of a post yesterday). Not only are they heavy and powerful, they have the additive gift of being lead on vocals by the lovely Emily Kopplin. This is definitely a that needs to be watched. Check out a track from the upcoming re-press of their long out-of-print EP below.     Continue reading

PILGRIM Streaming New Track “The Paladin”

Pilgrim-Void-WorshipNeo-classic doom metallers Pilgrim have been secretly working on their follow-up to their amazing 2012 release Misery Wizard and the band have sprung a righteous, crushing new track titled “The Paladin.” This track comes off of Pilgrim‘s sophomore album II: Void Worship. Isn’t that an amazing title for an album?! Check out this beautifully crafted doomer after the jump. It’ll rock your world in half.     Continue reading