Listen To TOM WAITS and KEITH RICHARD’s Contribution To Pirate Songs Compilation

Tom Wait’s bellowing, cantankerous voice is accompanied by Keith Richards on this little ballad for the upcoming Son of Rogues Gallery, a follow up to 2006’s Rogue Gallery. Tom and Keith’s cover of the classic folk song/sea chantey “Shenandoah” will be featured on this upcoming two disc collections of “pirate ballads, sea songs and chanteys”, which was curated by actor Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Carribean director, Gore Verbinski. Along with Tom Waits, the compilation will see many contributions from artists like Iggy Pop and a Hawk and a Hacksaw, Frank Zappa, Patti Smith and Johnny Depp, Broken Social Scene, Michael Gira of Swans and more! It will be released on February 19th via Anti- Records. Check out “Shenandoah” and the full track listing below.

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Review: SWANS-“The Seer”

By Lane Oliver

Fans waited fourteen years for the shape-shifting entity known as Swans to return in 2010 with the phenomenal My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky.  That record was a forty minute leviathan that combined elements of Swans and Angels of Light into a colossal slab of elated sound. My Father ended up being one of my favorite records of that year and one of my favorite Swans records of all time. But there is always room for improvement and boundaries to push with anything that bears the Swans moniker. The band knew this and combined their talents in the studio to create something bigger than anything they have ever done and bigger then themselves as well. The end result is The Seer; an eleven song, two hour monster collected on two discs. The record, according to frontman Michael Gira, “took 30 years to make”. He also described it as a culmination of all music he has been involved in including Swans. When you listening to this record you will see that his statement is true.

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Album Of The Week: SWANS’ “Holy Money”

Originally released in 1986, Holy Money is one of the more influential records that Swans has ever put out. Bands such as Godflesh, Sunn O))), and Khanate have all cited this particular album as an influence on their own work. It is also my favorite of the early 80’s Swans records (I am referring to Filth, Cop, Greed and this). Back in these days, Swans were a monstrous force to be reckoned with. The music is slow, daunting, claustrophobic, loud, and at times, frightening. Swans were masters at this “industrial”/”no-wave” style that developed around their time. It’s also worth noting that frontman, Michael Gira sounds absolutely menacing. His unique voice runs the gamut of droning chants and tortured screams. Gira’s vocals definitely added to Swans’ malevolent qualities back in these days. There are also a couple of piano ballads that Jarboe beautifully sings to you on here as well. That provides a very short break from the intensity of this album but it’s not long before the album kicks back with relentless and thunderous music. But anyway, this is my pick for album of the week. If you like loud, noisy and dark music, you should enjoy Holy Money.

-Lane Oliver

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SWANS Working On New Studio Album And New Live Album

According to The Quietus, the legendary Swans are at work on the follow up to last year’s album, My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (their first album in in 14 years). In a statement released by the band states “the album will be released in early 2012. Michael Gira (who is producing the album) has yet to decide in what format(s) the album will be made available. The album will be released through Young God Records” (The Quietus). I was hoping the album would come out this year, but you can’t rush perfection.

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