GORGUTS Working On New Material

Gorguts recently announced that they have begun work on their follow up to 2013’s critically-lauded full-length, Colored Sands. No other details have been revealed other than the group is working on a 30-minute long track. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available and be sure to catch the band at Heavy Montreal on August 7.

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NILE Announce New Album “What Should Not Be Unearthed”

Nile have announced the release of their eighth studio album and follow-up to 2012’s At the Gate of Sethu. The new record will be titled What Should Not Be Unearthed and will see a release through Nuclear Blast on August 28. Guitarist Karl Sanders issued the following comments regarding the release:

“All of us in Nile are happy to announce our upcoming newest album “What Should not be Unearthed” . It’s our 8th official album, and this time we believe we have a Truly Crushing disc to bring to Metal Fans. The focus this time around is on Brutally Heavy Metal Riffing and songwriting ; kind of like of an AOTW approach but very streamlined to achieve maximum destructive impact. Our last record, At the Gates of Sethu was super surgically clean and very “musicianship oriented” whereas the new disc is a polar opposite;
Unearthed is aimed straight at Utter Metal Heaviness and memorable songwriting. Although Unearthed is still full of the kind of Undeniable Musicianship people have come to expect from Nile over the years , it’s the songs themselves that will Hit listeners over the head this time around. These songs will be a blast to play live , and we are stoked at the opportunity to bring these songs to Metal fans everywhere. See you on tour!”

The album’s cover art can be found below.

The band will also be joining Suffocation on a European summer tour in support of the album. Those dates can be found below as well.

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JUNGLE ROT To Release New Album “Order Shall Prevail”, Stream New Track

Wisconsin death metal brigade Jungle Rot have announced the release for their upcoming ninth full-length album and follow-up to 2013’s Terror Regime. The album will be titled Order Shall Prevail and will be released through Victory Records on June 30. Pre-orders for the record can be found here. The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break along with a stream of the pummeling new jam, “Paralyzed Prey”.

You can catch Jungle Rot on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival alongside Slayer and King Diamond this summer. The band will also play a handful of off-dates as well. Those dates can be found below.

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LOCRIAN Announce New Album “Infinite Dissolution”

[Photo by Jimmy Hubbard]

Chicago/Baltimore-based experimental trio Locrian have announced the release of their new full-length record and follow-up to 2013’s Return to Annihilation. The album will bear the title Infinite Dissolution and is scheduled to be released on July 24 via Relapse Records. Produced by Greg Norman (Pelican, etc) and mastered by Brad Boatright, Infinite Dissolution is a multi-part conceptual album that deals with the struggle of human extinction. The album’s artwork, track listing and audio/visual trailer can be viewed after the break.

Pre-orders for the record can be placed here.

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KRONOS Announce New Album “Arisen New Area”

French death metal quartet Kronos have announced the release of their fourth full-length album and follow-up to 2007’s The Hellenic Terror. Titled Arisen New Era, the new record was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Potvin (Arcania, etc) at Dome Studios in Angers, France and will feature nine new scalding tracks. The album is due out on July 24 via Unique Leader Records. The album’s artwork and track listing can be viewed after the break.

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FUCK THE FACTS Streaming Split With FISTFUCK, Announce New Album “Desire Will Rot”

Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts are currently streaming their recently released split with release with Fistfuck over at Exclaim and can be ordered through the band themselves at this location. In addition to the new split, the band have announced a new full-length is on its way. The forthcoming full-length will bear the titled Desire Will Rot and will arrive on August 25 via their own Noise Salvation label. Guitarist Topon Das commented on the upcoming effort:

“Even though we’ve been consistently releasing new music over the past few years, we haven’t put out a full-length album since 2011’s Die Miserable. I love the EPs that we’ve released since then, but this album is long overdue and was initially intended to come out much earlier.

Our 2013 EP Amer is actually the B-sides of Desire Will Rot, and the original plan was for them to be released together (like we did with Die Miserable and the Misery EP). Over the past 12 months we’ve only played a handful of shows, and this has finally allowed us the time to not only complete this new album, but also our Abandoned EP that came out in October last year, and the split with Fistfuck, which has just been released.

Obviously some similarities to the Amer EP are to be expected on this new record, but I think Desire Will Rot is also very similar to our 2008 album Disgorge Mexico in sound and feel. For me, Disgorge Mexico is the album that really defined what I wanted to do with Fuck the Facts, so to finally have a record that I feel has matched that, is something I’m very excited about.”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break.

