AHAB Streaming New Album “The Boats Of Glen Carrig”

I’ve been following this new Ahab record very closely. I’m a fan of the band and I really dig their doom, so The Boats Of Glen Carrig was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Well, I wasn’t wrong in having it so. Ahab are currently streaming the new record in full and it’s a beeeeast. Check it out below!      Continue reading

AHAB Teases “Like Red Foam (The Great Storm)” Music Video

Nautical doom horde Ahab will release their new album The Boats Of Glen Carrig at the end of August. The band has released a short teaser for their new music video and it look pretty rad. The video will be for Ahab‘s new track “Like Red Foam (The Great Storm)” and I can’t wait to see it. The video will be released in a few weeks.      Continue reading

AHAB Announce New Album “The Boats Of Glen Carrig”

Nautical doom metal band Ahab have announced the release of their new album The Boats Of Glen Carrig. The album is to be released in late August and it is sure to be spectacular. Ahab have always been an interesting and amazing band and I am sure that The Boats Of Glen Carrig will be great. The album is based on William Hope Hodgson’s ‘The Boats Of The Glen Carrig.’ Sounds pretty rad to me. Check out the art at the top of the post and the track list below.      Continue reading

CONAN Streaming Barbaric New Album “Blood Eagle”

Conan-Blood-Eagle-ArtworkI don’t think there could be a better name to associate with a crushing band this heavy than Conan. I mean, this shit is heavy. Slow and devastating is the name of the game and these dudes know how to play. I am already in love with Conan‘s new album Blood Eagle and you should all be as well. If you’re not up on this yet, let the sweet sounds wash over you. The album is streaming in full over on Noisey RIGHT NOW. Go forth, my children. Make it so.     Continue reading

“Ruthless” New DEVILDRIVER Track Now Playing

Anybody here been looking forward to the new DevilDriver album? I’ve been slightly interested, as their last effort wasn’t bad, but I haven’t gotten my hopes up. The band has released their first single from Winter Kills and you can check it out below. I’m not into it. Like, at all. It seems like the band is going back to their more nu-roots. Check out the song, if you’re into it, after the jump.       Continue reading

About Fucking Time: SUMMONING To Release New Album Next Year

Atmospheric black metal outfit Summoning have been around for a long time and I know I wasn’t the only one thinking “when the fuck are they going to release a new album?” now was I? Well, it has been settled: Summoning will release their first new album in seven years in 2013. Who is fucking pumped for that? This release should coincide with the bands twentieth anniversary, shit’s cray. Continue reading

For Your Glory: EX DEO Release New Lyric Video

Ex Deo are a very fun band. Their music is epic, crushing and orchestral. I also like themed bands. It’s cool to grab a concept, run with it and kill it every time. Ex Deo‘s last album Romulus is STILL in rotation around Aftermath HQ. It’s a great album and their follow-up is looking to hit pretty close to home. The band have just released a new lyric video for their song “Per Oculus Aquila” and it’s pretty fantastic. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Caligvla will be released on August 21st via Napalm Records.

Arise, Emperor: EX DEO Release New Music Video For “I, Caligvla”

Roman mythology-themed death metal act Ex Deo is prepping the release of their new album Caligvla, which will be released on August 31st via Napalm Records. The band recently released a new music video for their song “I, Caligvla” and it’s a pretty cool video all around. I like themed videos and bands because there is always an aspect that you expect to hear and see and I embrace what Ex Deo do and play. I’ve really dug this band for a while now and I am excited to sit down and check out their new album.

Check out the video below and leave you feedback in the comments section.

From The Tomb Of Caligvla: EX DEO Release Album Trailer

The Roman-themed Canadian death metal act fronted by Maurizio Iacono (of Kataklysm fame), Ex Deo has released a trailer for their forthcoming release Caligvla, which will be hitting the streets on August 31st. August 31st is a special date for the band because it just so happens to be the actual Caligula’s 2000th birthday. So yeah. The trailer doesn’t give a lot of musical detail pertaining to the actual crushing death metal brutality that the band offers until the end. I can take that little piece as evidence that this album will destroy. Check out the teaser below. Enjoy and get pumped.

