Interview – SUNROT


NJ quartet Sunrot identify themselves with the descriptor Compulsive Post Noise Power Sludge.  In listening to the songs of the group’s recent split with fellow NJ crust apostles Inertia, I found that description to be weirdly accurate.  Sunrot embrace the legacy of bands like Godflesh without being overt worshippers at the altar of typical industrial doom.  There is a patina of grit and static overlaying every song, with vocalist Lex’s distorted shouts bringing to mind a lone survivor calling for help over the last functional radio frequency in some post-apocalyptic city.  Samples and drones and harsh noise make appearances alongside thick walls of guitars and pounding low end throughout the band’s catalog, but the sound never gives way to the machine rhythms and clockwork precision of an industrial aesthetic. There is something refreshingly organic about Sunrot’s approach to noisy, crusty doom, and so I asked the band some questions about their sound and approach to heaviness.   

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Exclusive Interview: Jeremy Tingle of LIFELESS + Track Premiere “Surrender”


Lifeless at This Is Hardcore 2014; Photo Credits: Angela Owens (

Lifeless are a band out of New Jersey specializing in bleak, heavy as shit, memorable metallic hardcore. I first heard of the band through a b9 hate thread criticizing their excessively violent shows and fans. Being a fan of ignorant shit live and on record, I knew instantly that they were going to be at best, one of my favorite bands and at worst, at least an enjoyable listen. They quickly settled into the former category and I finally had the chance to see them live at last year’s This Is Hardcore Festival wherein news was ruminating of a new LP. That LP, DREAM, is now in sight, set for the release date of March 24th on Fast Break! Records. I had the chance to speak with frontman Jeremy Tingle about the new record, DIY tour horror stories, chilling with Fury Of Five, the time rumors spread that Jeremy had been beaten to death with his own torn off leg, our mutual interests in DOOM and The X-Files and lots more. Check it all out along with an exclusive premiere of the band’s new single “Surrender” below, follow Lifeless on Facebook here and pre-order DREAM via Fast Break! Records here.

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THE BANNER Announce California Weekend Mini-Tour


They’re back! New Jersey metalcore act, The Banner, have announced dates for a mini California weekend tour surrounding their appearance at the massive upcoming Lancaster, California Punk Is Dead fest. The group’s touring return does not come lightly either. The 2011 expected Born To Ruin I, the first in a set of expected three EPs, finally planted its feet a month or two ago and sold out in a blaze, with an expected shipdate of August 31st. Additionally, in a recent interview with CVLT Nation, key member, Joey Southside, further announced plans for the release of the sequential Born To Ruin EPs in the upcoming months. Peep the dates above, follow The Banner on Facebook here for updates and stream one of the new tracks off of Born To Ruin I, “Negative Zone”, below.

ALTERED BOYS Streaming New Single “Left Behind”/Tour Dates


The manically depraved New Jersey hardcore punk outfit, Altered Boys(whom I featured in the fourth edition of former weekly column Cryptic Passages last year) are back with two brand spanking new tracks just in time for their upcoming Spring tour. The two tracks, “Left Behind” and “Choosing Sides”, feature the same frantic Altered Boys powerviolence-bordered hardcore sound reminiscent of 2000’s bands such as Knife Fight and of the more recent SPINE and are currently encased in a limited cassingle format via tape aficionado label, Bleeding Edges. Pick up the limited tape here, check out the stream and full tour details below, and be sure to be on the lookout for a new 7″ from the Boys via Deranged Records.  Continue reading

One Hour From Anywhere Compilation: New Jersey’s Finest

My life on the internet is becoming quickly cluttered and harder to organize. In addition to my previous addictions to various awesome sites like reddit, reddit, and reddit, I have recently become a writer here at American Aftermath and subject to another online board by the name of the B9 Forums. While all of this is certainly time consuming, my exposure to new and awesome music has increased hundred-fold. One very recent and awesome slab of music has been the One Hour From Anywhere Compilation. Containing some of the best bands in New Jersey’s hardcore, punk, indie and metal scenes, this compilation is a live, no bullshit, no edits in the studio recording and a complete labor of love. Bands include: Ensign, Let Me Run, I AM HERESY, Torchbearer, Fleshtemple, Not the Bees!, Less Life, Decent Living, Bottomfeeder, Something About Death or Dying, The Grains, Les Trois Chaud, Old Wounds, and Disobey.

Stream and download the compilation below(for free or as a pay what you want basis) or pick up the tape from the awesome RTF Records here.


I Turned Into a Lardass – THE MISFATS

Stop. Seriously. If I see one more “Halloween” video in my facebook feed I’m going to cry candy corn tears. If you’re like me, you listen to the Misfits all year round, so here’s a band you might not know and should definitely check out today, or any day.

The Misfats are the only Misfits tribute band that count. Also, I fucking hate tribute bands, and I’m really sick of Kathleen Hanna vocals vomiting all over Earth A.D.  This is pure homage, in a perfect world where the profits of Jerry Only’s soul don’t go toward a Gold’s Gym membership and Danzig actually has a sense of humor (I still love the man).

If you have unopened candy, full bottles of pumpkin beer, and uneaten brains in your fridge, you’re doing Halloween wrong.  Waddle Among Us.

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Exclusive Track Premier: OLD WOUNDS’ “Your Appartment Is A Coffin”

A while back, I was introduced to a aggressive crusty hardcore band from New Jersey called Old Wounds. I reviewed the band’s latest EP a while back and I found it absolutely raw and impressive. It was given a perfect score from me and I have kept up with the band’s activities ever since. Yesterday, I contacted the band about premiering a new track and they agreed. I believe they appreciate what I do, spreading the word about underground music, just as much as I appreciate what they do, make killer hardcore jams.

This new track is very raw and atmospheric with a nice southern vibe to it. The riffing is fantastic and the drumming is an ever-changing array of punishing beats. I have listened to the track non-stop since they band sent it to me. Before I have compared Old Wounds to the likes of New Lows, but now I see a darker, more misanthropic aspect to the band which I would compare to bands like Masakari or At Our Heels. It’s spectacular. And now, I present to you, exclusively on American Aftermath, “Your Appartment Is A Coffin.” Leave some feedback. Let us know what you think of Old Wounds new track!

~R. Gnarly

Review: Windfaerer – “Tribus”

“These Walls” opens with a seriously melodic opening riff. Automatically it is clear that this is folk-ish metal. Bombarding drums and mystifying guitars. The vocals remind me of old Anders from In Flames a bit. All together, this is not bad at all. Speeding melodic metal with a lot of aggression and power behind it. The main riff is great. Instantly makes you want to move around. The vocals are great as the song progresses, a mixture of highs and low growls. This lead guitar is killer. Yes there is a lot of folk metal in this, but black metal and melodic death are quite present as well. After the 3 minute mark, a nice acoustic section comes in. At 3:25, however, that is gone and the lightning quick metal attack is back in full swing. I’m digging it.

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