Watch SHAI HULUD Record Guitar For Their Upcoming Album


As the release date for “Reach Beyond The Sun” nears, Shai Hulud in conjunction with Metalblade Records have been very busy keeping our ear vaginas moist. This time the group has chosen to tease us with a clip of band guitarist and mastermind Matt Fox tracking guitar for the song “The Mean Spirits, Breathing“.

There really isn’t much to say about the video other than the song clips sound fucking awesome and I can’t wait to hear the album in full. Continue after the jump to watch the in-studio session and make you buy Reach Beyond The Sun when it comes out in 19 days! Continue reading

Reaching Beyond The Sun: SHAI HULUD Releases Another New Track

Yesterday the classiest dudes in hardcore, Shai Hulud, made a second track off their upcoming MetalBlade release available for streaming via The new song is titled “A Human Failing” and boy, is it a dozy! This three-minute and thirty-second long piece of music is everything we have come to expect and love from Shai Hulud. With heavy melodic guitar and meaningful lyrics like these, A Human Failing is sure to become a hardcore anthem.

The band’s forthcoming release “Reach Beyond The Sun” will hit stores mid February. Until then, I suggest you do as I am doing and listen to the two songs that have been released over and over… Why? Because Shai Hulud is one of my favorite bands, and because Reach Beyond Sun is my most anticipated release of 2012.     Continue reading

AEON Release First Studio Update For “Aeons Black”

Swedish death metal band, Aeon, have been busy as fuck trying to build hype for their upcoming release “Aeons Black“. First the band made the title track available for streaming, then they released a lyric video for it and now they have posted their first in-studio update. Unlike most studio updates, this series starts members of Aeon tracking bass and vocals which is unusual considering you always record drums first.

It sounds like the song being tracked in the video is “Aeons Black“, which is dumb considering we’ve all heard that song, but whatever. Watch the video and get stoked for “Aeons Black” out November 20th on Metalblade records.


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— Josh Huddleston


Leaving My Astral-Body: BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Post


Good morning, loyal readers! It’s time to start your Friday morning with a trippy new Between The Buried and Me music video. The band has just released a video for the track “Astral Body“, which serves as the band’s first single off their upcoming Metalblade release, “The Parallax II: Future Sequences“.

This video kind of reminds me of a mix between Prometheus, Avatar, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, but scored to a progressive metal song. Even if you don’t really like BTBAM, this video is worth checking out.. Is it weird that this made me wanna eat some mushrooms?

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— Josh Huddleston

Aeons Black: AEON Have Announced New Album; Title Track Now Streaming

Sweden’s Aeon have just finished up tracking their upcoming fourth full length album entitled, “Aeons Black“. This mammoth album is due out November 20th on Metalblade.
The band is toting this album to be their “grooviest” album to date which is generally a turn off for me when it comes to death metal. However, the new song does sound pretty dope. I haven’t been too into death metal in the past year or so but I am highly anticipating the release of this album. Continue reading for the official press statement and comments from the band –

Continue reading

This Is What Happens When You’re Just A Stupid Hardcore Kid and Try To Play Real Music: BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Upload 2nd Parallax II In Studio Video

Progressive fan boy favorites, Between The Buried and Me, have already struck back with a second helping of in studio updates. This time the focal point of the video is Tommy Rogers recording vocals and keyboards. There are a few bonuses in the video, as you see non-members of BTBAM recording saxophone, tuba and violin and can possibly garner a chuckle from the bands irreverent sense of humor. Make sure you take a look back at the prior in studio videos if you haven’t gotten around to checking them out yet.

Between The Buried and Me’s new album, “Parallax II: Future Sequences” will be out October 9th on Metalblade. Pick it up, it’s good.

Does This Commercial Make You Wanna Go To SUMMER SLAUGHTER???

Metalblade Records is on some throwback shit with the release of a fucking commercial trying to build hype for the Summer Slaughter tour. lol, I really don’t know why labels waste their money making these commercials anymore. I mean if it’s not playing on fucking headbangers ball or uranium or something is there even a point? Do shows like that even exist anymore?

Anyway, Let’s have a roll call. How many of you guys will be attending this years edition of Summer Slaughter? I’ll probably be at the one in Dallas. I know I have previously made fun of this years line up, but it turned out better than I expected and I’ll probably be conducting some interviews, so whatevs….

2012 Summer Slaughter Tour dates:

07/20 Los Angeles, CA — House of Blues (feat. Fallujah)
07/21 San Diego, CA — SOMA (feat. Fallujah)
07/22 Las Vegas, NV — House of Blues
07/23 Scottsdale, AZ — Venue of Scottsdale
07/25 Dallas, TX — House of Blues
07/26 San Antonio, TX — White Rabbit
07/27 Mission, TX — Pharr Events Center
07/28 Houston, TX — House of Blues
07/30 Tampa, FL — The Ritz
07/31 Ft. Lauderdale, FL — Revolution
08/01 Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade
08/02 Knoxville, TN — The Valarium
08/03 Charlotte, NC — Amos Southend
08/04 Baltimore, MD — Sonar (feat. The Contortionist)
08/05 Philadelphia, PA — The Trocadero (feat. The Contortionist)
08/07 Sayreville, NJ — Starland Ballroom (feat. The Contortionist)
08/08 New York, NY — Irving Plaza (feat. The Contortionist)
08/09 Albany, NY — Northern Lights (feat. The Contortionist)
08/10 Worcester, MA — The Palladium (feat. The Contortionist)
08/11 Montreal, QC — Heavy Montreal
08/12 Toronto, ON — Heavy Toronto
08/14 Cleveland, OH — House of Blues
08/15 Detroit, MI — St. Andrew’s
08/16 Chicago, IL — House Blues
08/17 Milwaukee, WI — The Rave
08/18 St. Paul, MN — Station 4
08/20 Denver, CO — Summit Music Hall
08/22 Seattle, WA — The Showbox Sodo
08/23 Portland, OR — Roseland Theater
08/24 San Francisco, CA — The Fillmore
08/25 Anaheim, CA — The Grove


— Josh Huddleston

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