From The Great Depths: AHAB Issue Album Update

German funeral doom quartet Ahab, who has been hard at work on their follow-up to 2009 sophomore album The Divinity of Oceans, has issued an update on their new album. As of right now there aren’t a lot of details to go on, but I am assuming that the album will be released this year via Napalm Records. I have been a fan of Ahab for a while, they are actually one of the bands that got me into funeral doom in the first place, so knowing they are releasing a new album pretty much gets me super stoked. Check out a statement from the band below and then a track off of their last album. After the jump you can see the band’s upcoming European tour dates with Esoteric. Get stoked. It’s time to doom.

We can gladly announce that the guitar and vocal recordings are finished, too. Also, mix and mastering has been completed and it sounds great!

We can hardly wait to share our new baby with you. We will surely post some small teasers in the next weeks.


Sorrow Is Horror: HELLSAW Release Album Teaser

Austrian black metal outfit Hellsaw have released a teaser for their forthcoming release Trist which is set for release on February 24th via Napalm Records. I have had no prior experience with this band, but after listening to the teaser, I am very, very excited to hear this album. It’s raw, aggressive European black metal that rips at your soul and turns your guts into snakes. It’s just great. Trist will be the bands forth full-length album and it doesn’t seem like it will disappoint whatsoever. Check out the teaser below, what do you think?

VAN CANTO: I Have No Idea How This Slipped Past Me.

I don’t mean that title to deceive you. I’m not a fan of Van Canto. I had never heard of this band before reading about them yesterday. Apparently they are an a cappella band from Germany. Yes, a cappella, as in they have a bunch of guys singing guitar parts and vocals. They have an actual drummer so that sets them apart from artists like Dokaka, but it’s still pretty fucking odd. After hearing the new single by Van Canto, I went straight to YouTube and looked ’em up. One of the first videos to come up was a cover of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” Wow. Yeah, that’s all I have say. It’s weird. So, have you heard of this band? If not, check out their new video below. Hell, maybe you’ll like it. This song is a cover of the Sabaton song “Primo Victoria” and features Sabaton frontman Joakim Bróden. Van Canto’s Break The Silence is out now on Napalm Records. Dun-diggy-dun-diggy-dun-diggy-dun.

~R. GnarlyWTF or Die.

THULCANDRA: Black Metals, Not A Silent Planet. Glad We Got That Cleared Up.

Okay, it seems every Sunday I get introduced to a band that I don’t know anything about and I end up really liking them. This time, just to make sure I don’t get any comments saying something like “just fucking Google the band name,” I made sure to do just that before starting this post. Thulcandra are a German black/death band who are currently signed to Napalm Records. (Just a little bit of info, Napalm Records recently pulled their catalog from Spotify. Kinda sucks.) This band is pretty fucking good. I like them a lot based on these two new tracks that they are streaming alone. A lot of blackened death metal bores me because it’s usually a bunch of bands doing their best to sound like Behemoth. I love Behemoth, don’t get me wrong, but most of the bands they try to be them fail.

Anyway, Thulcandra, whose name I have to keep copy and pasting because I can’t remember how to spell it, are preparing to release a new album on September 30th titled Under A Frozen Sun and it should be pretty killer. I know I am stoked to check it out. You can hear “In Blood In Fire” below and “Echoing Voices (A Cold Breeze of Death)” after the jump. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//#BlackMetalSunday


Morning Jams: EX DEO

Okay, so yesterday wasn’t extremely eventful because I had to work a lot of the day and then I had shit today. Oh, how it blows that I actually have to have a life every now and then. Hopefully today I will be able to catch up on some stuff I missed yesterday but as always, let’s start with the morning playlist. This morning I am jamming out to Ex Deo, the Roman history-themed band fronted by Kataklysm’s Maurizio Iacono who is accompanied by other members of Kataclysm, Martyr and ex-Blackguard. The band’s first album Romulus came out in 2009 and it is still a favorite of mine. It’s a crushing death metal album that recounts the creation of Rome (I think). Ex Deo is preparing to unleash their sophomore album Caligula later this year which I am totally stoked for. Now, let’s listen to some jams. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly

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