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WOVENWAR Release Debut Single “All Rise”

WovenwarMany people speculated what would happen to As I Lay Dying once vocalist Tim Lambesis went down for the insane shit he pulled, but it seems as if the remaining four-fifths of the band have worked through the drama and have been working hard on new music with a new singer. The vocalist of Wovenwar is Oh, Sleeper‘s Shane Blay and he is perfect for this project. Check out the bands debut single “All Rise” after the jump.       Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL Streaming New Track “Our Endless War”

whitechapel-ourendlesswarI was a huge fan of Whitechapel‘s Somatic Defilement but my adoration of them kinda tapered off after that. When I learned that the band was releasing a new album, I didn’t really get excited about it, but once I listened to the record, I was really into it. Whitechapel have re-incorporated a lot of the things that made me a fan of theirs in the first place, which is good to hear. The band has just released a lyric video for their new albums title track “Our Endless War” which you can check out after the jump. Radness.     Continue reading


TripleBurtalAlbumCoverUnlocked_zps8d4ead48Well, it seems like the threat of a prison sentence isn’t keeping As I Lay Dying/Austrian Death Machine main man Tim Lambesis down. Here on American Aftermath we haven’t been following all of the drama surrounding the guy because (for the most part) we prefer to stick to music news and not rely on all of the bullshit to get page views.

Anyway, Austrian Death Machine will apparently still be releasing its new record Triple Brutal and a new song has been issued. Check out the track after the jump. Or don’t. It’s not great, I don’t think. Whatever.     Continue reading

MOUNT SALEM Are Brilliant And I Am Late To The Party

MountSalem-EndlessI hate when I arrive to a party too late and I miss all the fun. Well, that’s how I felt when I finally listened to Mount Salem, one of Metal Blade Records latest doom acts. The band is one of the most amazing neo-classic doom bands I have ever heard (right on par with Pilgrim, who were a subject of a post yesterday). Not only are they heavy and powerful, they have the additive gift of being lead on vocals by the lovely Emily Kopplin. This is definitely a that needs to be watched. Check out a track from the upcoming re-press of their long out-of-print EP below.     Continue reading

PILGRIM Streaming New Track “The Paladin”

Pilgrim-Void-WorshipNeo-classic doom metallers Pilgrim have been secretly working on their follow-up to their amazing 2012 release Misery Wizard and the band have sprung a righteous, crushing new track titled “The Paladin.” This track comes off of Pilgrim‘s sophomore album II: Void Worship. Isn’t that an amazing title for an album?! Check out this beautifully crafted doomer after the jump. It’ll rock your world in half.     Continue reading

SISTER Release Music Video For “My Enemy”

sisterI wasn’t as pleased with the new record by Sweden’s Sister. Hated was such a strong album, I guess I was expecting sooo much more from Disguised Vultures and it just didn’t deliver how I wanted it to. There are a few good tracks on the album, but more than a few began to remind me of Wednesday 13… Well, Sister have released a new music video for their song “My Enemy” which you can see after the jump. It’s a fucking strange video featuring a lot of abstract and haunting imagery. Not sure how I feel about it, really. It’s just… Well, it is what it is.      Continue reading

BEHEMOTH Unveil Lyric Video For “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”

BehemothIt’s pretty easy to say that Behemoth‘s new album The Satanist is one of the most anticipated records of 2014. I mean, everyone is looking forward to this album and now have gotten yet another taste of what The Satanist has to offer. And it’s amazing. “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” has been premiered via a lyric video which you can check out after the jump. Oh, lord Satan, this is unbelievable.     Continue reading

Blow Your Trumpets, Gabriel: BEHEMOTH Release New Song & Video

BehemothAt long last, the legendary Behemoth have returned! After four years and one fight with cancer, this blackened death metal horde has returned with one of their best songs to date. To improve this even better, the band has released an astonishing new music video to accompany it.

Wait, what? We also know the release date for The Satanist?! Today is grand!      Continue reading

Madness At The Core: GWAR Releases New Music Video

GWARSomehow I missed that Gwar released a new music video last Thursday but shit, am I glad I finally found it. The video is for their song “Madness At The Core Of Time” which appears on Gwar‘s latest album Battle Maximus. I love this song and the video is pretty rad for a live video. Check it out:       Continue reading

A Fertile Altar: RIVERS OF NIHIL Release Lyric Video

Rivers of NihilDeath metal horde Rivers Of Nihil, who released their debut on Metal Blade a while back, have just unleashed a lyric video for their song “A Fertile Altar,” which fucking destroys as a song. I really dig the visualization that goes along with it, so yeah. Check it out after the jump.     Continue reading

You Make Me Sick: SISTER Release New Music Video & Single!

SisterAfter I reviewed the debut album by Sweden’s Sister I was hooked. Their music took me places and I loved it. They released an album of dirty hair metal that will kick you in the ass and I have been keeping a close eye on them ever since, awaiting an announcement stating that they would be releasing a new album.

Well, the announcement has been made and the band has released their first two singles from their sophomore album which is set to be released early next year. To go along with the new singles, the band has released a music video for their song “Sick” that you can check out after the jump. Sit back and enjoy the madness.     Continue reading

We’re All Doomed: PILGRIM Finish Recording New Album

PilgrimNortheastern doom outfit Pilgrim, who released their incredible debut album Misery Wizard last year, have completed work on their new album! If you are fans of doom done in the vein of Witchfinder General, Lord Vicar and Reverend Bizarre, this is right up your alley. If you have yet to listen to the bands last offering, you can check out a track after the jump. This should get you good and hyped for the coming storm. Stay tuned for more information.     Continue reading

Swoop Of The Falcon: HAIL OF BULLETS Release New Lyric Video

Hail-Of-Bullets-III-The-Rommel-ChroniclesLast month I posted about the new Hail Of Bullets track “Pour Le Mérite” and now I’m back to tell you about the thundering follow-up single “Swoop Of The Falcon.” As much as I loved “Pour Le Mérite,” this new track is even better. Punishing death metal from a bunch of guys who know their shit. You can check out the new track via the lyric video below. It’s well worth your time. Check this shit out:     Continue reading

Place Of Serpents: RIVERS OF NIHIL Streaming “The Conscious Seed Of Light”

Rivers-of-Nihil-The-Conscious-Seed-of-LightRivers Of Nihil are a death metal horde that it took me a bit to get into. Once I got into them however, I didn’t even consider looking back. Their vicious attack of ferocity has blown me away and their latest effort and debut full-length The Conscious Seed Of Light is an astonishing feat of death metal.

The album will be released next Tuesday, the 15th by Metal Blade and you now have the pleasure of knowing what a ton of bloggers have been hyping about when it comes to Rivers Of Nihil. The album is currently streaming in full right here! That’s right! Head your ass over there and listen to it! You can check out their track “Rain Eater” after the jump to get you stoked!     Continue reading

Of Soil & Seed: RIVERS OF NIHIL Unleash Brutality With New Track

Rivers-of-Nihil-The-Conscious-Seed-of-LightExactly a week ago I told you about that radical Rivers Of Nihil track “Mechanical Trees” and how awesome it was. I have been absolutely loving the bands forthcoming album The Conscious Seed Of Light, which is due out on October 11th via Metal Blade and now you can get yet another vicious slab of death metal in the form of “Soil & Seeds.” You can stream the new track here and check out Rivers Of Nihil‘s first single “Rain Eater” after the jump.       Continue reading