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KHEMMIS Announce New Album “Absolution”

[Photo by Travis Heacock]

Denver doom quartet Khemmis have announced the release of their debut full-length album and follow-up to their 2013 self-titled EP. The new record will bear the title Absolution and will see a release through 20 Buck Spin on July 7 on digital and CD formats and an LP version to follow mid-August. The upcoming Dave Otero-produced offering will feature six new tracks that fans of Samothrace or Pallbearer will enjoy. The album’s artwork and track listing, as well as a stream of Khemmis‘ self-titled EP, can be found after the break.

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DIABOLICUM Announce New Album “Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows)”

After 14 years of inactivity, cult Swedish industrial black metal outfit Diabolicum will return this year with their third full-length album, Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows). The newly reformed misanthropes, who now feature Shining‘s Niklas Kvarforth in their ranks, will release the follow-up to 2001’s The Dark Blood Rising on July 7 via Code666 in special digipak CD format as well as limited edition double gatefold LP and deluxe limited leather box. The album will boast nine new tracks and will feature guest contributions from Malfeitor Fabban (Aborym) and Vargher (Naglfar, Bewitched, Ancient Wisdom). The album’s track listing can be found after the break.

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DEMON LUNG To Release New Album “A Dracula”

Las Vegas-based doom outfit Demon Lung have announced the release of their sophomore full-length and follow-up to their 2013 debut, The Hundredth Name. The new record will bear the title A Dracula and will see a release through Candlelight Records on June 16. Produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, etc), the record will feature eight new tracks inspired by Juan López Moctezuma’s 1977 horror film “Alucarda”. Drummer Jeremy Brenton comments:

“When we started the writing process, we happened to be deep into an Alucarda obsession. [Vocalist] Shanda [Fredrick] sat down and made an outline for her take on the film and we all started crafting songs to flow with it. Fitting the mood of each riff and melody with the narrative was challenging but it is the most satisfying way for us to write.”

Fredrick adds:

“Alucarda is a more relatable story for me than our last album’s subject matter; which made writing a lot more fun this time around. The heroine in this story is the daughter of Satan, who happens to fall in love with the purest of souls in the convent she resides. She coaxes this soul over to the dark, with only intentions of love but in doing so she dooms her to death by the hands of the nuns. The anger consumes her and she uses her dark powers to resurrect her love and together they kill the convent and then the world. So like I said… it’s a lot more fun this time around.”

Brenton continues:

“While we naturally continued where we left off with The Hundredth Name… We spent twice as much time in the studio with Billy than we did last time and we had more time to experiment.  This was certainly the hardest we have ever worked on anything and we’re very proud of the final product.”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after break along with a stream of The Hundredth Name.

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IMMORTAL BIRD Announce New Album “Empress/Abscess”, “Western Migration Tour”

Midwest blackened death/grind hybrids Immortal Bird have announced the release of their debut full-length and follow up to their 2013 Akrasia EP. Titled Empress/Abscess, the five-track album was recorded with Pete Grossmann (Weekend Nachos, etc) and mixed and mastered by Colin Marston. The EP will feature a guest appearance by John Hoffman of Weekend Nachos and will see drummer/vocalist Rae Amitay switching to a full-time position as vocalist. She elaborates:

“I’ve stepped away from drumming duties and enlisted our live drummer, Garry Naples (Novembers Doom). Essentially, I had to set my ego aside and determine what was going to be the best for this music. [Guitarist] Evan [Berry] and I wrote some incredibly challenging material for Empress/Abscess, and Garry had been playing it live for months, whereas I’d been focusing a lot of my drumming energy on the newest Thrawsunblat album. My chops are in a very different place than they were when we recorded Akrasia and it would take me a week in the studio to do what Garry can accomplish in two days. Having him behind the kit saved us time, the finished product is stronger, and I was able to delve into the vocal performances and lyrics with my undivided attention. Will I play drums on future Immortal Bird albums? It’s entirely likely, but for Empress/Abscess, I passed the sticks over to the best person for the job.”

An official release date is still pending, but Empress/Abscess is expected to drop sometime in June. The band will also be embarking on their “Western Migration” tour later this month. Those dates can be found after the break.

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