PUBLICIST UK Release Music Video For “Canary”

pub ukPublicist UK released their debut album Forgive Yourself last month and they have swiftly followed it up with a new music video. Now, this is a strange video, but if you’re digging Publicist UK, you are already digging the weirdness. I really dig this track and the video is… Eyeopening. Check it out below and see what’s up.      Continue reading

PUBLICIST UK Streaming New Album “Forgive Yourself”

Publicist UK (Municipal Waste, Revocation) have premiered their upcoming debut album, Forgive Yourself, over at Relapse Records. The album will officially be released this Friday, August 21, and can be purchased here. The album features a driving, modern post-punk influenced rock sound that fans of Beastmilk and the like can get into. Stream it for yourself after the break.

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Publicist UK
, who share members with Revocation and Municipal Waste, will release Relapse Records debut Forgive Yourself next month and I am seriously looking forward to it. The band plays an interesting brand of heavy music and I really dig it. If you so dare, just kidding it’s rad, stream the band’s new track “Cowards” below. Check it, son.     Continue reading

IRON REAGAN Release Music Video For “I Won’t Go”

iron reaganMegaforce Iron Reagan released a phenomenal new album earlier this year and the band has released a few music videos since, the latest of which was released today. The video that was released most recently is for their track “I Won’t Go” and it’s a pretty cool video on top of being an amazing track. The video was shot in what looks like Iron Reagan‘s rehearsal space and it’s shot in black and white. Rad. Check it out.     Continue reading

IRON REAGAN Streaming New Track “Four More Years”

iron reaganThrashpunks Iron Reagan will be unloading their new album next month and the band has already graced us with a handful of rad singles, but now the band has provided us with the new albums opus “Four More Years.” This is the bands four-minute track that is tucked nicely into the end of the album. Oh, did I mention that this rocks really fucking hard? Check it out after the jump or get bent, dude.      Continue reading


The Glorious Gone, the band previously known as Argonauts, recently performed at this past weekend’s Gwar-B-Q in Richmond, Virginia. Fan-filmed footage captured the band performing a new track and you can witness it in all its riff-churning glory below.

The band’s new lineup appears to be the following, according to their Facebook Page.

Harrison Christy (ex-Psyopus) – Vocals
Chris Alfano (East of the Wall) – Guitar
Brett Bamberger (ex-East of the Wall, Revocation) -Bass
Dave Witte (Municipal Waste) – Drums
John Adubato (ex-Burnt By the Sun) – Guitar

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IRON REAGAN Streaming New Track “Miserable Failure”

iron reaganHardcore punks Iron Reagan, which features members of crossover thrashers Municipal Waste  will be releasing a new album The Tyranny of Will and the band has unleashed the monster that is “Miserable Failure.” This track is a phenomenal portrayal of hardcore madness deeply dyed in the wool. Check out the track after the jump.      Continue reading

IRON REAGAN To Release New Album In September Also

iron reaganIn other soon-to-be-released news, Iron Reagan have announced that they will be releasing their new full-length in September as well. This album is destined to be rad-as-fuck and I cannot wait to hear this bands massive aggressiveness once more. Just as a reminder, the band features members of Municipal Waste and Cannabis Corpse, so that should give you some vibe on how rad these punks can be, that is if you haven’t already caught on to them. Which you should have. Not much else has been announced other than the title, which is The Tyranny Of Will and the track list, which you can see after the jump. Continue reading


IROCCUIron Reagan, the Municipal Waste side project, has announced a group of tours alongside the bands Occultist and Ghoul coming up this April. Any one of these shows will surely destroy every braincell you have left. So if you’re in the area, go out and see the spectacle. Check out the dates after the jump.       Continue reading

BAT Streaming New EP “Primitive Age”

Metal Injection has premiered the new EP from BAT (Municipal Waste, DRI), Primitive Age, for your ear canals to savor. It’s got that old school crossover thrash sound that is sure to delight the filthy, angst-ridden punk in everyone. Head over to Metal Injection to stream it and download it from the band’s Bandcamp or pick up a nice bundle package at this location.

IRON REAGAN Announce Summer Tour Dates

Iron Reagan (Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour) have announced a string of new North American tour dates that will commence in just a few weeks. This tour will see the debut of new bassist Rob Skotis (Hellbear) in their midst. The tour will be in support of their new record, Worse Than Dead, which you can stream below. Here is where the band will be hitting:

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No, Not The Drowning Pool Song: IRON REAGAN Release New Track

Iron Reagan (Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour) will release their debut full length, Worse Than Dead, on March 5th via A389 Recordings and Magic Bullet Records. This intense melodic hardcore outfit have given us a taste of the new record over at Exclaim in the form of “Bodies”. The song is just full of energy and spite and will have you moshing in your parents living room while they stare at you and contemplate committing you into a mental institution. Check out that track now if you know what’s good for you.

-Lane Oliver

Baroness Relief: Friends Of BARONESS To Hold Benefit Auction

You may remember the horrific bus accident that Baroness was involved in last year. The band members are recovering very well from the accident but, as you can imagine, their medical expenses are ridiculous. In a true act of love and kindness, friends of the band have launched a relief fund for them. These friends include Mastodon, Meshuggah, Neurosis, Season of Mist Records, Circle Takes the Square and a lot more. The aptly named Baroness Relief will hold a benefit auction in which the aforementioned bands will auction of instruments, LP’s, signed posters and other merchandise they have donated. The upcoming auction, that will take place on eBay,  (no date has been set as of yet) has been organised by Baroness’ sound engineer Loopy Fiasco, Relapse Records’ Rennie Jaffe and the band’s “web dude”. Baroness’ “web dude” made it clear that “all proceeds from this auction will be given directly to the band and crew affected in as transparent way as possible.” We will keep you updated on the auction as more info becomes available. Until then, check out some of the things people have donated to the auction below!

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TANKCRIMES RECORDS Tenth Anniversary: Bandcamp Anarchy


Just five days ago, on the 8th of this month, the awesome Tankcrimes Records celebrated their 10th Anniversary as a label and as a payoff to their fans and followers, have since been allowing downloads of almost their entire discography of releases on a pay-what-you-want basis. I began following Tankcrimes about halfway through their career, first introduced into their line of excellent, humorous, and brutal releases through acts such as the weed and old school death metal influenced group Cannabis Corpse and the Gwar-ian death thrashers, Ghoul. Their lineage of excellent releases continues today as evidenced by the recent awesome hardcore punk album, Not You, by Kicker and the awesome thrash split , Toxic Waste, between Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste, regular plays around American Aftermath HQ. So what are you waiting for? Go download the whole gamut of albums via bandcamp here. It wouldn’t hurt to donate a couple of bucks either. To many more years of blood soaked releases.