DAUGHTERS Tease New Music

Rhode Island’s infamous noise makers Daughters subtly announced last year that they were in the process of writing. Now, the band recently posted two short, cryptic videos in which new music can be heard. The clips are a little hard to hear, but they are enough to get one excited for what’s to come. You check out the clips after the break.

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OLD MAN GLOOM Working On New Material

According to a recent Facebook update, Old Man Gloom( Isis, Converge, Cave In, etc) are in the studio as we speak working on new music. This new material, whatever it may be, will be hot on the heels of last year’s NO. I know you are excited for the impending awesomeness, so, take a moment to listen to NO after the break to prepare yourself.

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DARKEST HOUR Tease New Material

Darkest Hour have released some short teaser clips of new music from within the great realms of Studio-Land. These clips offer a small insight into the awesome riffage to come and can be found on the band’s Facebook page here and here. Follow the links to check them out. The band’s currently untitled eighth studio album is slated to be released sometime next year through Sumerian Records.

IMPENDING DOOM Tease New Material

Impending Doom have released a short thirty-four second video teasing new material that is slated to be found on their upcoming album, which the video hints at being released in November of this year. While the teaser is short it is obvious whatever track this is will bring the grooves. You can check it out after the break.

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36 CRAZYFISTS Readying New Music

Alaskan metalcore band 36 Crazyfists are reportedly working on some new material according to the band’s Twitter. The band is currently in the process of recording some new demos as the Twitter update points out. No official word yet on whether these demos will see the light of day on a new full length. Until then, I recommend you check out their previous full length Collisions and Castaways. Check out a cut from that record below.

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EAST OF THE WALL Working On New Material!

The Apologist comes out in a few weeks and I am sure you are all excited. But if you aren’t already having spontaneous orgasms in anticipation for the up coming East of the Wall epic, then this should help. The band announced on Facebook that they are already in the process of writing new material! Man! These guys sure do like to keep busy. The Apologist comes out October 25th. A new record will follow!

-Lane Oliver