BATTLECROSS Streaming New Track “Not Your Slave”

Battlecross have returned! Oh, it is a grand day, is it not? The band will unleash their new album Rise To Power in August and, as if to tease us even more, the band is currently streaming a new track. This track is titled “Not Your Slave” and it is glorious. You can check out the track after the jump and see if Battlecross are going to crush you this year. N’joi.      Continue reading

CATTLE DECAPITATION Streaming New Track “Manufactured Extinct,” Reveal Album Details

cattle decapMan, leave it to Cattle Decap to announce a new album that I cannot pronounce. The Anthropocene Extinction may be a mouthful, but it is also shaping up to be quite the destroyer.  Cattle Decap have always pleased my earholes and this album will be no different. To prove this point, the band is currently streaming a new track titled “Manufactured Extinct” and it is glorious. Check out the new track and the details for The Anthropocene Extinction after the jump. Gravy!     Continue reading

SECRETS OF THE SKY Release Music Video For “Eternal Wolves”

secrets of the skyCalifornian deathdoom horde Secrets Of The Sky released their spectacular new album Pathways today and, as if that wasn’t enough, they also released a new music video. Secrets Of The Sky have some killer marketing skills. If you figure that the people who have yet to check out/buy your album stumble across a really cool music video that was released same day as the album, said person might be swayed to purchase Pathways. Check out the video below and then go buy the album. It’s killer.     Continue reading

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Release Music Video For “The Coma Machine”

btbamWell, I am excite. Between The Buried And Me have released a new song off of their upcoming Coma Ecliptic! The track is titled “The Coma Machine” and it comes along with it’s own nine-minute music video! The video is actually really cool and it’ll hold you attention throughout. The song is great. It’s BTBAM. I mean, did you expect to be disappointed? Check out the video/song after the jump.      Continue reading

SIX FEET UNDER Streaming New Track “Gruesome”

Death metal legends Six Feet Under will release their amazing new record next month and the band has released a stunning new track titled “Gruesome.” Now, with Chris Barnes being the head of the hydra in SFU, I am not surprised that the band chose to release a new track on 4/20, but I thought it might be something more pot-provoking. Regardless, check out the new beast below.      Continue reading

BEHEMOTH Release Music Video For “Messe Noire”

The Satanist was definitely a high note in Behemoth‘s career. I think we can all agree on that. Well, the band has released their music video for “Messe Noire” which appears on The Satanist. It is definitely an interesting video and you can see for yourself by clicking on over after the jump. Nergal, please.     Continue reading

ABIOTIC Streaming New Track “Molecular Rematerialization”

abioticcasTechnical death metal outfit Abiotic are prepping the release of their new album Casuistry which is due out later this month and the band has released a new track titled “Molecular Rematerialization,” which is available for your listening pleasure below. Don’t go into this with a weak mind, the death metal that Abiotic bring is not to be toyed with. Get crushed.    Continue reading

SIX FEET UNDER Streaming New Track “Stab”

I used to be huge into Six Feet Under, as Cannibal Corpse is one of my all-time favorite bands, but in the last few years I have kinda fallen out of interest. The band is still good, but there is so much music out there, I haven’t had the time. The bands new album however, is starting to sound pretty sweet. See for yourself. Check out the bands first track from their new album Crypt Of The Devil. The track is titled “Stab.” Crush.     Continue reading

TWITCHING TONGUES Announce New Album And Signing To Metal Blade Records


Following a short cryptic run of updates late last year and early 2015, LA’s weirdest hardcore outfit Twitching Tongues have officially announced their signing to Metal Blade Records along with plans for a new LP due out this upcoming Fall. Check out the official announcement video below along with a stream of Twitching Tongue’s latest record, In Love There Is No Law, and catch the band (hopefully with a new song) on this year’s This Is Hardcore Festival! Continue reading

THEORIES Streaming New Album “Regression”

theoriesWho wants to start their day off with some killer death grind madness? Well, you’re in luck! Theories, who will be unleashing their Metal Blade debut Regression next week, are currently streaming their new album in full. I’m tellin’ ya, this album is fucking incredible. I have listened to it a handful of times and it keeps getting better. Check out a full stream (via Invisible Oranges) below.      Continue reading