SOULFLY Streaming New Track “Sodomites,” NAILS Vocalist Guests

soulflyOne of my most anticipated albums of 2015 is the new Soulfly record Archangel. This album sounds incredible and it is going to absolutely crush. The band has just released their new track “Sodomites,” which was going to be awesome anyway. You know they made it even better? Todd Jones of Nails guests on the track! You can check out the track below. Bang your fucking head.     Continue reading

SOULFLY Detail Forthcoming Album “Archangel”

Soulfly have released the official details surrounding the group’s forthcoming 10th studio album, Archangel. The Matt Hyde-produced (Slayer, Behemoth) offering will be released through Nuclear Blast on August 14. The record will feature 10 new tracks and will feature guest appearance by Todd Jones of Nails, Matt Young of King Parrot and others. The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break. Pre-orders for the record can be found here.

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DISGRACE Streaming New Track “Slave To The Lead God”


Disgrace, whom Eric and I have both praised in the past, will be releasing their debut album True Enemy at the end of the month, March 24 on Closed Casket Activities. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the band has released a new beast of a track entitled “Slave To The Lead God”.  Additionally, in support of the record,  Disgrace have announced a slate of East Coast tour dates surrounding their slot on Worchester, MA’s New England Metal & Hardcore Festival in April wherein they will be joined by their Troy, NY worshipping brethren in God’s Hate on all dates. Peep the full tour details below along with “Slave To The Lead God” below and pre-order True Enemy via Closet Casket Activities here.

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NAILS Streaming Two New Tracks “Among The Arches Of Intolerance” and “In Pain”

Nails are currently streaming two new tracks that will be featured on the flexi disc that will be packaged with the February issue of Decibel Magazine. The new tracks are titled “Among the Arches of Intolerance” and “In Pain” and are both straightforward, brief and unbearably heavy. Basically, it is Nails being Nails. You can check out both auditory kicks in the teeth at this location.


SKINFATHER Streaming New Album “None Will Mourn”

Skinfather-None-Will-MournEpic Californian Entombed-worshipers Skinfather will release their new album None Will Mourn next week via Streetcleaner Records, a label created by Nails front man Todd Jones. I can tell you right now, this album DESTROYS and if you don’t believe me, check out Eric’s review of the album here. Trust me, you need this record in your life.     Continue reading

REVIEW: SKINFATHER – “None Will Mourn”

Situated by membership and sound in the context of contemporary rising Southern California hardcore, Skinwalker walk the edge along with bands like Power Trip as niche groups prominent among the hardcore underground but not yet broken in the mainstream of their appropriate genres. While the latter Power Trip has found its corner amongst the hardcore world with recent success beyond following the release of their latest record, the approaching three-year career of Skinfather seems to have walked the path of stagnation, having under their belt but two EPs and a record of inconsistent touring with prominence overshadowed by their peers, by the genre disconnect among their main fanbase. 2014 brings Skinfather’s debut record, None Will Mourn, to the front by way of Todd Jones of Nails’s  label Streetcleaner Records. Continuing the group’s evolutionary incline towards a more expansive death metal style whilst refining their hardcore assault, None Will Mourn is definitely the group’s finest work to date and just may be the group’s breakout record. Continue reading

SKINFATHER To Release Debut Full Length “None Will Mourn”

Southern California’s Skinfather have announced the details surrounding their pending debut full length album.  The album will bear the title None Will Mourn and will see a release on April 22nd through Todd Jones of Nails’ label, Streetcleaner Records. The new effort was engineered by Nails’ Taylor Young and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Below you can find the album’s artwork, track listing, and the band’s forthcoming tour dates with Nails. You can also stream the band’s previous material at their Bandcamp page.


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NAILS Announce West Coast Tour

Nails have announced a handful of headlining West Coast tour dates that will commence at the beginning of May. Support on the tour will come from the likes of Iron Lung, Bone Sickness and Skinfather. Nails will also make an appearance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA as well as travel to Europe this Summer. All tour dates can be found after the break.

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Best Of 2013: Eric’s Favorite Albums Of The Year


Hello again, fellow Aftermathers! My prolonged absence from the American Aftermath world officially ends NOW with this penultimate annual post, a small but personally necessary pittance to the plentiful albums and artists that sustained me throughout this most bountiful year in extreme music. The following thirty item list reflects full-length albums only with an aural adherence to the hardcore and powerviolence realms as per my listening habits this year. A ton of awesome death metal revivals as well as resurgences from other notables in the general metal realm happened this year (Gorguts, Carcass, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ulcerate etc.) of which I listened(or rather actively listened) to practically NONE. I simply wasn’t feeling it at this year and intend to return to survey these releases at another time. Thanks to the Aftermath crew especially Ross Gnarly, Lane “The Machine” Oliver, and Josh Huddleston, the bands and musicians, and last but not least, you, the readers! Peep the list after the jump. Continue reading

Best Of 2013: Gnarly’s Favorite Albums Of The Year

2013bestThis has been an amazing year for music. Not just metal, but a great year for all styles and genres. I have enjoyed so many different styles of music this year as well as many, many artists within each style and it was a real pain for me to make this list. I keep this list simply to full-length albums (or LPs, kids). I used to keep it strictly metal when it came to this list and I would weed out rock for its own list, but this year I included non-metal stuff on my list as well. Not a lot of non-metal, but some nonetheless.       Continue reading

Woah! Is Me: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist To Kick Your Mom To

WeekendplaylistAhoy, Gnargonauts! It’s that time of week again. I’m gonna call it a day on posting and do a little maintenance on the site, adding new buttons and shit, so I leave you with this really rad playlist. This is probably one of the most diverse playlists I’ve done in a while, so I hope you enjoy. We got some Volcano Choir, Nails, Have Heart, Demilich and many more. As usual, this playlist is over three hours. So clear your schedule, sit back and enjoy. Thanks for tuning in this week kids.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the premieres we did this week for Harm Wülf and So Hideous!     Continue reading

GODFLESH Postpone Upcoming U.S. Tour

The hardcore outfit and opening act on select dates of Godflesh’s upcoming tour, Nails, tweeted earlier today that the tour has been postponed and rescheduled for the Spring. A venue, Oakland’s Metro Opera House, has confirmed that issues stems from Godflesh not being able to secure Visas. More info and an official statement are expected to follow.

UPDATED 10/12/2013: Justin Broadrick offered an official statement via his Facebook page:

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Best of 2013: Eric’s Favorite Albums Of The First Half Of 2013


Making lists always makes my head hurt and this year’s massive inventory of beautiful releases isn’t making that any easier. With my “to-check-out” list filled to the brim, I have to say that I took a bit more relaxed stance to music discovery this year and enjoyed select releases over extremely long durations of listen rather than hunt down and chronicle as many good albums as I could. The albums in the list below here are those releases. Give them a thorough listen before the end of the year if you can.  Continue reading

Abandon All Life: NAILS Streaming New Album

Stop your mouth-breathing right now! Put away your Fleshlights and drop the coffee cups! Now is the time of your reckoning. Lane recently reviewed Nails‘ latest album Abandon All Life and you can now listen to this bastard in full! This is definitely not something you’d want to pass up.     Continue reading

Review: NAILS-“Abandon All Life”


By Lane Oliver

Perhaps you can recall that classic 80’s anti-drug PSA in which the human brain on drugs is compared to an egg frying in a skillet. Well I am certain that is not your brain on drugs, but your brain on Nails; reduced to mush. The ultra violent crusty hardcore purveyors are back with ten new tracks of stunning brutality that arouse the inner hate-filled beast in all of us. Just as I had expected, Nails do not screw around on Abandon All Life.

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