Review: CLOUD RAT-“Moksha”

By Lane Oliver

Michigan’s grinding hardcore misfits, Cloud Rat, are a band that has apparently slipped through my cracks for some time. The other writers have mentioned Cloud Rat before but I never had a chance to give them a listen before their new full length, Moksha, fell into my lap. I obsessively checked out the band’s back catalog before giving this record a listen and was still not prepared for what Moksha would bring. This record shows Cloud Rat at their heaviest, rawest and shows them breaking new ground as well.

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Liberator: CLOUD RAT Streaming Track Off Of Upcoming Album “Moksha”

By a ricochet means of communication, I first found out about Cloud Rat from AA head, Ross Gnarly, who in turn found out about them from J. Randall’s(ANb, Japanese Torture Comedy Hour) independent noise/grind/hip-hop/powerviolence label, Grindcore Karaoke. Cloud Rat play a frenzied style of grindcore that borderlines between the brittle melodics of 90s screamo and the caustic violence of black metal. Following up on their devastating split with Republic Of Dreams is their upcoming full length album, Moksha(out Feb. 2013 via Halo Of Flies Records), which roughly translates into Sanskrit to mean either “liberation” or “release”, a definite catharsis and liberation from stress for me personally. A track off of Moksha, entitled “Aroma” is currently streaming exclusively over at Halo Of Flies official site. Stream that here and Cloud Rat’s previous full length albums(one is actually a compilation), available free(and as vinyl here) via Grindcore Karaoke below. Details on the album are poised to be released soon as well as pre-order information. We’ll keep you posted. Stay grind.