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New Material From SLEEP On The Way


The legendary Sleep are apparently working on new material according to a recent interview with bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros for Alibi. The interview/article alludes to Cisneros is in the midst of working on albums for OM and Sleep respectively, with a solo EP on the way as well. More info to be shared with you all as it becomes available. I hope this makes you excited, because it makes me excited.

SHAI HULUD Working On New Music

Shai Hulud released their impressive fourth studio album Reach Beyond the Sun this year and the group are apparently in the midst of writing new material. A fifteen second clip was uploaded to the band’s Facebook page yesterday depicting some choice riffs being tracked. Follow the link above to check it out and listen to their track “Reach Beyond the Sun” after the break.

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IMPENDING DOOM Tease New Material

Impending Doom have released a short thirty-four second video teasing new material that is slated to be found on their upcoming album, which the video hints at being released in November of this year. While the teaser is short it is obvious whatever track this is will bring the grooves. You can check it out after the break.

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Crawling From The Grave: LOW PLACES To Release Final Material


The now defunct Low Places died a quiet death this September, announcing the cessation of their negative sludgy hardcore violence on the Facebook page of the product of their dissolution, Child Brides. Before they left however, there was talks of new material on the rise, news that ultimately dwindled into the cracks of Internet time and certainly out of my mind until now. I awoke this morning to news that Low Places have decided to finally release their final works in the form of the eponymous Black Tape. Set to be pressed on limited tape copies, Black Tape is streaming its A-Side below and can be downloaded free here. Check that and a stroll through some of Low Places history below. Keep it trill. Continue reading

Watch BIRD EATER Perform New Material Live

Live footage of Bird Eater’s (Gaza, etc) entire set at The Shred Shed in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 1st has surfaced online. The set features the band performing some new material that will be featured on the band’s upcoming record, which is untitled and has no release date as of yet. The audio gets a little out of sync sometimes but you get the jist of the songs. From what my feeble ears can hear, these songs are hard hitting and just brutal. Check out the video below and be sure to check back for more Bird Eater news.

-Lane oliver

SUICIDE SILENCE Working On New Material

Writing is officially underway for Suicide Silence’s next full length record. Vocalist Mitch Lucker took to Twitter to announce that the band were in the process of writing new songs. The record is not scheduled to be released until Summer of next year so fans will have to twiddle their thumbs in the meantime. This is slated to be the first Suicide Silence record on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. To pacify your need for Suicide Silence’s suicidal chugs, here is “Smoke” from their sophomore record No Time to Bleed.

-Lane Oliver

PELICAN Begin Working On New Material

Pelican have recently announced that the instrumental metal outfit will begin writing new material tomorrow. This new material will follow up this year’s Ataraxia/Taraxis EP and will also be the first songs written since the recent departure of guitarist Laurent Schroeder-Lebec. I am insanely excited to see what Pelican pulls out next. Stay tuned!

-Lane Oliver

DIVINE HERESY Begin Writing New Material

California based metal band, Divine Heresy (which features Dino Cazares of Fear Factory), looks like to be in the process of writing new material. According to the band’s Twitter, the band has written music for two songs thus far. The band hasn’t released any material since 2009′s Bringer of Plagues nor has the band announced a replacement bassist for Joe Payne. More on this as it develops. Until then, watch the video for “Facebreaker” below.

-Lane Oliver

KVELERTAK Perform New Material Live

Norway’s Kvelertak have recently performing some new material live and luckily some fan footage has surfaced on the web. Below you find four videos of new, badass Kvelertak tracks that will likely appear on the band’s upcoming Kurt Ballou produced album. The names of the songs are “Månelyst”, “Trepan”, “Bruane Brenn”, and “Spring Fra Livet”. Check out these hard rocking jams below and stay tuned for more Kvelertak news.
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